About Bro. Olusegun Omoboriowo

Olusegun Omoboriowo is the first child of his parents who were unbelievers when he was conceived. They were students, and because he was not planned, they both agreed to terminate the pregnancy. His mother started taking all kinds of medicines and potions to get rid of her unborn child, but nothing worked. This baby refused to die, and after he was born, he was given the name - OLUSEGUN, meaning God is victor. Victory certainly was of God, when this baby lived. Bro. Amos followed in his father's footsteps, when it came to his profession, and he studied to be a lawyer. He had an average up-bringing, and like any other boy, he had many ambitions; One was to marry someone foreign.

It was in late August 1984, after he left the Nigerian Law School that he gave his heart to God, through Jesus Christ, and he became glued to the Bible. This thirst for truth, soon had him preaching as God gave grace, in a white garment Church, which he attended with his parents. In the middle of that month, he had been called to the Nigerian bar, and it was at the end of this same month of August, that Bro. Amos was shown his wife in a vision one morning. As he was shown more and more Scriptures by God, and his eyes were opened to truth, he started to share these truths with the Church. Brother Amos was well loved and very much respected by all, both young and old, and it was in this Church, The Evangelical Church of Yahweh, that he took his first humble stand for the truths in the Bible. Brother Amos never thought he would have to leave this organisation; he thought they would accept all of the Bible, that he was given grace to present.

Over the years, Bro. Amos was responsible for a youth group/house fellowship, which met in his home, and it was The Evangelical Church of Yahweh that ordained him as an Evangelist in early 1988. Brother Amos was never happy about this, as it was without his prior knowledge, and he knew that No man taketh this honour upon himself.... Heb. 5: 4. Brother Amos travelled to London in the summer of 1987, with three main goals in mind. First, he was accepted into a Post - Graduate Admiralty Law Course, at the University College London, England. Secondly, he was to set up a branch for, and become the founding Pastor, of the London branch of the Evangelical Church of Yahweh. Thirdly, Bro. Amos remembered the vision of his wife, and hoped he would find her there. He was successful on all there scores. He started his course with no problems; he also started the Church, in a rented hall in Aldgate East, East London. Brother Amos walked up and down many London streets, and wondered how and where he would meet his wife. This too happened, and his goals were all accomplished. Little did he know all would come crashing down.

The first thing to go was the Course. Brother Amos no longer had a desire in his heart to do Law, and wanted to pursue the full time ministry. He called his parents to inform them of his desire, and to get their approval, and they consented. So in 1988, the Admiralty Course, which would have made him a wealthy man in his Country of Nigeria, was now suspended. Brother Amos, had by this time, come into an understanding of a few Bible issues like, the One God revelation, Water Baptism in Jesus' Name, No women preachers etc, and started to preach against the doctrines that his organisation was holding to, but there was a conflict of beliefs.

Brother Amos had to travel back to Nigeria in August 1988, to attend the Annual General Convention of the Church (TABORAH), and when he appealed to the general council of the church to follow the Bible way on issues of conflict, they did not. This forced Bro. Amos to quit pastoring the branch Church in London . In fact, he resigned, and withdrew from the entire organisation. Many people were angry about his decision to leave, but Bro. Amos said that every one will bear his own burden. He knew that every one is called to walk with God in the revelation of the light of truth he has been called into. The only thing he had left was his future wife. He had already met her.

While travelling one day on a bus on Holloway Road, North London, he was moved to get down and walk into a particular Church. This was a busy Saturday, and the Church was an Adventist Church. Although Bro. Amos had already understood enough Bible, to know that this Church was not following the truths of the Bible, he stepped into the Church as God's Spirit led. There was nothing there, and it was cold and unfriendly. However, Bro. Amos was approached by an African lady who invited him to her Church, the following week, for fellowship, and he found himself accepting. This was where he saw the Lady he was shown in his vision in 1984. To be sure, he prayed that God should confirm this to be true. She was ushering visitors and pinning flowers on them. This lady was on the far side of the Church from where Bro. Amos was sitting. So he asked God that if she was the one in his vision, the Lord should let her be the one to pin his flower. This should have been an impossible task, because the lady ushering on his side of the Church was one row in front of him. To Brother Amos' excitement, his prayer was granted. The lady in his vision appeared seemingly from nowhere, and pinned his flower. After many meetings, Bro. Amos was truly besoughted. Being a serious and principled young man, who knew what he wanted, and seeing that his parents had already met and liked this young lady, Bro. Amos asked Joyce Charles of Angel, Islington, to marry him. This was still the year 1988. He had not expected to be turned down, and turned down he was. Joyce had just become a Seventh Day Adventist some months before, and although she liked Bro. Amos, and seriously considered him as a suitor, she felt that marrying him would be in conflict with her beliefs. This ended the three goals Brother Amos came to accomplish in London.

Broken, Brother Amos returned to Nigeria, where God was waiting to meet with him. He came into the End time message of the Prophet to this age, William Marrion Branham, at the end of 1988. It was in a large message following, called Grace and Truth Tabernacle, and when the Pastor found out Brother Amos had been a pastor in a denomination, he asked him to preach. Brother Amos refused, asking him to feed his soul, and quench his new found hunger for this truth. He continued with his youth group/house fellowship, and it was this forum that God would use to further his stand for the truth he had just come into. Brother Amos searched around for all the sermon books he could find, and sometimes, this search took him to the remotest parts of Nigeria. He thought that that was the all of the Bible, coming from the prophet. He truly enjoyed the message, and he grew in the faith; but because of pressure to start his own Church by brethren and family, Brother Amos left once again for London. This was August 1989. This time, he had no goals in mind, he just wanted to live his life. He knew that he couldn't just start a Church without a go ahead from God. No sooner had he got to London, on the 15th of November ,1989 , the Lord dealt with him, using the text in Micah 2: 10. The Lord was asking him to leave London and go back to Nigeria. This was three months after he arrived. This was confirmed in a dream that night by Bro. Amos, as well as God answering his request for two other things to confirm his leaving. Brother Amos was back in Nigeria on 15th December, 1989.

Bro. Amos returned to Grace and Truth Tabernacle, and the house fellowship group revived, with the permission of the pastor. When the pastor started to preach error, saying that gifts of the Spirit are not important, but love was all that was needed for a Christian walk, Bro. Amos was the one who was moved to pen a fourteen page letter, titled, Gifts, Signs and Wonders written on the 4th April, 1990, to the Pastor. When the pastor continued to hold to his erroneous belief, not even caring for what God's Word had to say on the matter, this further forced Brother Amos to write another epistle of about 50 pages, titled Signs Have To follow them on 2nd July, 1990. Brother Amos soon grew weary, took his stand and left. He went to another message assembly, Bible Believers Fellowship (B.B.F.). This assembly was no different from the first, as far as their understanding of Scripture lay, and their stand for truth; but it was at this assembly that God was going to open Bro. Amos' eyes, to the continuing message of the Chief Apostle, Raymond Jackson. It was during the Minister's Convention in Bible Believers Fellowship, Tema, Ghana, that Bro. Amos saw Contenders sitting on a shelf. He had been invited to Ghana by ministers from his own assembly (B.B.F, Lagos). They did not see eye to eye, so Bro. Amos was not in agreement with taking this trip; but God was waiting for him there.

When Brother Amos saw the Contenders and read the titles, parts 1-5 of From the Beginning to the End series, a voice spoke to his heart: This man has a message for the bride, you must hear him. The voice spoke twice, and Brother Amos immediately asked for copies of these Contenders. It was a weekend, and not possible, but when he got back to Lagos, Brother Amos was in for a shock, when he found out that his own pastor had been on the Faith Assembly mailing list, and had his own personal copies. Many assemblies in Lagos were of, and still are of, the opinion, that Raymond Jackson is not in the message. Brother Amos made copies, and when he had read all he could lay his hands on, he had to apologize to God for his earlier thought that everything to be known about God's Word, would be through the prophet. Brother Amos wrote his first letter to Raymond Jackson, requesting for all the Contenders he had ever written. This was 1991. When he did not get a speedy response, in his eagerness, he wrote again. This started his many letters of correspondence to the Chief Apostle. When things got really bad, and the assembly he was in, would not move on in continuity of truth, Brother Amos wrote another letter to Faith Assembly, to ask Brother Jackson what he should do. He told Brother Jackson that all tables were full of vomit, and he wanted his advice on what to do. The wisdom of the Apostle showed in his reply to Brother Amos. He told him to follow the leading of God. Brother Amos did not expect this response, because it still did not help him, but wanting to take a firm stand for truth, he knew he had to do something. One particular Sunday at Church, that decision was made for him. When he got to the service, the pastor had decided to go back to the stored food, and started preaching the sermon, from one of the prophet's sermon books. Brother Amos determined in his mind that this was his last day. When the service was over, he went around shaking everyone, "God bless you" but really meaning good bye. He never went back.

Brother Amos' first week at home, had him in worship with his sister, who had, the previous week, left the same assembly, because she was sick of what was going on. That Sunday, they sang, and prayed, and Brother Amos preached. The following Sunday, the two were joined by Brother Amos' brother - in - law. By the third week, there was a knock on the door, and a brother was requesting worship. He too had left the same assembly. Every week another brother or sister came seeking truth. This group grew, and consisted of the same core of young people that had asked Brother Amos to lead their youth group, all those years back. So in 1991, out of this group, Bible Faith Tabernacle was formed. Brother Amos continued to be the main speaker, leader and teacher, and he was responsible for every thing to do with the Church, and every one. Brother Amos was one of three to four brothers standing in a Stop-gap ministry, laboring over the flock. He felt a calling upon his life, but wanted God to have a personal word with him, giving His go-ahead, on the matter. Almost everyone in the Church had been posted in dreams, as to who their Pastor would be. Brother Amos did not want to hear these particular dreams, so brethren were asked to simply write them down, date them, and keep them. Written below are three of the many dreams recorded over the years, pertaining to Bro. Amos' ministry. The first was by Bro. Bola Omooba; the second was by Brother Chris Dougha; and the third was by Brother Amos himself.
  • Bro. Bola Omooba's dream in November 1991.
    He was in a dream, as he told it to the Church, and the Lord told him He would reveal to him, whom He the Lord has called and chosen, of the brothers standing in the stop-gap ministry. He was in a kind of meeting place, and the door was open. Brother Bola stood behind the door, hid from people's view. The brethren began coming in one by one, and would sit down, as each came in. He was watching the scene, but no one saw or noticed him. Then all of a sudden, the Lord told him, watch who is coming next, for it is he. Then he saw the face of Bro. Amos appear. Brother Amos came in, and the Lord then said, That is the one I have chosen. Then the others rushed at him, and were pushing him, saying: Are you the only one; are you the only one. And then he woke up.
  • Bro. Christopher Dougha's Dream (Between April - May 1993).
    Bro. Chris and Bro. Amos left Lagos for Ijero-Ekiti, to buy gem stones. They stayed at Bro. Amos' parent's house in Ijero. On one of the nights, very early in the morning, probably around four o'clock ( 4:00a.m. ), Brother Chris cried out bitterly from sleep, and wept. Brother Amos was awoken by this sudden wailing. He was afraid something had happened to Bro. Christopher's family back home in a dream. He tried unsuccessfully to comfort him, and get him to stop crying. He was asked what the matter was, but he wouldn't talk. Finally he said, The Lord is not happy with us in this venture. He narrated his dream, which goes thus: We were going out in a field, an open ground, like we were prospecting for gem stones. Then we saw a large stone, a big quartz crystal, half buried in the ground. After we had dug around it, we brought it out.

    We then found it had something buried inside of it, that looked like a sack (a jute bag). Brother Amos then split the top of the stone open, and pulled out the sack. On opening it, we found it had a person that appeared dead inside it. Brother Amos then pulled out the person by the hair, and he came alive: It was the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord stood, looking at us with very fiery eyes. His face was so stern and fiery, that I (Chris) busted out crying, thinking the Lord was very displeased with us for going after gem stones. The Lord then called Bro. Amos aside, leading him further away, and was talking to him. I don't know what the Lord was telling him or discussing with him. But the look on his face troubled me so much, till I busted out crying. I woke up terribly shaken by the dream, that I continued to cry bitterly. This was what woke Bro. Amos up. Brother Amos remembered what Bro. Branham preached, about raising Jesus from the dead. Although Brother Amos felt different to me, in the way he saw the dream, nonetheless, he promised me that we would put an end to the venture temporarily, and go back to Lagos in the morning. This comforted me, and we went back to sleep. In the morning, we left back for Lagos. Brother Amos believed it was a dream revealing the calling of God on his life, and the supernatural that will follow, which is the sign of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Bro. Amos' Dream, around 4a.m, on 14th November, 1995.
    We were in a hall, like a Church setting, waiting for the preacher, but he didn't show up. Everything was set, and the Church was seated in expectancy. Then it looked like a brother would take it up, but nothing happened. But we were still in expectancy, waiting for the preacher. I was sitting at the rear (back) of the Church in that dream. Suddenly a white man dressed in a dark suit appeared at the back of the hall, as I sat at the rear of the assembly. The rear of the Church building in the dream had an open space, like an open window. He must have beckoned to me, for I stood up and went to him. He gave me something that was to me in that dream a certificate, and that I was to do the preaching. I took my Bible along with the certificate, and was walking to the front to preach. I was very happy, but I tried to conceal my smile, so that my happiness doesn't show. I was afraid of what people might say, if they saw I was happy. Then the setting changed, and I was in an open space, like a meadow, passing under a tree, as I walked with another brother, Brother Ade. He was asking me if I had seen a particular brother, and collected material information and testimony I would use for my sermon from him. But I replied that I did not need to, and that I had enough personal experience and testimony I could feed into what I would preach unto the brethren. Then I woke up. The thought much later struck me: When training days are over, when school days are done, and the ministry has acquired enough experience, the Lord would manifest whatever he has for me.
It is Brother Amos' God given skill and ability, to break down both the message of the prophet, William Branham, and the continuity message of the apostle, Raymond Jackson, that really grounded Bible Faith Tabernacle Church family in truth. Brother Amos never felt worthy of the call, and took some time before he took up his position as Pastor. Brother Amos wrote his first book, titled EARTH, EARTH, HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD, in 1992. He testified at the end of this book, how the Lord was dealing with him, using the continuity message of Brother Jackson. Brother Amos was always eager to meet Brother Jackson, of Faith Assembly, who had, by God's grace, made such a difference to his life. In 1993, whilst traveling to the United States , trading in Gem stones, that opportunity came. He attended services at Faith Assembly, home of the Contender, and was asked by Bro. Jackson to give his testimony in two services. He was even asked to pray for saints on the prayer line. Brother Amos had a wonderful time, and his visit made a difference to his life, and in the lives of the saints at B.F.T. Church. Brother Amos had observed the worship service of Faith Assembly, and the conduct of Bro. Jackson and the saints, and was able to make many changes, from the legalistic way they worshiped and behaved. Bible Faith Tabernacle was never the same.

It was in the same year 1993, that Bro. Amos encountered a serious conflict of beliefs with a fellow brother, who had been in the stop gap ministry. B.F.T had at one point been followers of Brother Richard Gan of Singapore , but could now see all the errors. This particular brother wanted B.F.T. Church to continue following Bro. Gan along with Brother Jackson. God again, used this condition to force Bro. Amos to write the book, They shall see Eye to Eye - The Watchmen. Two cannot walk together unless they agree. The brother was asked to step down from the stop-gap ministry, and he left B.F.T. Church . Brother Amos, thereafter wrote another book, titled, The Seven Thunders. Initially, this was a detailed reply to a brother's question to him on the thunders. When the brother rejected this response, another brother who had read it, encouraged Brother Amos to make it into a book. Brother Amos sent copies of these two books to Bro. Jackson, and was very surprised, but overjoyed, to receive a letter from Brother Jackson, giving him the name Amos. It was on the basis of the two books that he had done this. It would be much later in years, that he would bear Amos as his name.

In 1995, things became economically hard for Bro. Amos, and wanting to do something to help himself, he returned to London. The Gem Stones trading had not worked out. When he was leaving Nigeria, Brother Amos' father asked him to look up Joyce Charles. They had been trying to find him a wife all these years, and although he had no thoughts of Joyce romantically, he was not in favour of any suitors that were arranged. Most of the sisters in his assembly were married, so he had to look outward and pray to God. Brother Amos had kept in touch with Joyce over the years, and certain members of his family had also. He did not think much of his dad's request, but when he arrived in London, he bumped into one of his brothers, who was returning to Nigeria. He had seen Joyce, and had her address, which was handed over to Bro. Amos. With an address in hand, Brother Amos looked up Joyce, and initially he was very cold to the idea of being in love with Joyce all over again, but he could not help himself. He agonized in prayer over his feelings, but when they would not go away, Brother Amos again asked Joyce to marry him. Joyce agreed to visit Nigeria and experience first hand, what she was able to now understand, by God's Grace, of what Brother Amos believed. She had become sick of her own Church, and felt she had not grown spiritually over the years. Everything fell in place and Bro. Amos had successfully secured himself a wife.

Brother Amos and Joyce wanted to get married in London
, because Joyce's mother was not well, and would not be able to travel to a wedding set in Nigeria . The day was scheduled for September 1995, but this event did not take place, as Brother Amos was needed back in Nigeria very urgently. He never saw Joyce again until April 1996. The Church was having a revival, and everyone was excited. A prophet so called, had given various prophecies to B.F.T. Church, in Brother Amos' absence. Many more people had been added to the number of the Church, since Brother Amos' departure. Brother Amos was given the main prophecy for the Church, and when he read it, he knew it to be false. His Bible was his guide, and he knew based on Scripture, one man could not take too much upon himself, nor could he make himself the exclusive means to bring about God's anointing. The Church had been in expectancy of gifts and the spiritual rain, and the prophet had come to the Church, under the guise of the Contender truths', printed by Apostle Raymond Jackson.

Brother Amos approached the Stop - gap ministry, and appealed to them to see truth, but the Church wanted the revival. Brother Amos gave the go ahead for the revival, knowing it would come to nought. It truly came to nothing, the revival came and went with no results. It was the beginning of many sorrows for the saints who truly believed the personal prophecies they received from the prophet. With much opposition, when Brother Amos presented the falsehood of the prophecy to the Church, they were disappointed, and some were confused. One of the brothers in the stop-gap ministry of B.F.T ., was away at school, and the other, in the light of the problems on the ground, wanted to travel out of Lagos, to seek the face of the Lord, which he did. This left Brother Amos all alone to face the opposition, and fight the ministry of the false prophet. Brother Amos at one point actually thought about taking his Bible and going elsewhere, but when he considered the innocent ones caught in the crossfire, he decided to stay and fight. If anyone was to leave, it would be the false ones. It was a lonely road for Brother Amos, and it took many lonely sermons before the eyes of the saints were opened, for a firm stand for truth to be taken. Brother Amos also missed his new found Love in London. All those that stood with the false prophet left, and B.F.T. Church was split in three. The remaining third part continued on in the Present Truth, and they have seen many come and go in the assembly over the years. This conflict even got a mention by Brother Jackson, in one of the Contender messages, From the Beginning to the End series, part 51, titled: Truth in Conflict, page 1, columns 1 and 2.

Brother Amos was never able to travel out of the Country again, and it was in April 1996 that he was finally engaged to Joyce, who came over to Nigeria as she had promised. Joyce returned to London, and came back to Nigeria in August of the same year, and they were married. Brother Amos has had many such fights, and conflicts, standing for truth, over the years. He was not able to settle his wife in Nigeria, and when their first son was born in May 1998, in London, he was unable to travel to see the baby, and be with his wife. It was when his son was ten months old, that his wife was able to take him to Nigeria. It was a happy union, but Bro. Amos had been refused visa many times, and initially, he could not understand why. It would be much later that he would come to the understanding that God needed him to be a guard over His people, and to take a firm stand for the continuity of truth, that He had presented to His bride in this era of time.

Brother Amos went with his family to the 1999 Fall Convention at Faith Assembly Church, Jeffersonville. In fact, it was the first time he was seeing them in as many months. He was not a minister, although he was in the stop-gap ministry; but the desire in his heart was to be where truth was. The trip was taken at a great financial expense, but Bro. Amos could not put a price on truth. Together with his wife, he made a vow that they would come to as many Conventions, as God would make possible, and give leading. They also knew, that the moving of the Spirit was at Faith Assembly Church and other assemblies, and they desired God to do something for B.F.T. Church in that context.

In July 2000, Bro. Amos' second son was born, and the visa problem had still not been sorted. Conventions in Faith Assembly were the place where he would meet and play with his family. It was at the end of that year that Bro. Amos had an overnight windfall in the Oil Sector of his Country, Nigeria . He had about $600,000:00 turnover , out of the blue. He planned to settle his family in Nigeria , and just wanted to make them comfortable in every way. He did very well and blessed God. Brother Amos even forgot his ministerial call, and started thinking about being the financier of the Church. The saints were poor, and he envisaged helping one and all, doing many wonderful things for His maker and His Church. God was watching and waiting, and even revealed to a fellow brother and his wife, the fact that he would deal with His stubborn servant.

The overnight success in the Oil Industry, came crashing down as quickly as it had come
. Just as Bro. Amos was getting ready to settle his family, all business doors were closed. God stepped in and allowed Brother Amos to fall into the hands of fraudsters. When they finished with Brother Amos, he was in debt to the tune of over three million Naira. Brother Amos knew that it could be nothing other than God dealing with him, and he knew why, and what to do. He had been burdened with the idea of the ministry, but when he had approached a fellow brother on the subject, he had told him to wait on God. This time, Bro. Amos took a bold stand, and declared his call as minister. One Sunday during service, he announced that God had dealt with him and called him to be the pastor. It was not a huge surprise, however, because most of the Church had been posted over the years, in dreams, to that fact. In fact, there was a dream given to a Sister, a year prior to the event, showing exactly how the ministry would start. It happened just like that. Brother Amos was not aware of this dream, which was told to a number of saints, and had also been written down.

Bro. Amos came into his ministry on 22nd July, 2001. There was opposition from a brother standing in the stop-gap ministry, which put a damper on what should have been a momentous time for B.F.T. Church. The Church had waited, and prayed, and fasted for a pastor, for the past ten years. Brother Amos stood firm, but he was concerned about how he could maintain his family, and be in the ministry. He knew the call was full - time but he continued with his Oil Company, on a part - time basis. God stepped in once again, and the Company that he had started, came to a halt, crashing as quickly as it had come. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Brother Amos was extremely depressed. The Lord had done a lot for him in 2001.

Other than being called into the ministry, which he deemed a great privilege, his visa matter came to an end in May 2001. He was free to travel to England, as well as to the U.S., where he had no problems. It was also in the Spring Convention of that year, at Faith Assembly, that Bro. Amos had asked Bro. Jackson to bless his marriage. Brother Jackson went further to have the couple take their vows again. Brother Amos and Sis. Joyce had a civil wedding ceremony in Nigeria, and had no minister to bless them. The kindness and love of the brethren who turned up, and others who planned and executed a mini-reception, was unexpected, but very welcomed and appreciated. Despite his depression, Bro. Amos knew that he had gone against God's perfect will for his life. He would pay dearly for his former decision, but he took up the full -time pastoral role of B.F.T. Church, a few month later. God was also going to help him pay off the debt, in a wonderful way later and He did.

In the 2001 Fall Convention at Faith Assembly
, during one of the morning sessions by Bro. Jackson, Brother Amos was asked, along with another foreign minister from India, to give his testimony. It was, so to say, his introduction to God's International bride. God was going to use Brother Amos abroad, but he did not know this. It was around March 2002, that God gave Bro. Amos a burden for a particular assembly in the U.S.A. Brother Amos had never been there but he was burdened. Then God would not let him sleep over the night, till he finally gave in to God, and penned the Bible text, and the thought that the Lord wanted him to preach. He told B.F.T. that he may have to travel, but there was no money around. God was also testing Brother Amos' faithfulness. He had just declared to the Church that he would not do anything or travel anywhere, until he had first settled his family. After six years, he just wanted his family by his side. Now God was asking him to go to Alabama, and he had no means of getting there. Brother Amos e-mailed the Pastor of the Church in Alabama, Bro. Russell Davis, and when he told him he might be coming, the pastor took it as a given that he would come.

Brother Amos was still in a dilemma, when on the Friday before his trip on the Monday, he still didn't have his airfare. His driver suggested asking a particular Travel Agency but Bro. Amos was hesitant because he had only bought an air ticket from the place once. They headed off and half - way there, Bro. Amos wanted to turn back, but something just kept pushing him on. Afterall, the worse they could do was say No. Brother Amos found favour there, and the woman serving said they didn't usually do this, but she would in his case. Brother Amos could see the hand of God at work. Miraculously, some money he was owed was also paid to him, which he used to pay half of his ticket. He would have a problem returning to Nigeria with this particular ticket, because it was a special fare, with the ticket elapsing before his return. Brother Amos left Nigeria and arrived in Mobile, in the United States : All he had was the text, SMITE ME. He entitled his sermon, The wounding of a brother. Brother Amos was very surprised when his sermon, as everyone told him, was just what they needed. God too was going to use a situation in this assembly, to help Bro. Amos with a situation he had in his own Church back home. God blessed on both sides of the line, and this was an experience that Bro. Amos has never forgotten. The most amazing thing was to see God providing for the trip, and paying His bills. The Church in Alabama was so moved, they gave Bro. Amos a Love offering', to cover his flight fare, and Bro. Amos went back home via London , where his wife and children were.

Because things were so financially tight with his family, Brother Amos left the money for bills and food, and had no idea how he was getting back to Lagos. God was not finished, for he moved Sis Joyce to go down to the Airline, to explain the situation. The Airline showed favour and they endorsed Brother Amos' ticket free of charge. Brother Amos had been faithful, and God was going to show His faithfulness. When back in Nigeria, he even managed to pay for the outstanding balance of his ticket. No one knows more than Bro. Amos about JEHOVAH JIRE. God certainly is his provider. Brother Amos has never run the roads. As he started to be invited by various saints to preach in their assemblies, he only went where he was moved to, by God. Brother Amos is an avid believer in waiting on and following God's leading. He does nothing in his own strength, and without God's authority. And like Paul, he has a burden for his African people. He has had numerous invitations to preach all over the world and as he says to his Church, he will go where ever God leads.

Brother Amos had earlier vowed never to write again, because he was happy and satisfied with all the truths he was getting from the Contender, his last book being, What is the Message of Elijah?, written in 1995. People were, however, asking all sorts of question about the truth they were hearing for the first time and based on the questions and queries, Bro. Amos was moved to write the book, The True Church, in 2002. After a number of Conventions at Faith Assembly, Bro. Amos had a burden placed upon him, by God, for Brother Raymond Jackson. Various situations had arisen in the bride, and when Bro. Amos became acquainted with the facts of the matters, he could see the stiff opposition that that precious brother, Raymond Jackson was facing, from brethren supposedly following his ministry. Brethren, according to Bro. Amos, who should know better. He was so sad and heavily burdened for Brother Jackson. The book, When God lifts up a Standard, was the lightening, in part, of that burden. Another book, Does Raymond Jackson Believe the Message, left another part of the burden lifted.

Bro. Amos thought that this would be the last of his writing on Bro. Jackson, but God had not finished with him. During the September, 2003 Fall Convention at Faith Assembly, in the morning of the last day, Bro. Jackson was to say something that would cause Bro. Amos to have a sleepless night. It was a quote read by Raymond Jackson from the Seven Seals Message preached in March, 1963 by the Prophet to this age, William Marrion Branham . The quote moved deep in Brother Amos, as he realised the fulfilment of the quote. He thought it was perhaps a sermon, but God had a different avenue A book. Brother Amos preached the sermon, He that is to come, being a perfect and infallible revelation of the quote on He that is to come, at B.F.T. Church 's second Convention in November, 2003. This was vindicated by God, with Supernatural pictures being allowed to be captured on camera, of the angel of the Lord revealed as a ball of light'. This was testified of, during the same Convention, by a sister who saw the ball of light. Brother Amos thought he could just copy the sermon as a book, but God would later move him to wait for His divine inspiration for this book, as he had done with all the others. So in 2004, Bro. Amos wrote his eighth book titled, He that is to come.

Brother Amos let the world know that Raymond Jackson is the Chief Apostle to this age, and as the Chief Apostle, he is the one who fulfilled the prophetic statement Bro. Branham made in the Seals book, page 567, paragraph 4, of the great person to come after him. Brother Amos has continued to stand for the continuity of light that God has shed through His Word. His has been a long, long, thorny journey with God, and he has never looked back. It has been battle after battle, for truth. His last book has caused much controversy in the Branham movement, and after ten months, and with the death of the Chief Apostle, Raymond Jackson, it has caused even greater controversy in the Jackson movement. This Book would be one of the means that God would use to test His bride, within the continuity message following, of Raymond Jackson.

It was on the 28th September, during the 2003 Convention at Faith Assembly, that Bro. Amos' wife desired to be baptised. She had been baptised in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ in 1996, but the disused swimming pool used, had not fully submerged her in water. She had been waiting for B. F .T. Church pool to be built. Her urge was very strong but she could not find Bro. Amos in the morning service, and she felt sad and disappointed, when the time for baptism came and went. Brother Amos comforted her, but to her surprise, another baptism had been scheduled for the evening session. Brother Amos motioned to his wife in the crowd, and she was baptised. Another surprise awaited them. As she got out of the pool, a prophecy was given. This prophecy confirms the calling the Lord has placed on Brother Amos' life: " Thou shalt be a great support to the Ministry that I have placed in thy mate's life... And I say my daughter, there are many miles yet to travel..."

Following the sudden passing away of Brother Jackson, the ministers of Faith Assembly, on the 16th January, 2005, in their message titled, "Reproof and Rebuke", asked Brother Amos to Repeal the book, "He that is to Come", based on so- called "Errors" found within its pages. Brother James Allen, the Pastor of Faith Assembly, stated live on the internet, in that same message, that a brother told him that morning, in respect of Brother Amos, that: "Brother Jackson said that there was A GREAT CALLING upon his life". Brother Allen's own interpretation of that positive statement, was that the potential of an apostle " was there, in the case of Brother Amos ". Brother Amos has written a defence in 2005, titled, He that is to come: Truth in Conflict My Defence. Brother Amos' stand, as he stated to a Pastor in the Philippines , is as follows: UNTIL THEY CAN SHOW ME BY THE SCRIPTURES, THAT THE CHIEF APOSTLE, BRO. JACKSON, IS NOT THE ONE WHO FULFILLED THE PROPHETIC STATEMENT BRO. BRANHAM MADE IN THE SEALS BOOK, I CARE LESS THAT THE WHOLE WORLD ARE AGAINST ME. IN THE END, TRUTH ALONE SHALL PREVAIL, AND ALL FALSEHOOD AND HYPOCRISY SHALL COME DOWN, THOUGH ALL THE WORLD BE GATHERED TOGETHER. THEY WOULD HAVE TO COME BY THE SCRIPTURES ".

The testimony of Bro. Allen quoted above, is written to correct a letter Bro. Amos wrote to Bro. Russell Davis and the Saints, prior to the writing of this testimony, dated 15th February, 2005, regarding his e-mails to the Philippines, in which Bro. Amos stated in paragraph 2 of the letter; "It was only when they judged my book as "error", live on the internet, that I knew what it was that Bro. Jackson told them about me, because Bro. Allen said Bro. Jackson told them I had the potentials of an apostle". The buffering experienced during the internet hook-up, was what was responsible for the misunderstanding of what Bro. Allen said. He desires that Bro. Allen and the Saints should know it was an innocent mistake, and wishes to apologise for it. When he later received the tape, and listened to the message of Bro. Allen, he realised it was not Bro. Jackson that told Bro. Allen about his apostolic potential. The apostolic potential, was Bro. Allen's own interpretation, of "A Great Calling", which Bro. Jackson told a brother, is on Bro. Amos' life, as was related to Bro. Allen by that brother.

Bro. Amos is a sincere man of God, with a love in his heart for people, and a dedicated family man. From the very inception of his life up till this present day, God has been watching over his life. Brother Amos has had numerous dealings of God, in various ways. In B.F.T. Church 's third Convention of November, 2004, the Spirit of the Lord moved as He had never done before. Many saints were gathered from all over Nigeria . To further vindicate the stand of the Church, and Brother Amos' teachings on the revelatory dealings of God in the Laodicean age, the Angel of the Lord was again caught on camera. A sister from Maiduguri Church (a Church about 1,600km from Lagos), under anointing testified to seeing this big, white form, on the left side of the platform, at the beginning of the board and diagram that Brother Amos was using to teach. (Please see the Supernatural picture page to view).

Brother Amos to date, has written nine books, and by the grace of God, he will continue to stand for the continuity of revelation, which he believes did not stop with the Chief Apostle, Brother Jackson. He believes that God will anoint another standard bearer, the John of today, to carry on the torch of truth, which he will bear, together with all the other men ordained for the true Ephesian five fold ministry, at this final hour.