Testimonies made up of letters received in response to truth, or with regard to truth.

Monday, 17th November, 2003
Dear Bro Amos,

Precious Greetings to you in the lovely Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I trust that you are all well. We are doing fine by God's Grace. It was wonderful to have met you and YOUR wife again, and trust that it would not be the last. How are situations over there in NIGERIA. The church down here is doing fine. We will be having a few days of special meetings during the last week in December. This year has passed very fast for us, it seems that a lot has been accomplished, and yet there is much to do in order to bring the bride to maturity and the fullness of Christ. I do appreciate the stand you did take, and know that you will be persecuted for the firm stand, but the Lord will take of his own. We know that the enemy has tried everything in the book to discredit the truth that has been brought to the bride, but there would be a TRUE ministry that would stand up and uphold what had been delivered to them. BROTHER may the Lord continue to bless you and YOUR family, and strengthen you as you labour in the kingdom of our Lord. We send our Love and regards to the rest of the saints, and pray that someday we may be granted the opportunity, the Lord willing to see them face to face.
With Christian Love.

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. After my morning prayer on 30th December, 2006, I was thinking about the dealing I had received from God, when I slumbered. Suddenly, I saw something. I don't know whether it was a vision or a dream. In that experience, the setting was a seashore, Harber Road, which is near to our village. A vehicle that looks like a motor-cycle Rickshaw was coming like a rocket from the North to the South, with high speed. The vehicle looked like a Rickshaw, but it was not made of such material. It was a special kind white coloured vehicle. My wife and I saw the vehicle coming with such terrific speed. We were also coming to the road from the East direction. It was a morning with heavy snow fall. My wife and I cried out: Sir, YOUR speed is too much, you may crash, turn carefully. Suddenly and incredibly, he stopped the vehicle, and turned at once with the same speed, facing the direction he came from. He stopped in front of us and said, Get in the vehicle, for I came for you, I came to take you with me. He is a black man with white beard, and black hair. He is around 45 years of age. After a while, I heard a voice behind me saying, "Be prepared to go." I got in the vehicle with him. On 19th January, 2007, I happened to see the same man I saw in my dream in Chiluvuru village meeting, and I recognized him. He is Brother Amos Omoboriowo.
- Brother Dasi David (India).
I am so happy and grateful to God for this great thing, He has done for me. The Bible says all things work for good to them that love God. "The time sequence of this testimony is not given because, I was not keeping record of the time of the happenings but it all happened within the four year period". My testimony has to do with an issue of the faith and how God used it as a SPRING BOARD, to move me into the PRESENT truth and present move of God, as in 2007, not 1965 (Bro. Branham), nor 2004 (Bro. Jackson), but the John of the hour, the Lead Apostle (Bro. Amos). I came into the message some couple of years ago, and God led me into the message of continuity of Bro. Jackson. I was really blessed by his ministry, because it stabilized me in Bro. Branham's message, and brought further light of God's dealership. All through the years, I was able to read a lot of sermon books, to see things for myself, because a lot of junk is in the message world. You hardly get two assemblies in the message world, preach the same thing all over the world. Along the line through the years, I was reading the 7 seals book, on the 7th seal. I discovered that Bro. Branham said the 7th seal is the 3rd pull, and that heaven was in silence because of this 3rd pull. He also said that heaven was in silence because of the 7 thunders. To me it was really confusing because, I didn't know how to get a clear picture. Is the 7th seal the 3rd pull or the 7 thunders? But when I read the contenders, Bro. Jackson didn't really give me a clear picture of the 7th seal, on this issue, because he said, it is the 7 thunders (7th seal). Then my question was, what about the 3rd pull, that Bro Branham said made heaven to be in silence. And he (Bro. Jackson) said, his ministry is a continuation of the 3rd pull, but still, I couldn't get a clear picture of the 7th seal, is it the 7 thunders or the 3rd pull? It was really confusing for me all through the years, and all the message churches I have been to, couldn't answer this PUZZLE. The Coleman group, Those following the sermon books only, Bro. Richard Ghan, Bro. Neal Frisby's group, name it, but I couldn't get an answer. Even in the CONTENDER, and those following Bro. Jackson's message of continuity, I couldn't get the answer. So I stopped following Bro. Jackson's Ministry and the contender, because of this issue, because I believe in the totality of the truth. Though I love Bro. Jackson and his ministry, I couldn't continue with him because of this. As time went on, through the years, I found out that I and my Brother in the faith were in the same shoes (Bro. Dipo). On this faithful day we were in Benin (Edo State), at the University of Benin, though we reside in Lagos, NIGERIA. We were so concerned about this issue because it is a key to the rapture, and we really wanted an understanding of the truth. We STARTED praying to God to help us understand this mystery and puzzle, and God spoke prophetically through my brother Dipo. He gave a message in tongue and the interpretation. I cannot remember all of it but God said, He will lead us to the truth of his word. Our heart was then at rest, because we had heard from the Lord. How he will fulfill it, we didn't know. All these were going on within a period of about four years. And it happened that at a particular period, when I visited some message assemblies in my country because of different assignments I had in their location, I STARTED seeing Bro. Amos's books in these Assemblies. I saw "He that is to come" and others. He and his books were highly ridiculed in these assemblies and then avoided, as if he himself is the Antichrist. I was able to get some copies for myself, which I didn't read until later. Almost at the end of last year, I got a call from my Pastor friend in (River State, NIGERIA), that I should go to Bible Faith Tabernacle to fellowship there, and he gave me Bro. Amos's number. Because I was in a state of confusion and I didn't know any church to go to, to worship God in the totally of the truth of his word, I just continued where I was, because there was no where to go to, because they were in error too They didn't understand their God head, but where will I go? I felt so reluctant to go to Bro. Amos Assembly, because of the Ugly pictures the message world have about him. To crown it all, I heard that Faith Assembly has lashed him for his books for deifying Bro. Jackson, and this made me to write to Faith Assembly, through their prayer request, that there is a Brother in Nigeria deifying Bro. Jackson, though I didn't get a reply from them. I was on a 21 day fasting and prayer for God's grace in my life, and for him to lead me to the truth of the word, and for a consecrated life, to usher me into the New Year 2007. On the 19th day, I woke up that Sunday morning at about 5 a.m, and it was as if I was wrestling with somebody, and it keeps telling me that I am not going to my former assembly again, and that I should go to Bro. Amos's Assembly. I called Bro. Amos for the second time that morning and got the address and went for church. He didn't preach that day, but at the and of that meeting, he came on the pulpit to address an issue of an error i.e. a doctrinal error, for some minutes. My God, the way he spoke, he talked like someone with authority. I greeted him at the end of the meetings and he gave me all his publication and I asked him, if I could have a meeting with him NEXT week and he agreed to it. I was able to read "He that is to come" and other of his books before that meeting. I was able to draft some questions for him to answer, which he did answer perfectly. I also asked him about the question of the 7th seal, he was reluctant at first, but I went to it again, he answered it. God used Bro. Amos to answer what my heart has been longing for all these years, that the 7th seal is the 3rd pull and that the 3rd pull it is in 3 folds. The 1st is the ministry of Bro. Branham, the 2nd is the Apostolic input (Bro. Jackson and the John of the hour - the lead apostle of the hour), and the 3rd is the ministry of the 7 thunders. It was really fresh and a revelation to me, and it agreed with the totality of the 7th seal in the seals book and the Bible. I now know that the 7 thunders is the 3rd fold of the 3rd pull or the 7th Seal, that he is correct, it is a Revelation. I also now know that Bro. Jackson didn't get the complete picture because there is going to be a continuity ministry for today, which he pointed to, the John of the hour. To crown it all the same person that led me to Bro. Amos Assembly also directed Bro. Dipo to the same Assembly. God keeps to his word and we are now following the message of continuity in Bro. Amos's Ministry for today. God is revealing new truths of the Bible in his Ministry, as he did in Bro. Branham's and Bro. Jackson's Ministry. What a Spring board! What a Quantum leap! I was so sincere, and God helped me. The Church (The Bride) is marching on. The gates of Hell (opposition from the Branham Movement, Jackson Movement and the Denominations) can't prevail against it.
Bro. Jerry Ajirioghene Ovoh
Please forgive my not writing any better and going back and forth.
I want to say before I START my testimony, that I do this for GOD to get all the Glory. Amen! I do this also in the memory of our beloved late William Branham, Prophet of GOD, and the late Raymond Jackson, God's Apostle. To begin my testimony of first knowing of the Prophet Bro. Branham, well around the year or so of 1957. I was around 27 years old or so at the time, going to the Church of God, in Tennessee, USA. I live in Georgia, USA, now. I was staying with a women and daughter, when I picked up the book where Bro. Branham was visited by the Angel of the LORD, who told him of his healing Ministry, and nothing, not even cancer, would stand before him. I believed every word of it, and so in time, I went, and I desired to see the Prophet of GOD. But it was months or so later, when I heard he was to be in town not far from me. So I went to hear him. Later on he was to be there again, and I went, also another time. Now as time went on, I always believed in the prophet. So one day I got word he was to be in Jeffersonville, at the Tabernacle, and I was very excited, and wanted to go. I called the Tabernacle, and talked to Bro. Billy before I went. Now in the meantime, I was in touch with the Tabernacle, and received a letter from Bro. Branham Ministry, before I went to Jeffersonville. Now I was in the Tabernacle, and the people seemed so humble. Bro. Branham preached on Souls in Prison, which stirred my soul. I went to the altar and got baptized in the Name of the LORD. Now to go back to before I went there, I got a room at the Hotel there next to the river, but walked up through there to the Tabernacle, I happened to stop at a house where Sis. Nash lived, over from the Tabernacle, and she invited me to stay there. She helped along the way. I took several trips to the Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, sometimes on the bus, sometimes with others, from Macon, Georgia, and etc. So several trips we made up there. Now I remember one time in the hotel on Spring Street. I saw while half asleep, a window where 2 men over at another 1 at another window, another at another, and one man was motioning for me to go to the NEXT window (I believe on to Bro. Jackson). Now before I went to Jeffersonville, I saw Bro. Branham in a corner of my room. He said there are 3 heavens, the body is one. Then I seen a tree with 3 limbs on it ( forgive me for going backwards and forward in this testimony). This time when he spoke to me, I was yet in the trinity belief (about body is one).Then I went to the Tabernacle one time, and Bro. Branham was there. He saw light over my head, and told, and told me my problem, and called my name, " Mary". It’s on, "Look away to JESUS". I wanted to talk to the Prophet. So one day, I called Sis. Nash, she said Bro. Branham was coming there to pray for a sick sister she was keeping there at the time. So I seriously had a proof problem. So I caught the bus, went up there. The prophet came and prayed for her. I asked Bro. Branham if I could talk with him. I gave him a glass of water given to me by Sis. Nash. So he turned a chair around, which was sitting there, and sat down, while I told him my story. He seen a vision of something while I was talking to him. Now before all this, I was always in touch with them, and I talked to Bro. Billy along the way. I also went to Macon, Georgia, and stayed there with a man and his wife. But one day, I called Macon. Bro. Branham was in a wreck. I caught the bus and went to Macon, Georgia. Her husband had taken the plane to Texas, where Bro. Branham was, when Bro. Branham was in the hospital. I came back home and called Macon. The Prophet has gone to be with the Lord. On that night of Christmas eve, I was in a semi sleep awake, when Bro. Branham appeared at my bed. He stood there with his hand cut off, and left a V shape in his arm. I didn't know then, but I do now, the 5 fold Ministry was coming forth. I went to Jeffersonville at the funeral home, and there our beloved Prophet was laid in the coffin. I seen Bro. Billy and Bro. Raymond embraced in a holy embrace of the sadness, over losing the prophet. So I went back to the coffin to say good bye, and Bro. Billy asked me about my boy. He was 6 months old at the time. Bro. Billy pointed to Bro. Branham, and let me know my son was a proof of his ministry (See, I couldn't have children, but after I was called out by the Prophet, I later became with child, who is now 43 years old, born June 1st.,1965, six months before the Prophet went Home). I went to Tabernacle after that. And going down the streets, my boy and me, I asked a man where Bro. Branham grave was. Well, he also went to the Tabernacle, and his daughter and Joseph were seeing each other. I didn't know that. So my son and I were invited to stay with them. We were there again, and stayed with them. The Tabernacle had a large picture of Bro. Branham. They turned the light on him, and played his tape. I came home and decided to call Bro. Jackson. As time went on, I became more and more involved in Bro. Jackson’s Ministry, and I STARTED believing him. I got enlightened to why the Prophet was sent, and the fan, and all. It woke me up to the real Truth the prophet brought out. I kept in touch with Bro. Jackson. My phone bill went sky high, but I loved to talk with him. He had so much wisdom, it sure strengthen me. I went to his Church only once. It was a beautiful time there, to be in the true revelation of God, like at the Tabernacle. So I kept reading and listening to tapes. I also met with Bro. Suggs, and my family and me all gone to Calhoun, Georgia, to be in his service. As time went on, my son was at Bro. Jackson’s, and Bro. Jackson secretly gave him the book, "He that is to come." I didn't think too much on it, until I called Bro. Suggs. So I STARTED reading, and I heard of John. I thought, what is this? But I kept on reading, and my heart soon picked up every Word Bro. Amos from Africa, preached. I STARTED realizing he was a man of GOD. Now I'm thoroughly convinced he is the one to pick up the banner, and carry on from Bro. Jackson and Bro. Branham true ministry, a Continuity Revelation. I've learned more from Bro. Amos as I read, and I expect to learn more. My heart is in tune with his ministry. He is the true vessel GOD is using to take us further into perfection, as our beloved (David declared, Create in me a clean heart, oh GOD, and renew a right Spirit within me). The Apostles will take us on into the Rapture, as GOD gives them the understanding of His Holy Truth. I totally agree with Bro. Amos, and know he is God's true vessel. I know not how many Apostles GOD has, nor prophets, or evangelists, pastors, teachers, but I believe the Apostles come first, and the seven Thunders will sound through seven of them, to bring faith to the Bride of Christ. Now there's more to be said, but I'll close it for now. This has been a great honor to me, but it’s for the Glory of GOD, who reached down and made me a Miracle of His Great Mercy. I'm now 82 years old, but GOD has been good to me. May the Name of our LORD be exalted among all Nations!
Sis. Mary Bailey (Georgia, U.S.A.)
Greetings in the wonderful and holy name of Jesus Christ. May the God of glory Bless and Direct each one of you. This is My Testimony, by the Grace of God that found, schooled, and led me to the truth we now stand for. I was born in 1945 in Calhoun, Georgia, USA. I had two wonderful parents who taught me the right way to go, and that GOD was real. I am of a Baptist background. I was always aware of GOD: when I would do something wrong, I could feel the presence of something near me to convict me. In church when they would give an altar call, I'd feel that pull, but I fought it. Once when I was about 14, I had went to stay a week with my uncle in Atlanta. He was a Church of God Preacher. At that time I didn't know the difference between Baptist and Holiness. I thought they were all the same. They were in a revival; the people were shouting and running. I saw this also in the Baptist church, but something seemed different! It got a hold of me, and I went up to the altar that night. Oh I cried my heart out, and I went back home with something in my heart. I went back to school but began to falter. Because I was so active in sports, I began to grow cold on the LORD. I had seen Patsy in school, but never realized she would someday be my wife. We met at a birthday party for my cousin, and later began dating. At the age of 17, Patsy and I were married. She was of Holiness background, but she had not accepted the Lord at that time. At age 21 God began to knock at my Door. I was working in a laundry where we dyed rugs; I ran a beck. One night I saw a gospel tract. It seems as if it just jumped in my hand. I began to read it, and such conviction came over me. I had never really done a lot of praying, but I got to my knees and asked GOD to forgive me, and give me another chance to be his child. I prayed he would give me truth, and teach me how to pray. As I began to seek GOD, he began to help me pray. Then in a few days, they put a sign on the bulletin board at work that, a tent revival was coming to Calhoun. Patsy went a couple of times. Then she asked me if I would go with her. She knew GOD was dealing with me; she had never said anything about her religion. I told her I would go. She didn't know the HOLY GHOST was burning in me. When we got there, I couldn't wait for the preacher to get through, so I could go up to the altar. You see us Baptist had to go to an altar at Church, to get right. In those meetings I heard for the first time of One GOD, and baptism in JESUS CHRIST Name. It set me on fire in studying the Word and seeking GOD, as I never had before. I was baptized in his Name during those meetings, and I received the HOLY GHOST. I was sort of like those people Paul met and asked, "Have you received the HOLY GHOST since you believed?" Then I knew it was real. For me I wanted it so bad, I couldn't sleep or eat until I got it. I remember the night I got it. I had stood with my hands in the air, till I thought my arms were going to fall off. I said GOD, I'm not leaving here until you fill me. It seemed like a vision; I didn't know what a vision was then. It seemed like real dark clouds were over me, and all of a sudden, the wind began to blow them apart. It was like a bucket of water came gushing over me. When I came to myself, I was outside the tent, with two metal folding chairs on my feet, one on each foot. I had run into the tent rope, and got knocked flat on the ground; not a scratch on me. Praise GOD! From that day forward, things have never been the same. He has never left me. I have failed him many times, but he has never failed me. I thank him for his GRACE. That was in June of 1967. We started going to the Church of Jesus Christ, just east of Calhoun. Even at that time, GOD was dealing with my heart about the ministry, but I refused to accept it. That was God’s way of leading me to study and pray. After a while, they asked me to teach the young people, and become a deacon. I didn't want to at first, but finally gave in. GOD was dealing with my heart during this time very strong. In my prayer room, I had three visions: [One evening I came to pray and Satan had been talking in my ear saying: Did you really get it? You all know how he talks, I'm sure! After praying a while, a vision appeared to me. It was so real, I can feel it now. I saw cavalry hill. And as I stood there at the foot of the Cross with JESUS on it, and the Blood flowing down, it got all over me. I felt that same cleansing I did the night I received the HOLY GHOST [PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME]! A while later one evening, in prayer, another vision broke, like a big picture screen on the wall. I pinched myself to see if I was awake. I was walking down an area of beautiful grass, like Kentucky bluegrass. Up ahead I heard cries of people. As I got closer, I saw a great big boulder, a huge stone, and it began to open up like on hinges. I saw smoke rising out of it. This is where the cries were coming from. I saw people with their hands out stretched, crying, Help me, help me, help me! This was probably in the first part of 1968. Later I realized there was some people needing GOD, and GOD had chosen through the foolishness of preaching, to save them that would believe. And he was calling me to help. I still fought against it. The third vision was in the same manner. While in prayer, I saw a place. It was like in some of the bigger Churches. There were three chairs: One huge chair in the middle, and one on each side. Over it was the head of a woman with a crown on. I never knew what this was until 1980, when I first went to Canada to minister. The place they had the meetings was an old Masonic building. We went upstairs and into this hall. There was the three chairs and a picture of the Queen of England over them, just as in the vision]. Back to 1968, I began to take the young people services, and GOD began moving in such wonderful ways. The older people began coming to the young people services. Then Satan began to cause jealousy to set in. Some began to fight the truth that GOD was revealing, and refused to walk forward instead of staying with tradition. Two Brothers came to run several nights’ revival, and they were talking about things in Revelations, about the Old Whore that was on many waters. This began to burn in my heart, and we heard of Malachi 4:5,6. GOD began to reveal this to me, and I went to my Pastor to inquire. He said he'd sat on the platform of BRO. Branham, and knew he was a Prophet; but you had to watch his doctrine; and this stumped me. I then left that assembly a few weeks later, to walk on in truth. We began going to another Church, west of Calhoun. For 11 years, they taught about Bro. Branham's message. This was in early 1969. In this year, we went to Jeffersonville, Indiana, to see the film, "The deep called to the deep", and it was calling. I was still running. If I would have stopped running, it would have saved me and my family many problems. But GOD knew I was still learning, and his Mercy was still prevailing with me. In 1972, Patsy became ill in her body and back. Doctor said she had cancer of the spine. I knew what it was, but still refused to move. She was in such pain. I had wrestled with this all night and all day. I came home; she wasn't able to do much of anything. I had been working and trying to help at home when I came in. The doctors wanted her to go to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to take more test to be sure it was cancer; but he said he was pretty certain of what it was. All this was caving in on me and my family. Here we were with three children, and her in this condition. I began to realize as Bro. Smith sings that song, "He won't make you go against your will, but he'll make you willing to go", that this was the condition I was in. As I walked in, Pasty was in tears. And I know it was mean of me, but I was torn apart inside. I said, why don’t you pray, and I turned and went outside. I had no idea at the time, she was praying. Patsy didn't know where I had went, but GOD did. I went behind an old shed, where hogs had been kept. There I fell on my knees, and began to cry out to GOD, and say, Yes LORD, I'll go, and I'll do anything you want me to do. It wasn't I didn't want to stand for truth, because I stood for all GOD had revealed. I just didn't want to be a Minster. Well Patsy didn't know I was praying, and I didn't know she was praying, BUT GOD DID, AND HE HEARD, PRAISE HIS NAME. When I returned to the house, she was healed with the oldest boy in her arms, running around and around, screaming, I'm healed, I'm healed! And God filled her with a new experience of the HOLY GHOST. God began to bless me with his Word. I went in several meetings, as GOD began to open doors in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee . In 1975, I went to Old Mexico, and saw such an outcry for the Gospel. It stirred my heart to see how those people loved GOD. There was one Sister, she walked 4 miles one way, and never missed service. I was asked to be assistant Pastor at the church we were going to, I did for about 6 years. Then there arose a confusion over Daniel 70th week. I had heard a few things about it, and was asked to read a paper. I took the paper; it was a Contender, and laid it up on the shelf, and told the brother I would pray about it. I had saw such a spirit of hate and jealousy over this message, Satan was trying to block it. God began to put such a burden on my heart to know the truth of the word, I began to seek GOD, and the word. I read that message of Bro. Branham on Daniel 70th week, until I wore it out. But still it did not come clear. And one night, in my prayer room up in the morning hours, GOD spoke to me and said in my spirit, "Get that Contender". I thought, what do you mean LORD? The Contender on the shelf! I got it and began to read. I couldn’t lay it down, until I had read it all. I came up shouting praising GOD. He had shown me the Truth on Daniel 70th week. I thank GOD for my Brethren that GOD has used in the WORD, in this last hour. Thank GOD he lead me to see the Spoken Word Message, and through his Prophet, Bro. William M. Branham, a Prophet in this 20th century. Also he lead me further to see the office of an Apostle, here in this age, to carry us on deeper in the depths of the Word of GOD. Praise his Holy Name for that. I had Heard, "Leave that Jackson alone". And when they would say that, the other one's would say, "You better watch that Branham", and it would start a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I remembered Bro. Branham saying, If you Love me, call me brother. So when they would say Branham or Jackson, my spirit always responded brother. If you have a spirit that don't respect what GOD is doing, it would be better to not say anything, not that I look to the flesh, but I can see GOD in my Brethren. As Jesus said, "As you've done to the least of these, you've done it to me". So I left that Church, because they refused to walk on in truth. There was no one in this area that would stand for the truth. Many would just go with anything to get along and have Church. We went to another brother's Church for a while, but found it was too much jealousy, everyone wanting to be the head. We left there also, and started having prayer meetings in our house. So in 1977, I went to bed after praying for GOD to move and show me what was in store, and had a dream. I was in a great big church. It seemed at that time, I had never met Bro. Jackson, or had never been to Faith Assembly Church. But in this dream, the service started, and the song service was wonderful; the Spirit was moving so strong. Then the service changed, and Bro. Jackson came to the pulpit and said, "We're happy to have a brother here from Georgia tonight, to minister". Well, I thought My Pastor that we were pulling away from, was there, and I thought he was going to minister. But Bro. Jackson said Bro. Suggs, come on up. I could have fell through the floor. I don't know what I said, but as time came to turn the service back to Bro. Jackson, instead of turning to my right where Bro. Jackson was seated, I turned to my left to go in a complete circle. When my right shoulder was to the audience, Sis. Jackson started to Prophesy. Later in 1978, I met Bro.& Sis. Jackson, in Athens, Georgia. During the time we were building a Church in Calhoun, and a few weeks later, I called Bro. Jackson to see if he would come for meetings. He said he would. In 1979, we went to Faith Assembly, and sure enough, Bro. Jackson called on me to Minister, just as in the dream. And as I finished, without thinking of the dream, I turned, but it was Bro. Funk that Prophesied. I had never met him, but after service, I learned he was Sis. Jackson’s cousin. I had heard a lot of things that were lies of the devil. I felt like I was in heavenly places. There was such peace and Love in those services. That's been 20 years ago [1999], and I still feel that sweet presence of GOD when I get to go to services there. GOD has guided me a long way since 1967, and I give Him all the Praise and Glory. I Thank GOD He allowed me to hear of a Prophet’s ministry, and revealed to me what he was sent for, by the SPIRIT He Gave me in 1967. And I thank GOD also for allowing me to meet a man that was called to be in the office of an Apostle. That was also revealed to me by the same SPIRIT. So no one can tell me it's not so, because he has revealed it by his SPIRIT. Praise GOD for his Grace to me, for all of his wonders he performs. It is one thing to hear something, but it is another to have the SPIRIT reveal it to you. This has been the way GOD has dealt with me in my understanding, and I Praise him for that. I'm sure happy GOD led me to Faith Assembly, to meet all the Wonderful people there that I have come in contact with. I believe it's the Cream of the Crop, Amen. All around the World, there are Brothers & Sisters that love GOD, and believe the same thing that GOD has done in these last days, and there is nothing the devil can do about it. He may cause us not to see each other for long periods of time, but he cannot take away that Love in our hearts, for the Truth God has shown us all. Thank GOD for His WORD, and the men he speaks through, to deliver it to [HIS CHILDREN] us. May GOD Bless you all who read this testimony. Your Brother In CHRIST. [Sis. Patsy sends her Love, and Thanks GOD for His Grace to her also. Her Testimony is to be put on tape in the near future]. I will Now update My Testimony [Thurs., March, 06, 2008], Because of further Truth that GOD has led me to, for this day; Because we are still here, and the Rapture has not taken place yet. And as in all times, GOD will lead us on, and only with Truth for the day. He will not let us just set still, without more Truth. He will always drop a few nuggets in the previous Messenger's message, to lead us on to further Truth, if we will put ourselves aside, and follow the Spirit of the Word. So with this said, I will give testimony, of how the same GOD again led me into the Truth of this day. In Convention at Faith Assembly, when we arrived for service, I meet a man and his wife, before we went in for service. I greeted them and shook their hands, and introduced my wife and myself to them. I had saw them at a meeting in the audience, the convention earlier. After service, I talked to Bro. Jackson. I told him I had met A Black Brother from Nigeria, before we came into the Church, and he sure had a good spirit about him, and I just felt such a kindred Spirit with him. He said, Yes Bro. Suggs, this is a wonderful brother. And you know, it took GOD to send a little black brother from Africa, to recognize my Ministry. And he gave me the book of He That Is To Come. And in phone conversations later, he told me the same thing, and he made statements that he would not be surprised, if Bro. Amos would write the last Chapter of the book of Acts. And in the Fall convention, Bro. Amos preached a message called, Affinity with Evil. I sat there feeling the Spirit of the Lord all over me, just drinking in every word, and thinking: God is calling us to a closer walk with him in his word. It is checking up time, with our concerns of Truth; seems sometime we get our minds so tangled up with the things around us, that we get cooled of in our walk with him, and he calls our attention to get closer to him, for a purpose we need in our lives. He don't want us lukewarm, because we don't respond to the truth he is showing us, and he is saying, Wakeup, Look at what I am doing. And sure enough it wasn't long till our beloved brother was taken off the scene, and things began to happen, and such a separation set in in the Church, and those that didn't recognize what was happening, are getting lukewarm on the Word; they are loosing their way, pulling farther from his word of truth. It seems many have closed their minds to further Truth from the Word of God, and are going after heresies. So this is how God has dealt with me so far, because as long as I stay in my right mind, I pray God let me stay with Truth that I can read in the Word, that will line up and take me to you Lord. I know I am nothing, and don't want to be nothing except a true child of God, and make it to where God wants me. I love all my brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, and I refuse to back up on his Word for anyone or any thing. I’ve been following him too long to stop this close to the end. If you can read it in his Word, I believe it, and I believe God has raised up Bro. Amos to carry the Word of God on as a Lead Apostle, since the taking home of the Chief Apostle of our day, and I believe there are other Apostles also that will come in line as we get closer to the end, as Bro. Branham and Bro. Jackson taught in their ministries while here, and all the ministry will be seeing eye to eye, on every Word of God. No schism will there be in the Body Of Christ. Amen! I thank God for his guidance in his word, and his leading for 41 years. So may God bless all that would read this testimony.
Bro. Alvin Suggs (Calhoun-Georgia, USA)
The Lord brought in my way the Contender Magazine at the right time. No, I never understood what was going on because all I needed then, was to get answers to some Bible issues I have been confronted with. The message: “The Fan” in Christ's hand, was the first key to open up my understanding of the Prophet W.M. Branham's message. The Contender Magazine therefore became my God given means of Testing men in the ministry, because the Chief Apostle Raymond Jackson said, “They will speak the same thing”. This was another key. I did not know the chief apostle had fallen asleep until I was told by the same brother who gave me much of the Contender Magazine to read. I desired to watch his funeral video service on the internet. By the grace of God, I had access to the internet right at home. It was as I watched the video that I saw other ministers whom I believe had followed him in his ministry till his death. From that time on, I made it a point to watch some of the back dated video services. All this while I did not know what had transpired after the death and burial of the Chief Apostle Raymond Jackson. I watched the Convention video on which Apostle Amos preached the message “Locating God: The Visitation Of God”. Interestingly after the prophecy, and Brother Jackson came to speak on behalf of Brother Amos with his hand around his shoulder, I not knowing what was going on, all I said was, “He is trying to tell his critics that he is not a racist as they think”. I was glad to see Brother Amos, because of another key Brother Jackson had given: That the 7 thunders would be sounded by 7 men placed by God at strategic points across the world, and I knew Africa will be represented, since the world has 7 continents. I watched Brother Jackson preach about unity, and at a point in time pointed to the Bible as the message, and not the message books. I also watched Brother Jackson correcting the error of the “Jehu Ministry Projection”, although I did not know what had led to that. I watched Brother Govender preach, “Buy The Truth And Sell It Not”. All this while, I did not know anything about the so-called judgment of Brother Amos' book. I did not even know he had a website. I decided to try as much as I could to watch live services from Faith Assembly, which was possible at midnight in Ghana because of the Time Zone. At one of such live service, something happened and that led me to Brother Amos. Before the sermon that day, Brother Allen called a fairly old brother to the pulpit, to share a dream he had with the congregation. When the brother came to the pulpit, Brother Allen told him in an under tone voice, which was picked by the microphone. It was something like this: Will you share the dream you had about Brother Amos extorting money from brethren, and the one about the rapture? At that moment, I saw the brother shook his head, and went ahead to share only the dream about the rapture. It pained me very much upon hearing what Brother Allen said, because of what I have heard about most African ministers doing in the name of the message. But the grace of God appeared unto me, knowing the sincerity of my heart, that I am looking for only God called men to follow. What was the key? It was the same brother who had the dream. The question was, Why did he refuse to share the dream about Brother Amos, but only shared the Rapture dream? I therefore decided to find out from BrotherAmos, before I drop him on the shelf. But how? This is how it happened. I was once trying to clean up my computer, and it affected some programmes. Therefore I could go on to the internet alright, but I could not watch any video/live service. Not knowing what to do, I only go to the net to search some names of men I have heard. One day I decided to find out what the “Jehu Ministry” was, thinking it will lead me to the one that projected it, but no, it led me to B.F.T Church website. As I landed at the website, my first attraction was the book: “He That Is To Come”. Why? Because in Ghana we have been given a handout of quotes, projecting “He That Is To Come”, as the Prophet W.M. Branham. Therefore with the key the Chief Apostle Raymond Jackson had given in his sermon, that in mind, I decided to request for that book, and all other books I saw at the website to compare. This was the beginning of my awakening from “They will speak the same thing” slumber, as the book, “He That Is To Come”, shakes me into reality. I thank God for His mercies, and for that inspired book: “He That Is To Come”. Only the blind will reject such a Biblical Truth. God bless you my precious Brother Amos, and may He make you a flaming fire. SHALOM.
Brother Isaac Amo Akonnor (Ghana)
4th Sept. 2007 It is with much rejoicing and thanksgiving that I have received the mysteries of God sent to the bride through His Prophet W.M. Branham, to this age, and the continuity of the divine revelation of the further light of the end time message, through the Chief Apostle Raymond Jackson, the immediate successor of William Marrion Branham. Though many followers of the prophet never belief and accept that more greater and deeper illumination of gospel light has been shed on the Bible doctrines since 1966, by and through the ministry of Raymond Jackson the Chief Apostle. The little bride has been feeding on upon the present day revealed truths of perfection. I first come into contact with the Contender papers in 1990 when I was a first year student as Medical Clinical Officer, and since then, I have received and read and discovered, that no single ministry outside that of William Marrion Branham, has ever preached the deeper and the whole counsel of God, as has been been preached by Raymond Jackson. I learnt with profound shock of the death of Raymond Jackson the servant of the Lord, through one of the Contender papers. Thoughts floods my mind as who else God has left to lead the bride Church into further light of his Word until the rapture, and an inner still small voice spoke to my heart that, "God does not leave the earth without a witness". And immediately I know that there is somebody and somewhere has been left on earth to carry over on with the Word, and I started praying for God's leadership and guidance to His witness on this earth. In search of this, I read many of the teachings of message preachers through all the means, including the websites, but almost all doesn't line up with the Bible completely, and the teachings brought forth by Bro. Raymond Jackson. Then I resorted to reading the Contenders papers received since 1990, and on the internet website. On 20th June 2006, in an attempt to search for further truths, as the prophet always said, Deep called unto deep, God directed me to log on internet for Message Churches in Nigeria, where I got two Churches, Grace And Truth Tabernacle, and Bible Faith Tabernacle. But immediately my attention was drawn to Bible Faith Tabernacle, where I read about the Church, and THE BIRTH, AND DIFFERENT TITLES OF THEIR BOOKS, THOUGH IT WAS DIFFICULT TO OPEN THEM AT THAT TIME. WHILE READING, A SWEET PEACE FLOODED OVER MY SOUL, AND I KNEW THAT MY HEART DESIRE IS FULFILLED AND ANSWERED. NO MORE QUESTION IN MY HEART. Then after that, I made up my mind to request all the books that had been written, and finally on the 2/2/2007, all the books requested were received. It took me a couple of weeks to read all of the them, and each time I read, I get light upon light, deeper and concise revelation of the word, until I know WITHOUT DOUBT in my heart, that Bro. Amos Segun is that witness vessel God has called, anointed, and commissioned, after the home going of Brother Raymond Jackson. Now I am not only feeding upon the present spiritual revealed meat in due season, but also engage in the distribution of the few copies of the Scribe magazine to ministers and other believers. I know of surety that the Scribe magazine has "Thus saith Lord” for the universal bride of Christ before the rapture. It is not merely a voice of the one of the five-fold ministers, but THE VOICE OF GOD-CALLED, ANOINTED, AND ORDAINED APOSTLE JOHN-TYPE OF VESSEL, IN THE FINAL PHASE OF GOD'S DEALING WITH THE UNIVERSAL BRIDE FOR THE RAPTURE. Just as the Book of Acts (28:28) ends informally, unlike the rest of the epistles, so does the Holy Ghost is NOW working IN and Through Brother Amos, to fulfil what Brother Paul HAD WRITTEN IN ACTS 28:31.THUS THE SCRIBE IS THE CONTINUATION OF THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE BOOK OF ACTS FOR THE END TIME BRIDE'S PERFECTION. To sum it up, I would like to say just like the Prophet Habakkuk said in 2:2-3 saying, " And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision (Scribe ), and make it PLAIN upon tables, that he (Bride ) may run that readeth it (the Scribe ). For the vision (revelation of truths contained in the Scribe) is yet for an appointed time (last day of the end time before the rapture), but at the end it shall speak (present day message of truth), and NOT LIE: though it tarry (rapture), wait for it (rapture); because it will surely come (fulfilled, accomplished), it will not tarry” (accomplish perfection and bride rapture). If I have the power, it must be placed in every hand and be read by every bride Church members, but not only the ministry. Oh bride of Christ, hear once more the voice of the Bridegroom calling unto perfection and lining with the Word of the hour, through John of our time, as it was in the first Age model Church period . Gob bless you, anoint, endue you with His Holy Ghost, and His unfailing arm keep you, is my prayer. Amen. Send my greeting to your wife, children, and saints of God. Church here sends you greeting, in the holy name of Jesus Christ the Lord and Saviour. Shalom.
Brother Wanican O. Benjamin (Uganda)
31st Oct. 2007
Greetings to you in the Precious name of our Lord and Saviour, coming king, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your mail, and it is very happy to hear from you. I had conveyed your greetings to all of our church members. We were very happy for you being here with us. But we had to apologize for we failed to honour you in such a way that we have to honour you, as we are not in a position to do so. We are so very blessed people by the Grace of the God, as we got all the Three moves through you, and we praise the Lord for that. As all our hearts were opened up by the revelation and by his Grace, we are very happy to see the ministry of John, and also the Input of Ham in you, and hence we will be pleased to call you once again, JOHNHAM. For the movement we are eager and ready to go out to the entire India for the sake of this Continuing Revelation. So, please pray for me and for the ministry going over here in India. And also we need some more copies of your books in English version, as we are about to minister all over India, which is consisting of many regional languages. As English is the universal language, we need the books in English. We will soon send the testimonies and the dreams, visions of our brothers here. All the Saints at Guntur wish you, your family and the Saints at Nigeria, and greet you all. Pray for us and for our ministry. Thanking you.
Brother G. G. Purushotham (Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India)
19th Nov. 2007
Greetings to you and to all the saints of God in your area in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have a very wonderful, gracious fellowship last Sunday, as the Lord leads us to highlight the continuity of truth in our day...praise be to God. We are looking and praying that someday you could come in our place, to see and be a blessing to the brethren. We are really thankful brother unto the Lord that He didn't left us in the darkness but instead used you to again establish the John of today's ministry. Yes it is the days of Hams input, not to lift up the flesh, surely it is the Lords doing...that our eyes had been opened to see the truth, that God will use a black man to make the pattern complete. The Lord continue to bless your heart and ministry brother… Am still waiting for the Scribe magazine. I knew and believed its coming… Thank you for the supernatural photos you've sent. Again we believed the Lord is just vindicating His servant. Its very clear and colourful, not only in its natural form but I believed even in its spiritual purpose. Thank you for all of your moral and spiritual supports, sending to us the religious printed materials...that helps us so much in our spiritual growth and walks in life with Him… Until next email, the Lord bless us all. Your Brother in Christ,
Brother Loreto Evangelista (Philippines)
“Something said to me, Don't leave without getting the Scribe on The Third Pull And The Three Steps Into The Rapture, that Brothers Bola and Ogadinma spoke of, at the Reception that followed my mother-in-law's burial. I read it as I travel, and I can only be immeasurably grateful to God for rich spiritual food in due season. To you Brother Amos, I say thanks for standing in a way that shows a very clear leadership in the light of truth. God has revealed you to some of us, many more will see it, till all the Bride sees you for who you are in the hands of Jesus Christ. I therefore say, DON'T EVER CHANGE! Whatever happens. Your lead apostle role for the rest of us is God's Lifeline to the Bride globally NOW. It's an awesome, scary, and UNENVIABLE task, but the Ibos say that The God who gave a child a yam tuber will give him the knife to cut it. Be encouraged knowing that an ever increasing number of saints around the world are longing on every word God has placed in your heart and lips for the bride. You'll always be in my prayers Sir! Shalom!
Brother Enoch Onyebuoha (Port Harcourt, Nigeria)
16th Sept. 2007
I hope this note finds you, SISTER JOYCE and family in the best of health and happiness. We love you and thank ALMIGHTY GOD FOR YOU! I finished your book this morning and was so moved in the Spirit. I tried to call this morning at 10:00am DST. My PRECIOUS BROTHER, I have waited all my adult life for this book which connected what I knew historically to the Scriptures. It was there all the time, but it took GOD speaking through his CHOSEN VESSEL TO BRING IT OUT AT THE RIGHT TIME. The country of my birth has turned away from GOD! WHAT USED TO BE RIGHT IS NOW WRONG, for political correctness is the catch phrase of today. May GOD HELP US! A great Nation has become "THE HABITATION OF EVERY FOUL AND EVIL BIRD." This book is timely and pivotal for THE BODY OF CHRIST, NOT ONLY IN America, but the entire world. Racism and bigotry has no place in the BRIDE. THIS book is a treasure to me because of the TRUTH IT BARES. And as you so eloquently put it, "TRUTH AND ONLY TRUTH ALONE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. "HALLELUJAH!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! AS I CLOSE, IT IS MY PRAYER THAT GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND SISTER JOYCE, TO STRENGTHEN YOU FOR THE TASK AHEAD, AND PROTECT YOU BROTHER AMOS, AS YOU TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR THE LORD! IN JESUS NAME I PRAY!!! AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN... Brother OLLIE & Sister ANNETTE MILTON (U. S. A.)
6th Sept. 2007
I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus, God be with you. I write this e-mail to inform you that the books you sent me reached me yesterday and I'm really very grateful. So far, I just began reading the Seven Thunders and was really inspired at the way you presented the Bible Truth. You see, I really thank God sometimes for granting me this wondrous opportunity to know this truths. Here in Malawi, I have never heard it preached anywhere else (that is concerning the seven thunders), but you see there are a lot of pastors that are scaring their flocks all in the name of the message. For instance, somewhere in the C.O.D. the prophet was saying something to do with sisters working. It's sad that some pastors have embraced this and made it a doctrine to be followed without question. Others have caused their congregations to fear them so greatly to an extreme that even if they do something wrong, they use quotations of the prophet to defend themselves up. The message about respecting God's servants is hugely misquoted and misapplied. However, I'm glad and do praise the Lord that despite all this madness, the Lord Jesus is revealing this nuggets to me. I no longer have a warped idea of what the message of the hour is. I have the revealed truth from God Himself and do pray that He should keep on revealing more.About the attacks you get from people that are against your writings, Pastor take heart. All those attacks are for your own good. There are two things that will take Christians into the Rapture and they are: Our Relationship with Him and Character. So these attacks you face are nothing but trials which God has allowed the Devil to be using these people as instruments so as they perfect your Character for a perfect Faith. The Lord through you has revealed to me that a proper balance should be maintained in the message and that I need to tread carefully on the razors edge lest I fall to the Branhamite side (Those who have made the prophet their Idol, who has forgotten that as Christians we only have one idol and that is the Lord Jesus) or the Anti-Branhamite. God bless you. A very good friend and Brother in Christ was telling me to only quote what the prophet said when I'm ministering, but I told him with love that I cannot present the Bible thought like how the prophet did, but all things considered, at the end I will be speaking the same thing. Matthew did not present the Gospel as Luke did, so is the same case with Mark and John, but all things considered, you'll find that they did not contradict even in one scripture. I have written this lengthy e-mail to show my appreciation of the truths the Lord has revealed to me through your Scribes newsletter and I really appreciate. About some things that will somehow confuse me, I will be coming back to you for clarifications and I just believe, you wont be tired. May God bless you.
Brother Mateso Kazembe (Malawi)
Praise the Lord! Brother Amos. I am glad to say that I have received my latest issues of the Scribe... and have been waiting with great expectation, not to be at all let down! I'm so appreciative that the Lord saw fit that I might come into the knowledge of His Plan, not as though I have arrived, but with men of God, such as you, I can continue to press toward the mark of His high calling. I believe that you are the "Standard Bearer" for this hour, and will continue to align myself and family accordingly. I pray that He will continue to grow us in His Grace and Knowledge that we may become that Stature of a Perfect Man. Amen. Thank you again, may God bless you and your family. Please give my regards to Sister Joyce and all the fellow saints.
Brother Wilbur Jordan (New Jersey, U. S. A.)