This page holds various letters, pamphlets, and condensed messages that Brother Amos wrote on Issues Of Faith, in defence of the Truths of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the face of gross errors projected by preachers in the Endtime Message, made before the people of God, and in the face of stiff opposition. At such times, Brother Amos felt compelled to write, not necessarily to oppose the Ministers concerned, but simply to lay out the truth of the Scriptures on such issues, for the sake of the elected seeds of God, so truth alone may be established, and to stand true to God, for the measure of grace that the Lord invested in him, knowing that he will give account to God for it. Some of these write-ups were written many years ago, when Brother Amos was just a new convert in the Endtime Message, and as such, still had a lot to learn with respect to Truth. Nevertheless, he was determined, that God helping him, he would stand firmly and faithfully for the Truths of Christ we have received, to the measure of the understanding God has given him. With this resolve, and the enablement of God's grace, were the various write-ups in this folder, on Issues Of Faith, produced.

...This write-up was written by Brother Amos, to inform the body of saints precisely why he had to part ways with a man he stood with in the present day Continuity Light for five years, since the passing away of the chief apostle, having set forth his ministry before the children of God around the globe.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to you all, knowing also how shattered you must all be, by the sad news of my parting ways with Brother Suggs, a man with whom I have stood for five years in this continuity light. I think I owe you a duty, to let you know exactly why this sad development came about, although I wish it had not come to this point. Brother Suggs is a very nice man, very gentle, and personally, I have nothing negative to say concerning his person, and I appreciate his stand, and the kind support he has given my ministry. He has been a blessing to me, and to the body of saints. However, the issue at hand goes beyond the issue of niceness, for as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there are great responsibilities that devolve upon our shoulders, by virtue of our calling into the ministry. And our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ demands faithfulness, for we are bought with his blood. We owe him our lives. Our responsibility is twofold. In the first place, we have been called into the bride ministry, strictly in order to prepare the bride for the rapture, by bringing her into the Unity of the revealed faith of Jesus Christ, and Perfection. That is the fundamental objective of our calling, and failing in this, we fail in all. Therefore, the Lord requires soldiers brave and true. Secondly, although it is still related to the first objective, for it springs from the first objective, we have been called to feed, spiritually equip, and generally take care of the flock of Christ, on whose account we have been called into the ministry, as Pastors or Overseers, and to whom we must give our very best, our very all, considering them as our very lives, bearing their burdens, and feeling their pains, labouring selflessly over them, as a people that must give account; and knowing that they are the jewels on our crown on that day. If we also fall short of this duty, we make ourselves an irresponsible Pastor or Overseer. That is a bitter fact. But it is the truth, nonetheless, for God is not playing Ludo with His plan of redemption. And strictly on the basis of these two objects of our calling, I will lay out the account I now give, which led to our parting of ways. And you be the judge. I have to first admit, that prior to May 2007, I had not been privileged to hear Brother Suggs preach at all, whether directly, or by listening to his recorded messages, and hence, I was not really in any position to assess his ability, and the impact of his ministry on his own local assembly, in Calhoun, Georgia, USA. I assumed a lot concerning his ministry and his ability, and I have learnt my lesson. Honestly, I assessed him, based solely upon his confession at the burial of Brother Jackson, in December 2004, when he told me, “Brother Jackson said you will write the last chapter of the book of Acts.” I was pleasantly shocked by this statement, and this let me know somebody was listening, for he was certainly listening, seeing the way the rest of the men who followed Brother Jackson went! So I sincerely believed he had to have an eagle eye, particularly after he made a stand for the truth, following the carnal judgment the present day apostate ministry of Faith Assembly, of Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA, carried out against my book titled, He That Is To Come, in January 2005! He was in fact the first man in the ministry following the chief apostle to do so, and for a long time, he was the only man in the whole of the United States to do so! I honestly believed he had to be an apostle, and I expressed this conviction in my subsequent books, as well as in the Scribe, lifting him up before the universal body of saints, sincerely thinking the apostles would be placed without any further delay! I really thought they would be quickly put together by God, but I was wrong! It was the passage of time, and later conditions, God used to straighten me out on this issue, and to let me clearly see the blueprint the chief apostle laid down before he passed away, concerning the order of the establishment of the apostolic ministry, which he said would start with the voice of only one man, not two! And the reality we find today on the ground, in the bride camp around the globe, confirms this witness. But my wife and I were visiting Calhoun, most times, twice every year, since 2005, to give support to his ministry, and to be a help to the people of God under his care, in that spiritually barren, and very destitute, and bankrupt American nation. It was all by the grace of God, for without him, we would not have been able to make such a sacrifice. And there is hardly any truth I shared with Bible Faith Tabernacle, in Lagos, that I did not subsequently preach to the church in Calhoun, to keep them up to date in the light. In fact, most of the messages we put out in the Scribe, are mostly the Calhoun series! That is a fact! And everything has been by the sheer grace of God, and not of myself. But there is no ministry, since the passing away of Brother Jackson, that I introduced, and also lifted up before the people of God around the world, and also gave the support, like I did Brother Suggs, all which I did, only by the grace of God. And on this account, is the reason the saints looked to him, and related to him. All the glory is God’s, for it is strictly His doing. But as I stated earlier, because I do the preaching whenever we go to Calhoun, I never had the opportunity to hear Brother Suggs preach at any time, so as to assess his ministry ability generally, and also his spiritual impact, over his local assembly. However, some time ago, some of the saints complained that they were not being fed, a complaint I did not really believe, and hence, a complaint I did not take in. I simply asked them to talk to Brother Suggs about it, and more importantly, I urged and challenged them to make the difference, like Esther, if that was the case, by starting a prayer meeting, for the upliftment of the ministry of my brother. I turned their hearts back to Brother Suggs, telling them in plain terms, that he is the man for that continent; for I honestly believed it so! As a result of this counsel, they started a prayer meeting with all sincerity, in the home of a beloved brother, and it was later moved into the church hall, and they continued the prayer meeting, on a particular day of the week, in the church. I did not entertain any bad talk concerning Brother Suggs, because of the great love and respect I had for him, for I thought so highly of his ministry! And neither did they ever speak ill of him as well, for they all saw him as a very nice man, and appreciated him a lot for his stand! But the fact remains that I did not take things the way it deserved, the way I should, because I honestly did not see the gravity of the situation in Calhoun, simply because of the lone stand my brother had for continuity light, and my great respect for him; but God was in everything, and He is always in everything, knowing that everything works together for good, for the elect people of God. It would all serve a divine purpose. But some time in 2007, on one of our visits to Calhoun, when Brother Suggs gave me some dvds, for onward mailing to Brother Benjamin Wanican in Uganda, a fine ministering brother who is also standing firmly with us in the continuity light, and I looked at the various dvds, a particular message title caught my attention. Brother Suggs preached it in the month of May 2007, and it is titled, Who Is This John? And what a title! It is a title which speaks of a ministry that is under controversy today, and as such, I expected him to lay out John’s ministry, in its present day application, to shut the mouth of the opposition! And as such, I was very eager to hear what my brother had to say concerning John, having preached on the ministry of John in Calhoun, times without number, as well as in all my books, since the passing away of the chief apostle, teaching the saints from the Scriptures, that we are now in the days of John, the lead apostle for this final hour of Gentile time! However, you cannot imagine my utter disappointment after listening to that message, for in a nutshell, it only told us that John was one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, who was chosen as one of the twelve apostles, and that he was a man filled with so much love! That was all! So, I asked myself: Who does not know that John in the church in Calhoun, for Brother Suggs to have preached such an inadequate message, based against the reality of the end time John, who is carrying the wrapping up revelation of Jesus Christ, according to God’s written Word?! Who does not know the John of the early church?! This also brought back to my memory, two events in the past, over which I was a little disappointed. The first was when a man at Faith Assembly, Robert Goines, wrote him, following his stand for me, after the carnal judgment by James Allen and Bud Thompson. In that letter, he asked if Brother Suggs was no longer believing Brother Jackson. That insinuation was stated, simply because Brother Suggs was standing with me, and not with them! But in his reply, Brother Suggs merely told him he was still standing for the truth of Brother Jackson, and mentioned nothing of his following the present day continuity light, when the very reason of the letter of Mr. Goines, necessitated a declaration of his stand for the present day continuity message of Christ, borne by the present day lead ministry! I asked myself, Is my brother ashamed to tell the people he is standing with me on account of the present truth; or is it a matter of fear; or is it one of pride? The second situation was when he wrote his testimony, and sent it to the saints, including myself. His testimony stopped with Brother Jackson, for the ministries he testified of, were Brother Branham and Raymond Jackson. And that was what he put out on his church website. I remember a few brethren around the globe phoned me, to express their disappointment over that testimony, which fell short of the current move of God; but I simply told them he was going to update it shortly, and that it was nothing to worry about. And that settled the matter! I did that, because I did not want anyone to think ill of my brother, or to question his stand, or to question what he actually sees, or to look down on him! Brothers and sisters, regardless of my disappointment, I laid all these facts aside, and moved on, not letting it have any adverse effect whatsoever, in my perception of my brother, and in my relationship with him. And that is the truth! I lie not! But the time I listened to his dvd, Who Is This John?, in the latter part of 2007, was the very first time I would be hearing his message. Yet, it did not affect my relationship with him, for I considered more his stand for the continuity light. And in spite of the dvd message of his I watched, I still could not gauge or assess his preaching content, as to really determine for myself, the quality of his ministry, in the light of present day truth, as a man with an apostolic potential calling. But I was later to see the negative impact his pastoral ministry was having over his flock, through conditions which developed. I will now lay that out. With the passage of time, as I stated above, I began to notice certain developments, which enabled me to gauge the spiritual tempo or the impact of his pastoral ministry, over the saints under him. And although I do not say this as his judge, or to belittle my brother, or to speak ill of his family, for they are a very nice people, the fact remains, that Brother Suggs allowed his family, who were not following this way, and who were not yet saved, to take over various services of the church, at the expense of the service of the saints, for the saints took the back seat, so-to-say! I preached against this in my meeting in Calhoun though, without mentioning anyone, and without referring to his family, all out of respect. You will find it in my message titled, Why Continuity?, which I preached in Calhoun. Furthermore, I found out he was closing church at the slightest of excuses he could find. He would close it if it looked like it would rain, for instance, without giving the saints any choice in the matter! I was told that he would simply call a church member, and ask the person to call all the others on the phone, informing them that there would be no service. And sometimes, he would simply take off with his wife for a break to the mountain, without any prior notice to the church, and the church would automatically close, for the period of time he was gone! The lack of constant church services, were greatly affecting the spiritual state of the saints, in an already very lukewarm but highly materialistic Laodicean age, which seriously chokes true spirituality! And how did I find this out? I always call the saints around the globe; and you can all testify to this fact; and it is by the grace of God I am able to do this. But I make sure I get in touch on the phone, once in a while, or send an email, just to say hello to the saints, and to know how they are doing, and to give encouragement to them, to help them on, in this straight and narrow and lonely way! Every true shepherd would, for he would be concerned for the welfare of his flock! Whatever touches the flock would touch a true shepherd, just like it did David, when he was a shepherd boy! Brother Jackson was also like that! And when I phone, apart from asking after their spiritual wellbeing and the state of their physical health, I also ask them how church services have been, all out of sincere care, and not because I am being nosy! No! I am a person who likes to mind his business! That is one of the graces the Lord invested in my life: I mind my own business! Nevertheless, on quite a number of occasions, I was told that there were no services, because Brother Suggs asked so-and-so to call them, and inform them that there would be no service, or that he had gone on a trip, or other, without prior notice! Moreover, and I do not say this to knock my brother, but I say it because it is the truth: Although the Calhoun church membership is not up to fifteen people, Brother Suggs will not take the time to call or visit his flock, to find out how they are doing, even when they fall ill! He does not phone them, and neither does he visit them, to know their state, as their full time pastor! Yet, he is in full retirement, and is as such, at home full time, and all the time! And the church is located in his very compound, for it is next door! For instance, look at Brother Wilbur Jordan of New Jersey, USA, a fine fellow ministering brother, who loves this way, and who is standing firmly for the continuity light. He has come at least twice or thrice to my meetings in Calhoun, driving about 15 hours one way, each time! He even came the last time with his wife. Yet, Brother Suggs has never called him, even to say hello, or to appreciate them, for the sacrifice they have made in coming down to Calhoun, or even to find out how they are doing, or to encourage them in this way, knowing how lonely it is for the ministry following continuity! Pastor Fletcher has also come at least thrice, with a few of his church members, and once with his wife, in their old age, all the way from New Jersey, and neither has Brother Suggs ever called the Fletchers to say hello, or to appreciate them for coming down! When I visit Calhoun, Brother Suggs would be asking me how Brother Fletcher is doing! And may I inform you, that these two men (Brother Jordan and Brother Fletcher), have never once complained to me about this. I know this fact, simply because I call them once in a while from Nigeria as well, simply to say hello, and to appreciate them, and at such times, I ask if they have heard from Brother Suggs, who is in the same country with them, because there should be mutual communication and fellowship between the ministry! Their reply has always been in the negative, except probably when he wants to inform them of my impending visit! I have to let you know though, that I have had to part ways with Brother Fletcher, for his refusal to accept and stand for the continuity truth of Christ, and also for blatantly continuing to maintain a highly organised church system! This forced his Assistant Pastor, Brother Jordan, to pull out of recent, and I am happy to inform the saints, that we now have a church holding in Brother Jordan’s house, in New Jersey. God be praised! The truth is: Where one person does not stand for truth, another will stand! Amen! However, the issue of Brother Suggs’ lack of communication with the body of saints, reminds me of our precious elderly sister in Georgia, Sister Mary Bailey, who on account of her bad financial state, and the very bad health condition of her husband, has not been able to attend any of our meetings in Calhoun, although she is firmly following this way. Brother Suggs has never taken it upon himself to visit her, just to give her comfort and encouragement, even though she writes letters to him, to appreciate his ministry! On a number of occasions in Calhoun, I wanted to visit her, so as to meet her, and to have some time of fellowship with her; but Brother Suggs never made the time to take me there, despite the fact that I expressed to him my desire to visit her. By the time our meeting in Calhoun is all over, we would end up not going. Hence, during a particular visit to Calhoun, I decided to go by myself, and not ask Brother Suggs. And it was our two visiting brethren from far away New Jersey, who took my wife and myself there! Brother Jordan and Sister Mira kindly offered to take us, and although it took some time before we located her place, nevertheless, it was such a joy meeting her, her kind husband, and with her gentle son, Brother Clifford. Even Brother Clifford once attended one of my meetings in Calhoun! This is the incredible state of my brother’s ministry attitude! He does not phone or visit the saints, except his family! It makes me now wonder what he is even doing in the ministry, for he has no time for the saints, except his family! Brothers and sisters, I have to warn you though, for I have to be fair to my brother, that although it seems like Brother Suggs has no love for the saints, yet, I know that that is not the case! He is just not given to doing these things! Period! These things just do not occur to him! And maybe he does not find these things needful. But if anyone is in need, and comes to him, I am very certain he will help, for he is a kind man. He is! But nevertheless, it is bad for a pastor not to show practical love and concern for his flock, for his heart should burn for his people, and he should seek to know their state! You cannot be a pastor without a passion for the people of God! The truth is: People do not have to ask him before he reaches out to help his flock, for a shepherd is supposed to see the need of his people! After all, he knows how to take good care of his own family members, ever doting on his wife, (which is a good thing, and which cannot be evil spoken of), ensuring his family members are all well taken care of, for he does it with all his heart and might, because he sees their needs! But what about the people of God over whom the Lord has set him as pastor? And why is he their pastor in the first place? I have to ask that, seeing he has set his love for his family, over and above his love for the flock of God he has been set over! Come on! That is not right! Any pastor whose heart does not burn for his people is in the wrong business! True pastoral love has practical care in it! This is ministerial neglect! And I do not say that as his judge, for I am just a mere mortal; but I say it because it is the fact of the matter, and these are the things which form part of the genesis of the present state of things! And to think that he came to the meeting I held in Cartersville, Georgia, in 2004, just before Brother Jackson passed away, when I took a message in True Light Tabernacle, titled, The Burden Of The Pastoral Ministry! In that message, and out of pure love, I indirectly but openly rebuked Benjamin Boyd, for his lack of care and passion for his flock, a people who were completely neglected and uncared for, under his pastorship, a situation which caused the church to dwindle! For all Benjamin Boyd did, was to dedicate himself to the care of his family, at the expense of the care of the flock of God! I wondered why he was still in the ministry! Brother Suggs enjoyed that message, but unfortunately, he cannot see himself in the very same shoe! My! And he is not a sacred cow, for there is no sacred cow in the ministry! Moreover, what is good for the goose, is also good for the gander! God has no double standard! I even subsequently wrote Benjamin Boyd a letter, all in my earnest and sincere bid to see things straightened out in his ministry, and hence in his church, and sent a copy of the letter to Brother Jackson, merely for his personal information. Brother Jackson called me up on the phone, and thanked me for that letter, and he also sent a copy of the letter to Brother Suggs himself! Furthermore, the Lord has helped me to put out a message in the Scribe, titled, Ministerial Irresponsibility. That was not preached just so as to say something! That is a very serious message which every minister has to watch, or he will be on his way out of the bride ministry! That is the truth, for this is not a game! Now I could clearly see the pain the saints in Calhoun were bearing in silence. I could see it. Brothers and sisters, all I have laid out above, is not as bad as the case of the food on the table in Calhoun. And that is the main issue I must now address. But before I do that, let me first lay a scenario before you, of an event which took place in August 2010. It is all relating to the meal being served on the table. On the 1st of August, 2010, I wrote a letter to Brother Suggs, titled, Feed My Sheep, the very first of its kind, pleading with him to come alive to his pastoral responsibilities, because I realised, if he did not do something, and do it urgently, his assembly would disintegrate, and his ministry would collapse. Developments in Calhoun, was what motivated me to write the letter. I was called on phone by a precious sister in Calhoun, who informed me that Sister Liz Gainor had now left the church, although the sister that called me expressed her sadness and disapproval of Sister Liz leaving, thinking she was making herself vulnerable by doing so! She felt Sister Liz should have still stayed! Brothers and sisters, Sister Liz left on one account and one account only: The fact that she was being starved to death, for she was not feeding! And how could anyone continue in such a state? When I got to know that Sister Liz had left the church in Calhoun, and was sitting at home, I called her, to find out why, and what she planned to do. She let me know in very clear terms that she was starving to death, and she had been doing so for five whole years, precisely since 2005, under the ministry of Brother Suggs! And further, that she could not bear it any longer. Moreover, she let me know that she has seen the continuity light of John, and that she knows who John is, and further, that she is going nowhere else, but to stay with John’s message of truth. She would be reading the Scribes and her Bible, and praying, in the present dispensation, seeing there is no other assembly in Georgia following continuity light. Honestly, I could not say anything else, but to pray that the Lord will help her, and uphold her in the light, and meet with her somehow. Brother Suggs later confirmed this fact to me on the phone. I knew she could not be the only one in this shoe though. I knew that, because of what some of them had told me some years back, a complaint which I did not take in, for I really did not believe it, thinking my brother bore a great revelatory capacity! But the response I gave them that day, made them keep the current reality of things from me, knowing my great love and respect for my brother! This development forced me to write Brother Suggs the email I referred to above, on Sunday, 1st August, 2010, seriously warning him, and earnestly urging him to save the day. The email letter is attached. I was in South Africa holding meetings about three days later, when I received Brother Suggs’ incredible reply. He replied my letter within my letter. The letter is also attached, and his reply is what I presented in red colour. However, please note that I corrected some of the spelling mistakes and grammar in his email, as well as in all the emails of the saints which I attached to this letter, in order to give meaning to the things they wrote. But I did not add to their thoughts, nor did I change what they wrote. I also added some punctuation where necessary (i.e. in a measure), to give clarity to what they expressed in their emails. Period! Coming back to the issue of my letter to Brother Suggs, when I read his reply dated Wednesday, 4th August, 2010, I could see he was annoyed because of my sincere rebuke, for he felt insulted by my letter of love, which was why he misunderstood the things I wrote, as he tried to refute the points I made to him. And although I was again disappointed, I simply let it go. But I could now clearly see the handwriting on the wall. The pathetic thing is that my brother felt it was only one person who felt this way, and rather than use such a serious complaint to reconsider and weigh the content of his message, showing that he cares, even for this lone precious soul who was crying out, he went on as if nothing happened! My brother was unperturbed, because the complaint came from only one person! Yet a sheep was bleating for food! That is most unlike David, who would leave all the other sheep to go and rescue just one lone sheep in distress! Come on! Brother Suggs was not moved, because he could not turn the searchlight on his own message, and on his own ministry, in the light of the present truths of the Bible we received from the Spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord! The sentiments the brethren expressed every day, that they love him, and that he is a nice man, and that they were feeding, is all he wants to hear, forgetting that regardless of whatever sentiments and commendations we receive, Proverbs chapter 27, verse 23, bears a serious message of responsibility, which devolves upon every true shepherd! It does, for we are not excused from ministerial irresponsibility, simply because the flock pat us on the back, and hide from us the true impact of our ministry! My! Surely the ministry ordained for the last kill, will have enough measure of discernment and divine wisdom to know the true state of the flock they rule over; a flock they are preparing for the rapture! How can a man in the ministry not know the true state of his flock?! Come on! Even a club manager in a mere game of football will know the readiness of his team! What do you think the end time bride ministry is about: Tourism?! Coming back to the scenario I was relating above, of Sister Liz, who opened up to let Brother Suggs know she was not feeding, brothers and sisters, I knew that that would not be the end of the matter, for I knew she was not the only one in that shoe, although the saints were afraid to tell him the truth, either because they did not want him to close church, or that they did not want to hurt him, particularly on account of his wife who is of a frail physical condition. And since they were still not telling him the truth that they were not feeding, and neither were they telling me, but now, remembering what they had told me in the past which I ignored, I realised the seriousness of the situation. Therefore, I suggested that the Calhoun brethren come together by themselves, and find out amongst themselves, the true feelings of the people, and use one brother who has enough courage in him, to tell their pastor, in love, and with humility, the true condition of the brethren; Not so as to unseat him from his post; not so as to step him down, and not so as to rebel against him, for it was not a case of mutiny, but strictly as a means of merely putting their pastor on notice, of their true spiritual state under his ministry, so he can make urgent amends, and bring healing to the local body! Period! Desperate situations invite desperate measures, because sometimes, men of God do not hear anything! I do not say that to be insulting, for I am equally guilty! But such a measure would let him know, that it is not something that is restricted to just one person, and as such, I thought it would make him reconsider the content of his messages, and so bring healing to the entire body! I believed somebody had to have courage among them, for I could not successfully tell Brother Suggs myself, because I do not sit under him to know the true effects of his ministry, and neither would he take it from me, particularly seeing his response to my letter in August! He would not buy my testimony that he is not feeding the people, and he would also take offence, thinking I am trying to teach him what to preach, and how to preach! He already told me in his reply, that Brother Jackson told him he could preach whatever God gives to him, when it is obvious, that such a counsel, considered in the light of this current move for unity, will not allow for unity of faith within the universal body of saints; For if men just preached their own thing, with gross disregard to the continuing light of Christ, unity will never come, and neither will the bride grow in the revelatory knowledge of Christ! Thus, I knew it had to come from his own people, for it is his people that can determine the real impact of his ministry on them, and it is their testimony that counts! Precisely! Therefore, there was no basis for me to relate such matters directly, for it would be ineffective, for he would say, (just as he said in my presence from the pulpit during my visit in October), that the brethren in Calhoun did not tell him that, except one person! But Sister Patsy Parker had also summoned the courage, and had informed him she was not also feeding! And what if it was only one person who made such a grave complaint? Brother Suggs brushed aside a sincere but serious complaint of a sheep under him, which touched on his ministerial ability and impact! Come on! Nevertheless, even my sincere and innocent and well meaning counsel to the brethren in Calhoun was not observed, for it was overtaken by events. All I could do was to pray and hope that God would intervene somehow, for the sake of His people, because there was no other assembly standing firmly for continuity in that whole continent, at that time! Brothers and sister, due to this sad development, whilst we were in Togo holding meetings in Brother Joseph Tokpo’s church, I phoned Brother Brian Neill, to inform him of the developments, and to solicit for his intervention, knowing he has a good relationship with Brother Suggs, and can, as such, speak to him, warning that if something was not done, the church in Calhoun would disintegrate. But subsequently hearing that Sister Patsy had also left Calhoun church, for the very same reason of the lack of food at the table in Calhoun church, a reason which she also communicated to Brother Suggs, and seeing the domino effect this sad state would bring to the body of saints in Calhoun, for things would crumble, I had to make an urgent trip to Calhoun in October 2010, to try and salvage the bad situation. I went solely out of genuine love and concern for my brother and the saints in Calhoun, and it was a sacrifice. And I thank God for making everything possible, for that is what the ministry is about. On getting to Calhoun, I met with my two sisters who had left the church, and pleaded with them to come back, and to give Brother Suggs a second chance; and they gladly came back. Even Sister Patsy’s husband, Brother Billy, a very fine gentleman, very cultured, started attending the church, and he is now following this light! Praise God! During Sunday service on 24th October, I took a message titled, God’s Salvation Light, the dvd of which is also being sent along with this letter, sincerely and earnestly urging the saints, to give Brother Suggs a second chance, since he claimed he did not know that the people were not feeding. Humbly, and in love, I scolded my brethren for not being open with Brother Suggs, and I asked them to allow him now to make the difference, by feeding them the required meal, seeing he had now been put on notice! He had indeed been put on notice, for what more would it take to put him on notice! Furthermore, in that message, I laid out in very plain and detailed terms, what the Lord expects Brother Suggs to preach today beside the old truths, in view of the present tense truths we have received from the Bible, from the Spirit of God, which is the fresh carcase of the Word! The following morning, I met Brother Suggs at I-Hop restaurant, for breakfast, and we had a wonderful time of fellowship together, for about two hours, and I re-enforced the fact that he needs to preach the continuity truths of the Bible, if he is to keep the people, for nothing else will do! Nothing else will keep the true eagles of God; for as I told him categorically, that “that is where the stimulation is”, for the stimulation is in the present light, for the Spirit of God has moved on! God has moved on in the light, and our message must carry that further light! That is a notorious fact! I even gave an example of Rolf Strommen of Norway that day, the man who today is preaching Jehu Ministry, a heretical ministry for that matter, and what the chief apostle told me he observed in Rolf Strommen’s ministry, ever before he parted ways with him (i.e. with Rolf Strommen), just to let Brother Suggs realise he has to move on with God, in the light of revealed truth, in the content of his message! I made it very plain by the grace of God, for I held nothing back! Honestly, I left the United States a very happy man, feeling all was now well in Calhoun. I did not know I was only dreaming! The very week after I left Calhoun, Brother Suggs started preaching the very same kind of messages which would not help the people, messages which would not help the situation, for he went down the same path he had been treading all these five years, preaching things which only caused the precious saints to starve the more and lose confidence in his ministry, and to question his ability! For all he preached, and all he really sees, are the past tense truths we received from Brother Branham and Brother Jackson, from the pages of the Word. Period! My brother is stuck in the past, just as the organised systems of religion, and he cannot move on, regardless of his confession! This only brought sadness to the saints, and they decided they would say nothing to me, but rather, they would get the dvds of his message, and send them to me, so I can judge things for myself. The first message Brother Suggs preached right after my October visit, is titled, Children Do You Have Any Meat? He took the message on Sunday, 31st October, 2010. That dvd is also sent with this letter. And to say that I was very disappointed, is to make light of the matter, for I do not even know what he was trying to say in that message! He lost me completely! Yet the man needed to save the day! He needed to turn things around! I watched four messages on dvd, which my brother took following my sacrificial visit, and for the very first time in five years, it dawned on me, for I suddenly realised, Brother Suggs does not really see continuity! All he sees are the two previous moves of God in this age! He does not really see the ministry and message of John! My brother is stuck in the past, and set like concrete, and I realised, there is no moving him! Saints of the living God, I want to inform you that Brother Suggs’ messages, lack continuity content, or continuity truth, by 100%! In other words, the messages Brother Suggs has been preaching for the past five years, have 0% continuity light in it! All the mysteries of the kingdom, which Christ has been unveiling from 2005, have no place in his message! The leadership of the Holy Spirit into ALL TRUTH, which we have had since 2005, have no bearing upon the content of his messages! And we all know that following continuity is more than a mere confession, or a mere stand, a stand which lacks revelatory substance! I was shattered, but I also realised, there was nothing I could do, for I cannot make a man see; and neither can I make him do what he does not want to do; or make him do what he really does not have the capacity to do. After all, we are what we are, only by the grace and mercy of God. But just how will the Unity of faith and Perfection be accomplished through a man who is binding back to the past?! Answer me saints! That is not a bride feeder! That is not a ministry for the bride of this very end! A bride feeder does not bind back to the past when God has moved on! Any feeder of the bride cannot be stuck in the past! I repeat, and please hear me well: There is no bride feeder in any part of this globe that will be stuck in the past! Moreover, you do not need to be an apostle to be able to serve eagle food, for every pastor in the original Ephesian ministry would! Every pastor in the bride ministry will have the God given ability to take the truths of Christ we have received to date, and feed his flock with it, or is he is not a bride ministry vessel! And anyone who always hides, like Brother Suggs does, under the pretence that they are feeding lambs, have no business feeding the eagles of God, for we are not lambs but sheep! Eagles feed solely on the fresh kill of the Word! Rapture is for the mature! And any remnant elect lamb person just coming in at this late hour, has to have a voracious appetite for truth in order to catch up, and be made ready for the rapture, because there is a spiritual stature the bride must attain unto, and for which reason the sheep are now getting ready for the rapture! No one will make it in the rapture as a living “lamb saint”, for that speaks of gross spiritual immaturity! I have to ask Brother Suggs who feeds only lambs: Just how can those brethren in Calhoun, who have been in the Branham Movement for many years, and who also followed Brother Jackson, be considered lambs, a people who need a beginners’ course, as opposed to sheep?! When will they ever grow to become sheep?! And if all Brother Suggs wants to feed are lambs, why then will he not allow the saints to go and look for a “sheepherd”, which is a sheep feeder?! The sad reality is that my trip to Calhoun did not make any ounce of difference to Brother Suggs! I therefore have to ask: What difference does it make that the saints did not tell him that they were not feeding? It makes no difference, for when he was put on notice of this fact in open church service, during my visit in October, he still did nothing! He did not change a dime in his message content! This made me realise, though sadly, that my brother does not hear anything, however plain, and however much you may lay it out! He hears nothing! I am not knocking my brother, for I am only stating the facts, which has been vindicated already by the present state of things in Calhoun! He just does his own thing, being very self willed! My! And you cannot correct him either, for he takes whatever you say upside down! See his attached email to Brother Gear and Sister Priscilla Milton, dated Tuesday, 30th December, 2010, titled, Very Offended! Also attached is Sister Patsy’s email response to Brother Suggs, dated Tuesday, 7th December, 2010, together with his reply to her the following day, 8th December. My brother is very set in his ways! Yet, an apostle will have a good measure of understanding, and a good measure of discernment, and a heart that is totally subject to the absolute rulership of the Word of God! That is for sure, otherwise he will not be able to lead anybody in the ministry! Even the bride of Christ is supposed to have understanding, and a certain level of discernment! Exactly! How much more a pastor! And how much more a man who is supposed to have an apostolic potential! My! And on account of the complete lack of the fresh kill of the Word in his message, many saints have now left his church, leaving only about four or five people. And the truth is, as long as you do not study, and as long as you are not really interested in truth, anything preached from the pages of the Bible will satisfy you! That is a fact, for a lot of people only have a religious spirit! And hence they see nothing; they hear nothing; and they do nothing! For everything is always okay with them, however stale, and however carnal! They cannot even see when error is quietly slipping in! They just want “love”! And the devil has an abundance of that for them! He does, for Laodicea’s crave, is strictly for carnal love! That is what is killing the people of this age: Their love or desire for carnal love! And that is why they hate the rebuke of life, for it wounds their ego! Brethren, this impossible situation led me to take a message in November 2010, titled, Dear Brother Suggs, where I informed him we have to part ways, for we are certainly not preaching the same thing, which is only on account of the fact that we are not really believing the same thing; for it is the fruits of a man’s ministry that shows what he truly believes, regardless of his profession. The two dvds of that message are also enclosed with this letter. And in that message, I did not infer or say that Brother Suggs runs up and down like a mad man when he is preaching, for it is irrelevant how a man preaches, as long as he preaches truth! I only stated the fact that all his quotes and teachings, stop with the prophet and the chief apostle! The present day truths of John have no place in his message, as if they are not Bible truths! That is the sad reality of things! Yet, the truth is that, even Brother Suggs himself will not sit under a man in the Branham Movement, who claims to believe the continuity light Raymond Jackson bore, but who will preach and teach only the things we got from Brother Branham, and will not touch that of Brother Jackson! Yet, he wants those precious saints to come back, so they can die under his ministry! I say it like that on account of Brother Suggs’ carnal use of Hebrews chapter 10, verse 25, in his letter to me dated Wednesday, 29th December, 2010, a Scripture which forbids us not to forsake the gathering of ourselves together. The email is also attached. He used the Scripture to knock me, as if two can walk together unless they agree on the strict basis of the Word! As if that Scripture allows for compromise of the truth, or allows for affinity with evil! Lord have mercy! I have to ask: What do men really see? What do they see? The message road Brother Suggs has been taking since 2005, is certainly not the road that leads to the unity of faith, for he has not moved on in his message! And neither is it a way that can help the bride to grow into the spiritual image of Jesus Christ, thereby attaining perfection; for they must grow in divine revelation in order to see Christ’s full image in the first place, so they can grow into it, from faith to faith, which means, from revelation to revelation! The road the ministry in Calhoun is taking can only lead to divestment! I say that as a serious warning. For the road to rapture is a living way, being the way of revealed faith, a way that is fundamentally ever progressive! To think I preached the message of Why Continuity?, right before Brother Suggs in Calhoun! My! May God help us all. During our November Convention in 2010, Brother Suggs called me on the phone, to inform me that Rolf Strommen had visited his church, but that he did not preach. He was apologising for letting him sing a special. I did not bother to comment on that, for there was no point. But I honestly thought that Rolf Strommen came to his church service unannounced. But I was wrong. Brother Suggs told me that one Mr. Smallwood had called a day prior to church service, stating that Rolf Strommen was around in Georgia, and that they were coming together the following day for church service. On this note, Brother Suggs now called Brother Bobby Dodson, informing him of the development, and also asked him to preach in that service. And behold, Rolf Strommen turned up with his wife in the church in Calhoun. This was in November 2010, just before our Convention. Brother Suggs asked Rolf Strommen to sing a special during the worship service, because he loves to hear him sing! He might as well listen to the Pope sing! Rolf Strommen sang with his wife, and then he took a special by himself. During the prayer line, Rolf Strommen came out to pray for the brethren on the prayer line, and Brother Suggs let him. And finally, at the closing of the service, Brother Suggs asked the saints to pray for Rolf Strommen, as he goes up and down in the ministry! That is incredible, for it is a sacrilege! This is a man who stood in secret but serious opposition to the ministry of the chief apostle! This is a man whom Brother Jackson had separated himself from, ministry wise! This is a man who preaches a message of heresy, overturning the Ephesian fivefold ministry, teaching that we are now in the days of the Ministry of Jehu! We might as well pray for the Pope’s ministry! This does not show vision on the part of Brother Suggs! This is affinity with evil, for it is plain compromise! Where is his spirit of discernment? And where is his firm and faithful stand for truth, and for true spiritual principles? No wonder, he invites anyone who cares to attend his service to sing a special, whether an unbeliever or not; and whether a smoker, drunk, or whatever! This shows no vision or discernment on his part! It does not! But that is probably how they think true love operates! Thank God for the message Brother Bobby preached that day in Rolf Strommen’s presence! It was perfect! It was a lovely message, and perfectly delivered too! The dvd of that message, preached on Sunday, 10th November, 2010, is also enclosed with this letter, and is titled, The Apostle John Today. You will see Rolf Strommen in it. But what a message! Brother Bobby is not ashamed of the testimony of Jesus Christ. God be praised! Amen! May God bless Brother Bobby for that message. Coming back to the telephone call I received from Brother Suggs, I informed him during that conversation, that I had already dealt with his matter in a message, and that I would be sending the dvd of the message to him, through Brother Bobby, who came all the way from Calhoun, to attend our Convention in Lagos last November. He arrived in the evening of the same Sunday I took that message, which was the morning service of 24th of November, 2010. Moreover, I warned him that I smote him in the message, not in order to kill him, but in order to shake him, as God did the Jews. He said he would be looking forward to the message, and I sent it to him. However, on watching the dvd... I am quite surprised at what he understood from the message! It is most incredible, for my brother does not see himself at all! And neither is he concerned, nor does he see how he has hurt the flock of God for five whole years! All he sees is his own feelings, as if he has done a wonderful job in Calhoun, for which he deserves to be commended! He can take all the commendations I gave him in the Scribe and in my books. He loves and enjoys that! But he cannot take a Scriptural rebuke for being grossly negligent in his care of the poor saints in Calhoun! Now he is knocking me on the head because of my stand. And he is accusing these precious saints of worshipping me, simply because they left him in order to follow the light! He says they are following my flesh, simply because they are asking for the fresh kill of the Word of our God! Lord have mercy! My! Now he accuses them of the same idolatry which operates within the Branham Movement, just because they love the truth of Christ which is progressive in its revelation! His incredible reaction is what led me to take two further messages, titled, Upheavals In The Bride Camp, and God’s Demand For Faithfulness, the dvds of which are also enclosed with this mail. Now he accuses me of a change in character, and in the manner of my ministry, when in fact I have not changed! Now I have become mean and uncaring! It makes me wonder, What did he actually see in my ministry in all those years, when I preached at Faith Assembly, for I have not changed a dime! He sat there enjoying every minute, as I preached the message titled, Affinity With Evil, right in the presence of Rolf Strommen, wherein I tackled Rolf Strommen and Tim McKay’s naughty issues head-on; and according to Brother Suggs’ own testimony, he felt the anointing all over him as I preached that message! But the message was hot! It was God that helped me to preach that message, which addressed terrible developments on the ground in that day! He also sat there enjoying the message I took at True Light Tabernacle, whilst I preached to Benjamin Boyd, but he cannot take it himself! To think that he also enjoyed the letter I wrote to the man (i.e. Benjamin Boyd)! Yet, the way I used to write then, is how I still write today! But now, to him, I have become arrogant and uncaring, just because I told him some home truths! Not that I care for the commendation of men; for I care only for the honour of God! Men just do not see love, when correction hurts! My! Brother Suggs also forwarded me an email he received from Brother Clarence Hester (Brother C), also attached, in which Brother Suggs also wrote of his disappointment in the way I dealt with him, stating that I condemned him to hell, when I did not! I am not the Author of salvation! I cannot give or take away any man’s salvation, for I am not God! But I can test the fruits of a man’s ministry by the Word! By the grace of God I can do that! I have the full authority of the Word of God to do that, for this is not a game! And I know by the evident fruits of his ministry, that he cannot pastor bride saints, being strictly a lamb feeder, as he also confessed himself! He lacks the capacity which God alone gives to the men divinely ordained for the bride of Christ, for God is perfect in all His ways! And I also know by the infallible revelation of the Word of God, that whoever will be bride today, must be completely robed with the total and unparalleled revelation of truths, which Christ is giving us accessibility to, in the inner chamber of his Word, according to the book of Matthew chapter 25, verse 10, for it is for the adorning of his true bride! Ephesians chapter 5, verses 26-27’s glorious bride church, which Christ will receive to himself, stands infallibly! My reply to Brother Suggs’ email, which touched on Brother C’s expository email, is also attached, and dated 29th December, 2010. Furthermore, also see Brother Suggs’ last email to me on this whole matter, an email I referred to above, dated, 29th December, 2010, titled, Very Sadden. He is very sad, but who will carry the burden of the precious saints in Georgia, who have now been scattered and forced to sit at home, and are now confined to reading the Scribe alongside the Word of God, on account of the unfaithfulness of my brother, which is occasioned only because he cannot see the present truth, and for which reason he cannot preach it? And if he cannot preach it, for he obviously does not see it, how can he expect them to come back to sit under him? It does not make any sense! It is most pathetic that in all this, my brother is nursing his hurt, and he is even sending his email of “Very Sadden” to the saints around the world, obviously in order to gain followership, for he sent it to a brother in the United States, and also to another brother in India, for they informed me, when, in fact, I had not even communicated the sad development to these brethren, or to the saints around the globe! But seeing he was already doing so, I decided to help his course, by simply forwarding his “Very Sadden” email to all the Ministering brethren, until I had the time to deal with the matter! Brother Suggs has the time to send his email around the globe, putting the people of God on notice of his hurt, seeking sympathy and followership, but he has no remorse for destabilizing the flock of the Living God in Georgia! And it is simply because he cannot see that he is scattering the flock of God by his negligent pastoral attitude, and, more particularly, by his very stale, so-called lamb feed! And neither does he care! My! Now Brother Suggs indirectly or implicitly makes himself Barnabas, by comparing this unfortunate scenario of our parting ways, to that which happened between Paul and Barnabas, forgetting that Paul and Barnabas did not disagree on the content of their message, for that would have been a very fundamental and a most serious issue! Their disagreement was only as to the choice of the man to go along with them on an intense missionary trip! Barnabas did not oppose the light Apostle Paul bore! He never did! And neither did he try to deny the Ministry Commission of Paul, simply because they had a small disagreement! Moreover, Barnabas did not sit at home taking care of his family, but actually laboured tirelessly in the vineyard of God, over God’s people, just as Brother Jackson still laboured tirelessly and consistently over the universal bride, via his internet platform, without letting off the steam, when his wife suddenly suffered a serious health condition! And Faith Assembly did not suffer ANY spiritual deficiency, as a result of Sister Opal Jackson’s ill health! Yet, Brother Jackson’s home is far away from the church, for he lived in another town! Furthermore, let us ask Brother Suggs: Which invitation of sister churches or fellow ministering brethren has he honoured to date, since the death of Brother Jackson, even before the physical condition of his wife came upon her, for him to be Barnabas? None! He has no time even for his own little local flock, let alone have time for a flock overseas! That is why he has never bothered to visit Nigeria, even as a gesture of support, in spite of my countless visits to Calhoun! It is not that I mind though, for I am only an unprofitable servant, who is doing his Master’s duty. Everything has its pay day, so I have to give my Lord and Saviour my all. But some of the saints in Calhoun have attended our Convention in Lagos more than once! But Brother Suggs has gone nowhere, even when I asked him to go with me to India! Yet, he equates himself with Barnabas! He forgot that Barnabas did not bind back to the past, for he did not turn back the arm of God’s revelatory clock! Barnabas stood firmly for the light of his hour! And very importantly, saints did not run away from under his ministry! He served the fresh kill of the Word which Apostle Paul laid out, and thus, the saints did not starve under Barnabas! They did not starve or run away, because he stood for, and also preached, the same message Apostle Paul bore for us Gentiles, as the chief apostle! Period! And do not forget, Barnabas was a placed apostle, being a man who held a substantive office, and not a potential one, which can be divested! So, when you are making comparisons, do not forget the fundamental issues something conveys before you do. Do not forget that. More importantly, my brother forgets that these are the days of The Input of Ham; or maybe he cannot see it, and hence, he does not believe, that these are truly the days of The Input of Ham. But these are the days of Ham’s input! And as such, we must know that there is absolutely nothing God will let any man in the Japhetic race do, that will take away from what He is doing today, through the race of Ham, for the universal bride of Christ, for God does not defeat His purpose! Fight that as much as you want, there is no man that will change the programme of the Almighty God! God is done with the nation of America, and there is not one ounce of continuity truth that will come out of any ministry in that huge continent, for any elect seed of God to follow! The days of America are completely over, even though God still has His precious remnant elect bride seeds in that continent! But judgment is all that remains for that nation, even as Brother Branham and Brother Jackson repeatedly and consistently cried out in their messages! It is a proven fact that today, Africa is bearing the climaxing and wrapping up light of Christ, by God’s sovereign will, and regardless of what people feel, for human sentiment means nothing! Truth remains the truth; and truth will certainly have the last say! Only open your eyes, for this is not a game, and time is short! It is later than you think, for the return of Christ is at the doors! And make no mistake about this: Whoever does not stay with the continuity light Jesus Christ is giving us through the end time John, from the pages of the Bible, will be divested, and his folly shall be made manifest to the world. And it will happen without much delay, for time is short, for this is the last move! That is for certain, because no man can chart his own course, or create his own plot, and still make it. We all have to strictly follow the blueprint of the Word of God. And neither can any man take Revelation chapter 10, VERSE 11, SPIRIT OF JOHN, and place it on seven thunders of verses 3-4, as Brother Suggs is now doing, no more than you can take the Spirit of Moses, or the Spirit of Elijah, God’s two Jewish “candlesticks”, and place it on the 144,000 Everlasting Gospel preachers; and you know you cannot do that! No man can do that! And neither can any man do that with the Spirit of John! That would be to blatantly deny the promise of John! It would mean in effect that we have no John! And if there is no John, which is denied, (because, as Brother Suggs says, the Spirit of John of Revelation chapter 10, verse 11, is for the seven thunders), then we have no lead ministry today, or even in the thunders! And by the time you swallow such nonsense, you have been derailed from the faith, for I have to ask: Who will write the last chapter of the book of Acts, if there is no lead apostle, that is, if we do not have John?! And if we have a lead apostle, which the Word of God infallibly gives to us, how can any man take away his leadership within the seven thunders, when the thunders are strictly seven apostles?! I repeat: If you believe that nonsense, you will only have yourself to blame, for the truth of John has been made plain in the Scribe. That is a solemn but serious warning, for strange teachings are now coming forth from Brother Suggs in Calhoun, since our parting of ways, and it was confirmed to me by three witnesses who listened to his message, live on the internet. It makes me see precisely why Brother Suggs gave me the counter quote of the chief apostle, on the application of the Spirit of John of Revelation chapter 10, verse 11, right after I preached on the Promise of John in Calhoun, which I related on page 46, column 1, paragraph 2, of Part 2, of the Scribe on The Promise Of John, for that is what he really sees, in spite of his written testimony to me, that he believes in John’s Lead Ministry! This is absolute confusion! The brother is preaching confusion! Lord have mercy! The letter of Brother Clarence Hester to me on this sad development, dated Tuesday, 18th January, makes the fourth witness. The letter is attached as well. It forms my last attachment. Finally, let me say this to every man following this message, because of Brother Suggs’ complaint: There is no support of any man that can buy my conscience! And let me also warn you, for you do not have to like my language: God helping me, I will not be compromising truth and spiritual principles, because of any man’s support! You will have to take your support! If you stand for the continuity light of Christ, you stand for yourself! And if you do not stand, you do not stand for yourself! You are not doing me any favour by standing for truth! You are only doing your own soul a favour by standing for the light of Jesus Christ our Saviour! And if you stand firmly in support of truth, you will not lose your reward, for there is a pay day for everything! And it pays to live for the Lord Jesus, and to support what He is doing! It does, for the world is slowly being shut down before our very eyes, with natural disasters and judgments of every kind! But note: Supporting my ministry does not make you a sacred cow, a person who is immune from Scriptural correction! For it is only a bastard that the Father will not correct, even as the Scriptures declare! As it was in the days of Prophet Amos, so it is today; for as it is written in Amos chapter 5, verse 10, a verse which applies perfectly to this apostate age, “They hate him that rebuketh in the gate, and abhor him that speaketh uprightly”! This is Laodicea! You had better shake yourselves from this evil and deadly Laodicean spirit! And please do not trouble me over this matter. I have enough burdens on my shoulder. Just make your stand. Here is the crux of the whole matter, and here I rest my case, for the problem in Calhoun, is strictly one of ministry. But I want everyone to realise, that I have moved on, and I am moving on, the Lord being my helper, for I have been set in defence of the Gospel; and woe is me, if I defend not the Gospel. But let every bride saint around this globe be absolutely certain of this one thing: Truth will have the last say, and the last laugh, for truth conquers all. It was William Branham, who stated in his message, titled, Sirs Is This The Time, page 11, paragraph 1, that: “If you will tell the truth – you may be laughed at for a while, you may be misunderstood for a while, but God will vindicate that, that it is the truth, if you will just stay with it. Just hold on. It might take years, like in Abraham and others, but He will always make it the truth.” I believe it with all my heart, for God never lets His Word fall to the ground, He being a Covenant keeping God. May the Lord bless you. And may He help us to be faithful, for it pays to serve Jesus.
Shalom! Bro. Amos Omoboriowo


Saints of God, after sending the above mail to the saints, I received emails from Bro. Isaac Akonnor, in Ghana, West Africa, forwarding the correspondence Bro. Suggs had with him, on the truth of Revelation chapter 10, verse 11 ministry of John, where Bro. Suggs flatly denied the scriptural existence of a John ministry for today. As far as he can see in the Word, and by the Messages of Bro. Branham and Bro. Jackson, Revelation chapter 10, verse 11 ministry is not for any one man, but is strictly for the Seven Thunders. And as such, there is no John. But that is a complete shift from what he stood for, for the last five years. Nevertheless, he is entitled to this position, as a free moral agent. But it vindicates my position, that we do not believe the same thing, and are not following the same road. It vindicates the need for separation from unbelief. These emails are a further attachment to those following this write up. Thank you, and may God bless you all.

Bro. Amos Omoboriowo
Dear Bro. Alvin,
I bring you warm greetings in the most precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I hope this email finds you and Sis. Patsy in good spirits. We are praying for you both, as well as for the saints over there in Calhoun.
My brother, we love and appreciate you lots. Your ministry has been a great blessing, and is a great blessing, to the saints of God over there in that huge continent of America, for your firm and faithful stand for the continuity truth of Christ. You are being used of the Lord to make a difference in that continent, and we give God all the praise. My brother, we love you, and thank God for you, for we truly appreciate your ministry. However, my brother, at this very crucial point in time, with the situation on the ground in Calhoun, it has become most imperative that I write you on a very pressing need in the assembly in Calhoun. My brother, I do this most sincerely, with great respect, and in love. Jesus told Peter: If you love me, feed my sheep. Thrice the Lord repeated this, just so as to drum in the importance of feeding the people of God, a responsibility which devolved upon his shoulder by God. Our Lord expected the feeding of the flock of Christ to be of upmost importance to Peter, for if he did not do it, the flock of God would starve and be scattered! Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour was counting on Peter to make the difference in the lives of the flock of God. My brother, I am hearing the same plea tonight, but it is to you the Lord is making it. Like Peter, a great responsibility also devolves on your shoulder, for the feeding of these precious souls the Lord has placed under your care. And like Peter, the Lord expects the feeding of His flock to be of upmost importance, taking priority, otherwise the flock of God will starve and become disoriented and disillusioned: Some no doubt will eventually scatter! My brother, the people of God in that huge continent have no other ministry to look unto, other than yours. There is no where else they can go, but to you, for the feeding of their soul. For there is no other man in the ministry standing for the truth! That makes your ministry the more crucial, and God is counting on you! My brother, we all know the health situation with regards to Sis. Patsy. We know you shoulder the responsibility of taking care of her. No one in his right mind can knock you for doing just that. But you owe a greater responsibility to God for the feeding of those precious people in Calhoun, for you are all they have! Please! And as such, whilst you take care of our precious sister, you cannot afford to neglect the people of God! My brother, you cannot! Moreover, your responsibility is made easier by the fact that the church is just next door! It is just next door! It means you can leave Sis. Patsy at home during church service, and be in church every time service holds, come sunshine or rain, and return to her right after service! You can do that my dear brother, if we will be alive to our responsibility to God's flock, for whom Christ died! Please! Mid-Week services have to hold! Holding service just on Sundays is not enough my brother, for this is Laodicean age! Just consider this my brother, and please note, I say this strictly from my own personal observation: You do a lot of work in and around the house in the day time, and by so doing, you expend a lot of energy. This no doubt will have a weakening effect on you, for you will not have enough strength for the service of the people of God, as you are not an Angel with a supernatural make-up! We are all mere mortals! I say this in love my dear brother, and with respect! But it is the truth that you work too hard around the house, and you are no longer young! You are not! You therefore have to conserve your failing energy for what matters most, which is the service of the Almighty God who made us! I say this only to let you know that at this point in your life, my brother, nothing should matter to you now, as getting the flock of God ready to meet the Lord, knowing the Lord is counting on you! And we want to get out of this sin cursed evil world! Please do not take offense my brother, for I love you lots, and I have to be honest with you, knowing you love me too! My brother, your people may not be able to come to you and tell you things, even though they should, but they may not be able to do so out of lack of courage, not wanting church to close, and because they love you, and they do not want you to feel bad; and they may not have the courage to tell me either, knowing our relationship, but the fire is burning low on the altar, my brother, for closure of many services, and this cannot but have a negative impact on the flock. Also, it is most crucial, my brother, that you consider the message content you take with the people. You are a revelated man, but we all still have to take the continuity truths we received, right from Brother Jackson, in the 39 years of his chief apostolic ministry, till today, and lay it for the people, in order to truly establish them in the truth, for this is the only way the bride of Christ around the world will come into the unity of the faith. It is not enough that they have access to the Contender and the Scribe: We are still to take the continuity truths and break it down, and re-affirm it, that the saints may truly be grounded in the truth! Anything else will not work, for it will only produce spiritual hunger, and if not addressed in time, it will lead to starvation, even though no error is being preached from the pulpit! Please my brother, some of your people are starving. That is why Sister Liz left the church, even though she loves this way. And this lets me know, she cannot be the only one in this shoe, even though people may not have the courage to say it. My brother, this is a serious matter that needs to be considered very seriously, and honestly, and dispassionately, for the message content is most vital. Furthermore, some of the saints are dying for true fellowship, and are therefore in need of more regular church meetings. My brother, the church door has to be opened at every service day, come rain or shine, and regardless of how many people come! Two or three is enough for a service. Without constant or regular church meetings, it is very easy for the spirit of the age to overcome the people! The spirit of Laodicea is very strong! The people will slide into lukewarmness, and spiritual slumber, and possibly death! Please Brother Alvin, you cannot afford for this to happen to the people! We have been called to make the difference in their lives! Jesus Christ is counting on us! Please, let us save the flock of Christ. Please! Sometimes, we can be wrapped up in our own world, the mountains we face, and not realise the effect it is having on the people. I say this because of the family burden you bear. My brother, if I too should consider my little boys, and particularly Mark's health condition, I will not do the will of God as I ought, as God expects. But I know the Lord owns us, Mark inclusive. He deserves my first attention, my best, and my all, being my Creator! Therefore, most times, my wife and I leave Mark and Jason, so we can do the bidding of the Master! He requires nothing less from you as well, my brother. You have to wake up to the spiritual need of these people. Please! The people can only take so much of ministerial neglect, and something else will hit them. Your congregation is small, and therefore, you should be able to visit the people once in a while, or at least give them a call on the phone to know their state, and to encourage them. That is our duty as shepherds! My dear brother, you have to turn things around in that church, for God Almighty is counting on you, and He loves faithfulness. As I always say to people: God has not sent anybody to any local assembly to die, regardless of the stand of the ministry! The service of the Lord therefore deserves our best, and our all. I know you are by yourself, and you are without ministry support; but so are many men across the globe: Bro. Loreto Evangelista, Bro. Joseph Tokpo etc. We feel your burden, my brother, and we truly appreciate your lonely stand. And that is why we try our best to come to the States. That is even why we are planning on coming again in November, if it is okay with you, and if God wills, just to help out, knowing you are by yourself! We do not even mind paying the hotel cost, and you do not have to trouble yourself by giving us an offering, knowing the people are facing hard times over there! But we see your lonely stand, and the need of the people! And we want to give our God our all! May God help us all. But my brother, if I can see this need, surely you too can! The flock of God in America is in your hands, my brother. Please feed her well. My brother, please take care of the flock of Jesus Christ, for I hear Christ say one more time, Do you love me? Feed my sheep. We love you, and are praying for you and Sis. Patsy, and for the saints as well. My brother, may the Lord give you every grace you need at this time, for that church is dying. Please! I talk only as your faithful brother, for who will take care of the church in America, if not you? I have asked that the saints come to see you, for you are their first port of call, being their pastor, on any issues they feel need your pastoral attention, although they may still not do so, out of sheer lack of courage. So, please do not knock them or take offence for this, but rather show understanding, as the man of God. I am only letting you know the state of things with respect to the saints in Calhoun. Sorry my phone credit ran out before I could finish all I needed to share with you. But I have covered almost everything by this email, I hope. I will call you later concerning Brother Bodson.
Shalom my brother.
Bro. Amos

Email from Bro Suggs to Bro. Grear Milton, dated: Tuesday, 30th November, 2010.

Hello Bro Grear and Sis Priscilla,
Pray all is well with you all. As for us, well. Did you get the message i sent of the Bro. from Nigeria? Also wanted to ask you both if you have seen the dvd's on Alvin Suggs. Is this how i acted when I ministered on the 2 messages [ Of GOD is not man ]? Is this what you saw? This was such a slap to my character, humiliating, and vain. Bro., be honest: Is this how you picture me? I Love you all, and I am Praying for you all.
Alvin Suggs

Reply from Bro. Grear via Email, dated: Saturday, 11th December, 2010.

Bro. Suggs,
In response to your email I'm sorry it took so long. In all honesty, I think that we were pulled into all the conditions of you losing a loved one, and Sis. Suggs’ sickness, to the point of us making excuses for you. We had seen things that were not right, and were praying and believing God for a change. Our services were actually getting further away from continuity to the point that the last couple of services, I didn't know where you were going in the message. We do agree totally with Bro. Amos in his message, Dear Bro. Suggs, and felt that we were growing cold in our walk with God. We love you brother but love is honest.
God Bless.
Bro. Grear & Sis. Priscilla

Email from Sis. Patsy Parker to Bro. Suggs dated: Tuesday, 7th December, 2010

Brother Alvin,
With love in the name of Jesus. Brother Alvin, being a sister in the Lord, I was honest with you when I told you I was not coming back to church. I told you that you were not feeding us as eagles; we were starving, though we need fresh food. I also told you that we need Revelation. Then you preached that it wasn't about that great revelation. Sister Liz has been there five years, and never received anything in continuation. How can two walk together unless they agree; and we do agree in continuation. Brother Alvin, in love, all we heard was Brother Branham and Brother Jackson. But you would never get in the continuation of John in the end time message. This is the eagle food we are hungry for. You never would give us anything out of the scribes. You could preach on Brother Branham and Brother Jackson with no problem. So when God showed us to get out of there, we left. Eagles cannot eat stale meat. Matthew 24:28: For where so ever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together. Now I am so happy and full of joy in my soul, for I am in continuation of John for this day. Thank God For fresh manna and new nuggets. May the Lord be with you, Sister Patsy, and Sister Liz Gainor.
Sis. Patsy Parker

Reply from Bro. Suggs to Sis. Patsy via Email, dated: Wednesday, 8th December, 2010.

That is your choice. Time will tell all things. Have a good day.
Alvin Suggs

Email by Bro. Suggs to Bro. Amos dated: Saturday, 27th November, 2010.

Hello Bro. Amos, Here is a letter Bro.C. sent to Bro. Brian, and I have still not seen the DVD's yet. But it seems all the other's have. Bro. Amos, I am very disappointed in the way this is going. Bro. C. seldomed came to service; and at the drop of a hat, all things I have done to stand for the Continuity Message, it means nothing to anybody. Bro., in the message of the Scribe 2009, The Spirit of John, Pg. 26, 1st line and 3rd line, these things I was trying to project in the Message of Simplicity, and GOD Is not a Man message. It was not to take anything away from Bro. Branham or Bro. Jackson Or Bro. Amos, [but that GOD Anointed all three of you, and I believe that with all my heart. I am not an educated man, and my speech is plan. If i wanted to lift up my self, I would have went with Faith Assembly. But I chose Truth. But most of all, I'm deeply hurt that all my stand means nothing. What a Hypocritical way to do a Bro. that Loves you and your ministry. But that let me know you are not Perfect yet either. I did not even hear the message and respond to you first. And Bro. Dodson, to give them to all the others before me, after I was the only one that stood for him when the others turned against him. Bro. Amos, I still believe the message of Continuity, and Know you are a man anointed with the John Minstry [It is the Anointing of GOD that makes difference] of the end time, and will continue to stand for it. But I am deeply hurt in my heart and Spirit and soul. May GOD Help us all.
Bro. Alvin Suggs.

Email from Bro. C., forwarded to Bro. Amos by Bro. Suggs, dated: Saturday, 27th November, 2010.

I thank God for you Bro. Amos, praise GOD! Yesterday, Bro. Dodson gave me 2 DVD's title "Dear Brother Suggs". Your message brought clarity and focus, and exposed the heart of the brother. Where I even thought by looking at all the outer appearances that seemed to say I am following continuity, (pictures on wall, flag on pulpit, standing saying this is John). Where if he really believed the message of the hour, he would preach the message of the hour. What a deception! And me being distracted, I fell right into the trap. How blind I Was. By the Grace of God, I will follow continuity. Thank God for you, thank God for Bro Grear. Thank God for His Light. Please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers. Please send me your latest book. Thank you for the Scribes. Love
Bro C.

Reply from Bro. Amos to Bro. Suggs via Email, dated: Saturday, 27th November, 2010.

Dear Bro. Suggs,
The phone call of Bro Brian is what made me to come out of my house to a cyber cafe to read the email of Bro C, as my system is down. I am very sorry you did not get the dvd before now, as I sent it to you through Bro. Bobby, just like I told you on phone I would do. But I also sent copies to the other brethren as well, including Bro Charles, so they can know precisely where I stand with regards to the situation on the ground in Calhoun. You should have got it first though. I am truly sorry for that. Bro Bobby told me he did not meet you at home, although I felt he ought to have dropped it nonetheless. But I also know God makes all things work together for good, and even now, I know it will serve God's purpose, as sad and as hurtful as the situation on ground is. But let me tell you Bro Alvin, I have not dealt hypocritically with you, or with anyone else. You have allowed things to degenerate to this level, and even now, you still do not get it, for you do not see it! I have sacrificed a lot to give support to your ministry, and to lift you up before the bride of Christ, more than I have done for anyone else around the globe! It was this same love that made me come to Calhoun last month, to try, under Christ, to salvage a bad situation, and I laid everything bare before you and the congregation, but you do not get it still! Please do not accuse me of hypocrisy, for I have not played hypocrisy with any man in the ministry around this globe. I do not play games with the Word of life. But I know it is because you are hurt. However, my brother, after listening to your messages after my last visit, and considering your message content over the years, I have had to make a stand, to go my way, as I cannot force you to preach continuity truth. And those precious saints have borne very much with you, even though you do not see it. You are looking at things from only one angle. But this is about their own walk with the Lord, and we have to respect that. And although I know you are hurt, you also have to realise God's people have also been hurting for a long time under your ministry. I do not say that to be your judge, but simply to state the fact, for there are two sides to every issue, and there is a greater responsibility devolving upon the men in the ministry in this last move. Like I told you on phone when you called in the week, contrary to what you allege, the problem in Calhoun is not about me or the fact that you do not mention my name, for that is irrelevant; but the problem is strictly about the complete lack of present truths in your messages. And as I also gave an example on the phone, I will give it again, for you are not hearing the people: If a man in the ministry in the Branham Movement, in the days of Bro Jackson, claimed to see continuity, and is also reading the Contender, but he would only preach the things we received from Bro Branham, and would not teach or preach continuity truth Bro Jackson bore from the pages of the Bible, you would not sit under a ministry like that in the days of Bro Jackson, because you read and believe the Contender message! So is it today! It is that simple! The man would be doing it by the spirit of organised religion, which does not allow people to move on with the truth in reality! That is the spirit of the antichrist. Therefore, standing for continuity, however much we may do so, without continuity message content, is useless! That is what you are not seeing, my brother. And that is the problem in Calhoun church! I hope you get the dvd, for it lays out precisely my stand. I appreciate you, but my allegiance is to the Word of God. I know I am not perfect. I never said I was. But I know what is expected of men in the ministry, particularly at this last move. I have not deceived you, nor have I played hypocrisy with you. In many of my messages in Calhoun, I warned you in serious terms, but you do not get it. I realise I cannot make you see or do what the Lord has not made you see or do. Hence I kept my cool, praying and trusting God to shake you somehow. But I have to be faithful to the One who put me in the ministry, whether you understand or not. I appreciate your stand and support, but Christ means more to me than that. May God be with you, and may God help us all.
Bro. Amos

Email from Bro. Suggs to Bro. Amos dated: Wednesday, 29thDecember, 2010.


Hello Bro. Amos and Sis. Joyce,

Pray all is well with you both and Children.
It is with deep sorrow I write to you Bro. Amos, Concerning the things you have said, and the manner you said them in. Bro., GOD Saved me by HIS Wonderful GRACE {Unmerited Favor} in 1967. I have always tried to do my best for Him and I know I failed many times. But he was always been there to pick me up and dust me off and surround me with His Love. And at times he has chastised me also, but with Love. It was always up lifting, not pushing me in the Mud. Bro., I am not angry, just disappointed in the things you did, and the way you acted on the No.2 disc. No.1 I took well. But No.2 was different. Seem you went into a rage. And the way you acted and described me preaching, was not the way I presented myself. But more saddening, I asked Bro. Grear: Is that the way I raged and jumped up and down and acted like a wild man, and he is so carried away with your Flesh, he didn't answer what I asked him. He just said, I am with Bro. Amos. So Bro., that is fine. But Bro., you said on that Disc I would not make the Rapture. That is not yours to give. I remember Bro. Branham talking to some brethren about another Bro. who wasn't seeing all they were; and Bro. Branham said leave him alone; he came in under another age of the Ministry, and he can't go no further. But he will make it. He never condemned the Bro. So Bro., I'm sorry you feel the way you do. Instead of praying for me, you condemn me to hell. That is not yours to do. If I disagree with your personality, I will not condemn you but pray for you. Also you have caused the saints here that left to set at home, and boasted they are reading the Scribes. What Spirit is that? It is against the Word [Heb10:25]. John & James had a hard nature in Luke chpt 9, verses 51 thru.56. Bro., what has happened? When I saw you at Faith Assembly, you were real Humble, loving, and caring. But now it seems different. Like a Cat, as long as you are rubbing his hair the right way, he purrs; but rub it wrong, and his claws come out. I am not saying these things to put you down. That is your life, and I will not condemn you in it. But I will Pray for you. But my Mother told me years ago, when every body around you is wrong, son look in the Mirror; that may be part of the problem. Bro. Amos, in spite of all the things that has happened, I still Love you and Sis. Joyce. But it seems because of the contentions we seem to be having [as Paul and Barnabas in Act 15:36thru.41], we need to go our separate ways, and do the work GOD has set for each of us. They both died as martyrs for the Lord, and still loved one another. May GOD Bless you in your Ministry, and we will be Praying for you all, and would hope you will us here. GOD’s will be Done.
Bro. Alvin Suggs

Email from Bro. Clarence Hester to Bro. Amos dated: Tuesday, 18th January, 2011.

Dear Bro Amos,
Greetings to you and the family, and the church family, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It’s been a while since we’ve talked, so I wanted to share my heart a little. Thank you for the picture, I have it on my desk in a nice frame. It’s very nice. My brother, you are my friend, but even more importantly, I follow you as you follow Christ. I thank you for your stand. I do not want to lift up your flesh nor puff you up. Neither you nor I want that; we are brothers in Christ, being led by the Spirit of God through the blood of Jesus Christ. And I thank God for His faithfulness, keeping me even when I don’t know the way or see the things which are in front of me. I thank God for you, Bro Amos, and your faithfulness. I stopped attending church with Bro Suggs and the congregation because of becoming aware that his walk is not with the Continuing Message according to the Bible, as God has given me understanding through your preaching the Word of God. I am not following a “group of people”, or being led by “man”, or being “tricked”, as if I do not know what I follow. When I left Faith Assembly, almost a year after the death of Bro Jackson, I was rebuked for leaving their group, going to the other side, and looked upon like a traitor. Well, God means more to me, than following error for friendship. Just to confirm, my decision was correct, God allowed me to see again why I had to leave. This past Sunday, I watched their live internet service on the computer. Bro Suggs was speaking on the seven church ages and the messengers to those ages, how that they were God’s men, and we don’t need “man” to come up with ideas thinking they are something, (who was he referring to?). After he talked on the greatness of God’s 7th age messenger, (and I thank God for Bro Branham), he went on to say that the seven thunders are seven men throughout this world that are filled with the Spirit of John, and together they will go throughout the world with a prophetic utterance that God will give them. It will be just like a person who is prophesying over someone, they don’t know what they are going to say beforehand. But at the right moment God will fill these men with what they have to say, and that prophecy will go throughout the world reaching the bride. My brother, not long ago, I would have listened and believed this, thinking I was in the will of God. But thanks to God, He has brought more light, to shine in a dark place. Thank God! Where did Bro Suggs get the seven thunders were filled with the Spirit of John? It’s not in the Bible. And how can those seven men go throughout the world with the Spirit of John, when the 11th verse of Revelation chapter 10 says, “And he said unto me” not seven men, “Thou must prophesy again…” The word Thou is singular. This is reserved for that man who has the Spirit of John in this last age. Thank you Bro Amos for the Scribe, The Spirit of John: It’s wonderful. You have shown how very plainly John led the church after the death of Paul, and how that same Spirit will lead the bride of Christ until the rapture. You brought out how John cared for the people, yet did not compromise the Word of God. Thank God for Your Faithfulness. Through all the trails you go thru, you still prevail for us. May God Richly Bless You. Brother, I have something else I would like to discuss with you...
With all that is going on, I want to stay focus.
I love you Bro Amos. Thanks for letting me share my heart. May God Bless you and Sis Joyce, and everyone at Bible Faith Tabernacle.
With Love,
Bro C

Email by Bro. Isaac Akonnor, In Ghana, West Africa to Bro. Alvin Suggs, Dated Monday, February 14, 2011, Titled: MY STAND.

Praise God, Bro. Alvin Suggs, Hope all is well. Please for your information, I have gotten all I needed to take a position on this issue. I stand 100% with the scriptural stand Bro. Amos has taken. I CAN SEE ONE MAN JOHN MINISTRY AT THIS END TIME IN MY BIBLE, BY THE GRACE OF GOD. If you cannot see, here we part ways. But I ask, Can you entertain Osama Bin Ladin, the one enemy of USA in your house? Then how come you let Rolf Strommen in? I am very shock at the level of your unbelief.
Isaac Akonnor.

Email Reply By Bro. Alvin Suggs to Bro. Isaac Akonnor, Dated Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello Bro., I did not entertain Bro. Strommen in my house. And just because I respect him as a person don't mean me and him don't disagree. [I have apologised for letting him sing at Church], but that is between me and GOD. And Bro., if you have never made a mistake, you have a right to say what you did; but if you have made any you, you don't. I told the saints it would not happen again. Me and Strommen goes back a long way as friends and a brother. And what I did was as friend not as ministry; he did not Preach. But with all that said, that has nothing to do with the Truth of the Word of GOD. Bro., if you believed Bro. Branham and Bro. Jackson, and Mainly the Word of GOD, you will find nowhere in either, that is said John the man was coming back from the dead, or was coming on 1 man. And Both Bro. Branham and Bro. Jackson agreed it would not be one man the Anointing of John would come on, but 7 men, after Jesus comes off the mercy seat. Why would God need to anoint a man, then to bring another message? It's over. Don't let Satan blind your eyes to the Word because of friendship. I am not seeking to destroy Bro. Amos. I love him, but I love God and his Word more. And after you have sought GOD and Read these things, and still can't see, then stay with it. I will not try to bother you any more: [Ref. Looking For Clues, 1st Part, Nov.1993; also Witnesses-World Rejoices; also Israel at the end time-True to Life; also Lightning and Thunders; also Looking for Clues –continued 29 November, 1993, vol 25-No.8; also The Bible and It's Message, Pt 4; also From the Beginning to the End, Pt. 38; The Mystery Of God Rev.10:7; also in 2002 Jan: Getting the Bride Ready]. And there would be 7 thunders, and we do not know who they are till then. That is the Word of GOD. And they will not be a Dictator. They will be Prophesying. And now in the book the Spirit of John, he say's on pg.26, there is a candlestick. How much will he seek to change the Word of GOD? Wake up! Bro. Branham was that Candlestick and Star Messenger. And like Paul, when he passed of the scene, he was still the candlestick of that age, as Bro. Branham is, till this age ends in the Rapture. So Bro, you can do like I did and seek GOD and Study the Word and the Messages, as I did. And if you still believe he is John incarnate, that is your privilege, and I will not try to tell you any different. But Bro., your soul rest upon your decision. I am not asking you to believe me. But bro., I also said I believed his message 100%, till GOD spoke to me, and shook me to go into deep Prayer, and Study. I Pray he will also Speak to you in a manner to get your attention. I compel you to read these things, also Seals book, and Church Age book, and Pray earnestly. Your Life and your Congregation depend on it. I have made mine up. It don't bother me that Bro. Amos sent out all the things he did. I'll pray for him. I am not trying to destroy his Image, because it is not about the man, but the Word. Amen. GOD’S will be done.
Bro. Alvin SuggS

Email Reply By Bro. Isaac Akonnor to Bro. Suggs Dated 15TH February, 2011.

Oh my Bro. Suggs, do you really believe? Did Bro. Branham and Bro. Jackson preach or know it all? Please what do you think the message : THE FAN IN CHRIST’S HAND is for? Since you have made up your mind, so be it; but remember that what Bro. Branham said on page 76 of the Church Age book, stares at your unbelief. Watch and learn: We are in the days of the Reproduction of what the 1st church age ministry was. There was Paul, and there was John after him. So it is today. A SEED OF MANGO FROM CALHOUN WHEN PLANTED IN GHANA WILL NOT BEAR ORANGE. WILL IT? Genesis 1:11. Note that Revelation 10 alone has 3 separate Ministries: 7 apostles thunder (Rev.10:3), W.M. Branham ministry (Rev.10:7), and Bro. Amos' ministry (Rev.10:11). Shalom.
Bro. Isaac Akonnor


..This epistle was written on Friday, 1st November, 2014, in defense of the revelation of The Input Of Ham, a current move of God for the end time bride of Christ, a move which the race of Japheth in America are fighting vehemently, for Bud Thompson called the book on the Input of Ham, "A Strong Spirit Of Delusion". It is written to help God's people see the truth of the move of God, in order to stand with the Lord in His light.


Saints of the living God, when I consider the stinking attitude of the Branham Movement to the present Move of God, particularly those who followed Raymond Jackson in the Continuity light of Jesus Christ that he bore for the bride of Christ universal, it fills me with nothing but pity for the people. For it is obvious that they do not know what the day is saying, and neither do they see what the Spirit of the Lord is doing in the earth, in concluding His great plan of Gentile salvation, which God promised Abraham, way back there in Genesis. For through his royal seed, Jesus Christ our Lord, ALL NATIONS of the earth are to be blessed. Thus saith the Lord God in His written and infallible Word! In Genesis Chapter 12, verse 3, the Word of God declares: “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and IN THEE SHALL ALL FAMILIES OF THE EARTH BE BLESSED.” Again in Genesis Chapter 28, verse 14, God plainly stated: “And thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south: and in thee and IN THY SEED shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” We can all clearly see the blessing of the Shemitic and Japhetic races of people, leaving only that of the Hamitic race, the black race. And concerning the blessing of the Black race which this promise definitely includes, in his message of 25th March 1953, titled, Israel And The Church, Part 1, page 15, column 89, William Branham declared: “God making a Covenant, showing, pre-showing that, "I swore that I'll do it, In your seed I will bless all the nations of the world." Read it. "I'll bless the Gentile; I'LL BLESS THE BLACK MAN, the yellow man, the white man. I'll bless Everyone through your seed, for out of you will come kings and princes.” Brothers and sisters, in complete fulfilment of that promise of the Bible, is precisely why we have the present day Move of God, through the Hamitic race. Therefore, in starting this write-up, I want everyone to understand loud and clear, that what God is doing presently, is not only firmly and perfectly vindicated by the Word of God, but the truth is that the scriptural fruits of this last Gentile Move is also most overwhelming! What a time to derail from the plan of salvation, seeing the lateness of the day, and having come so close! However, I realize that the choice is strictly theirs, for they are at complete liberty to accept or reject the truth, because they do not have to go in the rapture. That is an absolute right they hold, a God given right, which no man can take from them, for they have a choice, even though I pray they choose life. Please come with me with an open heart, and censor what I say by the written Word of God, for the inspired Scripture is the exclusive foundation of truth. I have to do this in defense of truth, because of the blatant and flagrant denial of the truth of God’s current Move, which certainly gives us THE INPUT OF HAM, however much it may be denied by the Movement. When the Lord raised up Apostle Paul, he wrote to the Gentiles, not only about how God made a distinction among the Jewish ministry in choosing him to bear the light of Christ for us Gentiles, (even as Apostle Peter also made a similar claim recorded in Acts Chapter 15, verses 6-7, a fact which does not deny the place of other men in the ministry), he also wrote of the distinction the Lord made between Jews and Gentiles, in committing all the Oracles of God to the Jews alone, although we are all one before God, in Christ Jesus. The Book of Romans Chapter 3, verses 1-2, and Galatians Chapter 2, verses 6-9, attest to this fact. Who will fight that? No one in his right spiritual mind would, no matter how racially hurt a believing Gentile he may be, even if he is a racial peacock, for that is an undeniable and unchangeable fact of God's dealing! But the same holds true for today, if you know what I mean! That is a fact, for I am talking of THE INPUT OF HAM, a truth of God for today, a truth which people are fighting tooth and nail, thinking they are fighting a man in Africa! But this is not about any man! This is strictly about the programme of God! It is strictly about the current revelatory Move of the God of our Salvation, designed to close out the plan of Gentile salvation! This makes it a very serious Bible issue! Brothers and sisters, it is a notorious fact, and hence, a fact that does not need proving, (even though the Bible also sets it forth), that the Shemitic race were the exclusive race through whom the whole wide world was given the entire Oracles of God, both Old and New Testaments, and hence, the race through whom the true knowledge of God came to the universe, coming out of the flood, in the days of Noah. And the Jews, having established the New Testament writings for the universal body of saints, and also having set the Gospel of salvation in motion, the baton of truth was passed over to the hands of the Japhetic race, via a disciple of Apostle John, named Saint Polycarp, a white man, that is, one who was from the lineage of Japheth. Subsequently, a Japhetite, Saint Irenaeus, a disciple of Saint Polycarp, became the second star messenger, the star messenger to the second church age, which was the Smyrnaean church age. It is also a notorious fact, and hence it does not need proving as well, that once the baton or torch of truth passed into the hands of the Japhetic race, from that time on, and all through the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh church ages, it was the White race of people that carried the Gospel light to the nations of the world, to the jungles of Africa, and even to Far East Asia, as well as to Australia, for they were the race of people God used to evangelize the whole wide world! Who can deny that? Who in his right spiritual mind can deny this truth of the Japhetic Input? And what need is there to prove such a notorious fact? None! It simply does not need proving! But when, in the same vein, we say that in this last leg, in this seventh and final church age, that God also intended to use, and is now using the only remaining race of the three sons of Noah, which is the lineage of Ham, the Black race, in the carriage of the torch of the Gospel, for the universal body of Jesus Christ, they scream and scoff at it, and ask for the Scriptures declaring such a Move! Yet, we all know that there is not one shred of Scripture, which provides that the lineage of Japheth will carry the light for the universal body of saints, for any age, let alone for the duration of six long church ages! But that is precisely what God has done! The fact of what God has accomplished in the earth, and precisely how He has done it, all through these many ages of Gentile time, is absolute proof of the intendment of the Spirit of God, proof of the divine salvation plan of God, working through the race of Japheth, for and on behalf of the universal body of saints! Who can deny the things which God has already accomplished in the earth, and the racial logistics He used to accomplish it? Come on! In 1963, William Marrion Branham openly testified of the Hamitic racial Move of God, in the carriage of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in its final leg, in his message titled, ACCEPTING GOD’S PROVIDED WAY AT THE END TIME, where he declared on page 37: “I ask you, as believers, don't you move. Set still. And you believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, THAT I'M HERE TO MAKE KNOWN HIS WORKS AND HIS WAYS! I been very reluctant on these things, the fifteen, sixteen years I been on the field. BUT THERE'S AN HOUR COMING NOW WHEN SOMETHING IS FIXING TO TAKE PLACE. THE MESSAGE WILL GO TO ANOTHER NATION, ANOTHER PEOPLE", meaning another race, other than the Japhetic race. This gives us none other than the race of Ham, for the prophet was from the Japhetic race! This racial Move of God therefore requires a Hamitic vessel of clay, as in all the other Moves. The testimony he gave in this message, also synchronised perfectly with the earlier testimony he gave in 1960, concerning the Jewish Connector, as recorded in his message titled, THE SEVEN CHURCH AGES, where on page 36, he declared plainly and categorically: “… Oh, if I could just tell you something that is about to happen RIGHT IN THIS OUR DAY! THIS GREAT THING THAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN WILL CARRY OVER TO REVELATION 11 AND PICK UP THOSE TWO WITNESSES, those two prophets, Moses, and Elijah, turning the Gospel back to the Jews.” Brothers and sisters, it is scripturally settled, that the end time ministry of John, recorded in the Book of Revelation Chapter 10, verses 8-11, a ministry ordained for a Hamitic seed of God, is precisely what these two quotes of Brother Branham refer to, for it is the Move which God is using to conclude His plan of Gentile salvation. This is exactly why the Lord Jesus gave John the entire scroll of redemption to eat, showing evidently, that the completion of God's plan of Gentile salvation is in John's ministry! Full stop! Similarly, Raymond Jackson also later openly testified of the same Hamitic Move of God, which concludes God’s plan of Gentile salvation, speaking plainly and boldly during the Spring Convention of April 2004, of AN AFRICAN BROTHER WRITING “THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE BOOK OF ACTS, AS THE BRIDE GETS READY TO LEAVE THIS WORLD”! And I have to say today, that the evident or manifest and overwhelming fruits of the Continuing and Concluding light, which the Lord is using the Hamitic John to carry, for and on behalf of the universal bride of Christ, is conclusive proof in itself, of THE INPUT OF HAM, and hence, it also needs no proving, being similarly and seriously a notorious fact! For the light of Jesus Christ of the Bible which we have today, has never been so bright; for never has the light been as bright! There has never been a day like this; never a time that shines so bright! The understanding of the Scriptures we now carry, as laid out in The Scribe Magazine, is undoubtedly unparalleled, which is why we have perfect scriptural answers to great mysteries and deep prophecies of the Bible, questions which in other ages we could not answer, answers which the prophet to this age did not have, and answers which the end time chief apostle also did not have! It is an undeniable fact of God's accomplishment in the earth today, and is solid proof of the Input of Ham! Period! Furthermore, as children of light, we all know that the natural types the spiritual, which was why God did something which surprised the world at this end time, when out of the blue, He raised up a man on a political realm, an African-American, Barak Obama, who took the world by storm as the President of the only remaining super power of the world, the United States of America. It is nothing but a pointer in the natural, of what the Lord God is doing on a far greater level, on a spiritual realm, when he raised up a black brother from the tabernacle of Ham, which is Africa, as the Lead Apostle, to carry the torch of the Concluding light of Jesus Christ, for and on behalf of the universal bride of Christ. The utter disdain Barak Obama has for the Word of God, and particularly for Christians, being a Muslim, and being the greatest moral pervert the American nation has ever had as president, is solid proof that he is ONLY A SIGN POST, to THE INPUT OF HAM, to whoever has ears to hear, and eyes to see; for the natural certainly types the spiritual. He was not raised up as the 44th President of the United States of America for nothing, for he speaks of the Lead Apostolic Ministry of the universal bride, which office a seed of Ham is also occupying. The light a man carries, and the fruit of his ministry, is what plainly shows his place in the body of ministry. And it is certain and inarguable, that the God of heaven and earth, has given the end time John a song to sing, for the bride of Christ universal, if people will only test the Continuing Message of Christ he bears, by the written Scriptures, for indeed, these are the Days of the Input of Ham! Consequently, I have to say: The people standing in opposition against the current Hamitic Move of God around the world, particularly in the Continent of America, are in a very sad state, for they are only wounding their souls; for as it is written, "It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks." It is a big shame that a people, who followed the chief apostle for so many years, are so blind to God's ways, God's programme, that they cannot see anything, despite the evident fruits of God’s current dealing. Just how can people be so blind and so deaf, with all the truths Brother Jackson was used of God to give concerning the apostolic ministry headship, and despite all the open witnesses he also gave, concerning God’s concluding Move of salvation?! Pathetically, the Japhetic followers of Brother Jackson, who should be elated for the Fresh Carcase, the "Present Truth" of the Lord Jesus, that is shining forth from the pages of the Bible, are now so dull of hearing, and are, as such, so full of unbelief, and yet, they are so full of themselves, as if there is any spiritual virtue in skin colour! It is simply incredible, and I say that with respect, for we are nothing in ourselves! But their attitude to truth stinks! And their racial attitude also stinks, otherwise, they should be able to see something! It is obvious, that their racial pride and utter ignorance, and their sheer lack of the love of truth, is what the devil is stirring in them, to derail them from the way of life. Or how else will people who have borne the light for many church ages, now fight the concluding Move of God for salvation, which gives us the current standard bearing ministry of John, if it is not that they no longer have any love for truth, for they have been completely stripped of it? For all the saints in the other parts of the world, (the people of colour), were more than happy to follow Brother Branham and Brother Jackson, without minding their colour. They simply followed truth! Why can the Movement not see truth now, and follow the one true God in His Move, in these last days of Gentile time? Who will tell the white race and make them listen to the fact that the colour of a man’s skin, and his carnal earthly achievements, has absolutely nothing to do with the revelation of life, for God Almighty does not regard the skin of any man? Our God, the God of Abraham, is not a respecter of persons, for as it is written, Whoever fears Him and does His will, is acceptable before Him! (Acts 10:34-35). What evil makes people refuse to submit to God, when our whole life depends on our Maker? What evil makes them hate the truth of God? Think about it! We all know with scriptural certainty that the head of the Ephesian Fivefold ministry are plural apostles. But the absolute truth is that we cannot have plural apostles without a lead apostle. And the lead apostle cannot be determined outside of the provisions of the written and infallible Word of God for salvation! We therefore have to look strictly to the Scriptures, and that cannot give us any other person than Apostle John, of Revelation Chapter 10, verse 11, following the death of the end time Apostle Paul! It is also a fact, that although all apostles will have a true understanding of what truth is, and will also stand solidly for truth, yet, Not all apostles will shed further light! And the Continuity light of Christ has a precise source, and a precise vessel, all under Christ, whether people like it or not! The Book of Revelation Chapter 1, verse 1, vindicates this truth, being an infallible and undeniable Scriptural fact; which was why the prophetic revelation which Jesus had for his many servants, was conveyed exclusively to John, for and on behalf of all the other servants of the Lord, for they all had to receive that truth from John! Thus saith the Lord God in His Word! The truth is that these people just do not want to hear or accept the place of any lead ministry from another race, other than the white race, particularly one which is from the race of Ham, the black race, being a downtrodden race, and the race that is most looked down upon! It was okay when it was Brother Branham and Brother Jackson, carrying the light of truth, for they were white men! It simply shows that these people do not care for eternal life, which is why they are not really interested in the truth, nor are they even interested in the God of truth! Yet, spiritual blindness can only breed spiritual malady! And as it is written, Whoever turns away from hearing the voice of truth, will remain in the congregation of the dead! (Prov. 21:16). For if the blind lead the blind, they will both fall in a pit! Thus saith the Word of God! What an apostate Movement they have become in the Jackson following! Who would have ever imagined that they would become what they have now degenerated into? What a great pity! Evidently, they are worse than the Branham Movement, for unto whom much is given, much will also be demanded! As a matter of fact, they have proven beyond any iota of doubt, that they do not care for Brother Jackson, and neither do they care for the truths he bore, truths they now trample flagrantly under foot, doing with it as they like, without any prick of conscience! What a big shame! I have to say like the prophet to this age often stated, Shedding light for these people, a pack of unbelievers, is like pouring water on the back of a duck! The back of a duck was not made to retain water: It was made to shed water! These people are simply heretics, birds of the night! Which is precisely why the more light of God's Word you shed for them, the blinder they get, and the madder they also get at the truth, for they are children of darkness! They will attack anything of truth, for they are nothing but seeds of darkness, agents of Lucifer, haters of the Word; a people anointed to war against the kingdom of light! If it was not so, they would see something, for the true light is shining, and is shining gloriously as never before! My! May God shake somebody before it is too late, for this is about our eternal destiny, and not a game! Darkness truly is setting in! Of course, the opposition has to put it to the people like I am preaching an eighth star messenger, or that I am denying the Fivefold ministry, or that I am denying a universal apostolic ministry! It is their business to do that, in order to blind the people! But the fact still remains that within the apostolic ministry, there is a place for a torch bearer, one that leads the way, the one bearing the Continuity truth of Jesus Christ! And God alone determines that! For once God opened the apostolic door, by giving us the chief apostle, after the death of William Branham, now with the death of Raymond Jackson, the way was paved for another lead apostolic ministry to take over, and it gives us John! And that vessel is sounding forth today from Africa, by the grace of God, and by God's sovereign election, for he is a black man! And that precisely, is a ministry which a good number of Scribe messages lay out for God's people, for they deal with the successive standard bearing ministry of John, which God gave to us after Brother Jackson, on the full authority of the Scriptures! Any child of God should be able to see that, for the truth of a lead apostolic ministry also has its place, being a most crucial ministry! “Search the Scriptures”! But I can see their problem: They cannot bear the hard or naked truth! It hurts their pride! It is too much in their face, for they are people filled with pride, or fleshly ego! How, as it is written in Amos Chapter 5, verse 10, "They hate him that rebuketh in the gate, and they abhor him that speaketh uprightly", for they just hate being corrected! However, the children of God must know that in this final Move, The voice of truth will not come in a way that the old crowd will like, in order to join in, for it is a separating voice! Brother Jackson said the very same thing before he died, warning the people of the next Move, that truth, and truth alone, will be the determining factor; because the next voice the Lord will establish in the earth, in His third and final Move, will not carry any sentiments with it, but rather, he will lay truth bare! Then, why can they not use the truth to censor what God is doing today, in order for them to see the way of life? Why can they not do that? Therefore, let me warn whoever has ears to hear: There is absolutely no virtue in any race or skin colour, for all unredeemed and unbelieving flesh is going straight to hell, white, brown, yellow, and black! It is written in 1 Peter Chapter 1, verse 24, “For ALL FLESH IS AS GRASS, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away.” All true spiritual virtue is strictly in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour! Consequently, every true child of God ordained as bride, should be able to see God's plot, God's programme, and THE INPUT OF HAM, just as we can clearly see THE INPUT OF SHEM, as well as THE INPUT OF JAPHETH! Every elect bride seed will certainly see THE INPUT OF HAM! That is a fact, for God will reveal it to seeds, for it is His Masterplan! Moreover, the Move is on, and there is no devil that can stop it! Truth always moves on, for “TRUTH CONQUERS ALL!” The Word of God can never fail, for it is absolutely sovereign! Halleluiah! As a result of the ranting of the opposition, the enemies of truth, and to any man that would take resentment to what I have set forth in this letter, I NOW CHALLENGE THE ENTIRE WHITE RACE IN THIS MOVEMENT, PARTICULARLY THE AMERICANS. I CHALLENGE THEM TO TAKE THEIR BIBLES, STUDY IT VERY WELL, AND PRAY HARD, AND BRING OUT THEIR NEW REVELATIONS, FRESH NUGGETS OF TRUTH, IN ORDER TO LEAD THE WAY, IF WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN IS A LIE, AND IF ANY MAN CAN CHANGE THE PROGRAMME OF GOD, OR IF HE CAN CHANGE THE COURSE OF GOD'S MOVE. I AM WAITING FOR THEIR NEW REVELATION! I AM WAITING FOR THEIR FURTHER LIGHT! I AM WAITING FOR THEIR FRESH NUGGETS OF BIBLE TRUTHS! I ONLY ASK THAT THEY BE MAN ENOUGH, OR BOLD ENOUGH, TO SEND ME A COPY OF THEIR NEW REVELATION, SO I CAN TEST IT, FOR THIS IS NOT A GAME! JAMES ALLEN'S REFUSAL TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH OF THE INPUT OF HAM, AS OPENLY ATTESTED TO BY THE CHIEF APOSTLE BEFORE HE PASSED AWAY, IS PRECISELY WHAT LED HIM TO HIS DAMNABLE HERESIES, FOR THESE ARE THE DAYS OF THE INPUT OF HAM! DENY IT WHOEVER WILL! THE TRUTH REMAINS THE TRUTH! They even forget that the true original Fivefold ministry, will strictly be made up of men who are standing firmly for the Continuing light of Christ for this hour, which is "THE PRESENT TRUTH"; because the true ministry is born in truth! It goes without saying, therefore, that the same truth holds for every apostle of today, for they will all have to follow a black man from Africa, the John of Revelation Chapter 10, verse 11, in the Continuing and Concluding light of Jesus Christ that he is bearing from the pages of the Bible, for the universal body of ministry, if they are to make it in the bride, just as we all had to follow William Branham and Raymond Jackson, in the light of Christ they bore, for the universal body of ministry! Every man in the ministry around the world had to do that, in order to truly follow Christ, in their respective hour of time, for they carried the true light of the Word of life! This fact of God has not changed, and will not change, for we must follow somebody, in order to truly follow God! Precisely! What is untrue or heretical about that?! Is that not the pattern of God throughout the Bible? Of course it is! What a world of gross unbelief we live in; a world filled with raw hatred for the truth, a truth, nonetheless, which no man will ever be able to change. Yes, there are white men ordained in the Fivefold ministry around the world, for we are dealing with a universal bride body, BUT I REPEAT: NO WHITE MAN WILL BEAR ANY JOT OF FURTHER LIGHT. There is a difference in that, and it is a fact of God for this day, for THESE ARE THE DAYS OF THE INPUT OF HAM, TO GIVE CONTINUITY LIGHT, (I.E. FURTHER LIGHT, FRESH CARCASE OF THE WORD), WHICH ALL OTHERS IN THE MINISTRY WILL BEAR FOR THE ENTIRE BODY, BECAUSE THE SEED OF HAM IS BEARING THE STANDARD OF TRUTH! PERIOD! They can choke on that as much as they want. It still will not change the reality of God on the ground, for God does not defeat His divine purpose! Precisely! The problem is that people hate headship, particularly one that is from the lowly and despised race of Ham! But people should see the revelation of life, and not the colour of a man's skin, for why would they want to perish?! Therefore, let every elect bride seed of God realise, that the issue of leadership will be dealt with today, and sorted out by God, if there is to be Unity and Perfection, for leadership is an end time problem. Yet, it is the key to true Unity and Perfection. It was not a problem in the first church age, and as such, it was not dealt with by the early church ministry, for they all understood leadership, and were subject to it, and hence walked in absolute unity. Without understanding revelatory headship, and submitting to it, the bride of Christ is going nowhere. Just be certain of that! We just must let God be God, for He is sovereign. Let Him be sovereign! Let His will be sovereign! He alone rules this kingdom, and may He have His way in our lives, as bride saints, for He made us. As it is written: He is our God, and we are the sheep of His pasture. Amen. May the Lord bless and be with you, and with all who love the truth around the world. But let it be known: There is no truth of God I will preach in a closet, however bitter a pill it may be, God being my helper. And the Americans must realise, that during the last century, they already produced most of their bride seeds, for most of the American bride seeds are sleeping saints. The same truth goes for the European saints, who have borne virtually almost all their seeds, through the last six church ages! They will have only a remnant, a tiny but beautiful elect bride body of people, as living saints, from the Japhetic race, at this final hour, for God has turned away from America and Europe, and their judgment as a morally bankrupt and backslidden race of people, is at hand. The majority of the people in the Branham Movement, particularly in America, are going into outer darkness. That is the path they have chosen for themselves. Hence you can see and touch the utter disdain they have for the Word of God! That is how thick their unbelief is! It is hanging thickly in the air, for they are an idolatrous and an apostate people! And the end of apostasy is nothing but spiritual death, for there is no other remedy for apostasy but total annihilation, which is death in the lake of fire! They chose that path for themselves, rather than life. Yet, in 2004, in his message titled, The Great Mystery, Part 2, page 3, columns 3-4, Raymond Jackson, speaking about the Third Move of God in this last age, for the elect bride, warned: “(The Message,” (which is the voice of the seventh angel, the voice of Elijah), “began to be sounded to this age, and a short time later God took the physical man from us, but He did not take THE VOICE, because that pertains to the things that had been spoken”, (things which make up his voice, as the seventh angel of Revelation Chapter 10, verse 7. And in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, the Bible says that the mystery of God “should” be finished). “Should”: The word should is a progressive word, that does not mean instantly: it means progressively. It literally means all that the man brought, has to be understood by the elect people that will be the Bride of Christ in the end time. They have to see clearly what it all points to. Also within that time frame, GOD WILL RAISE UP A MINISTRY WHICH WILL BE THE THIRD PHASE of what He is starting to do in restoring the Bride to originality. That is the part, I have to say, that the overall Movement does not want anyone else to do or even have any part in. You can say that God sent a prophet, but then if God was to say He was going to raise up other men, you deny that fact and refuse to listen to anyone else. THAT IS TO YOUR OWN HURT.” For you are the ones who will lose, by missing the rapture! Simple! In conclusion, and as I stated before, I repeat: There will not be one jot of further light or fresh nugget of Bible truth, coming from the Continent of America, or from anyone in the white race. The race of Japheth has had their day. You should be able to see precisely where we are in time, in the revealed plot of God, as children of light. And for my stand, I expect more mud to be thrown at me, for that is all the opposition can do. And their mud is meaningless to me, as long as I can find myself in the pages of the infallible Word of God, for truth will have the last say, and the last laugh. Amen. These are the Days of the Input of Ham. Shalom to the true eagles of God, the elect bride of Jesus Christ. Your brother in the faith of Christ, Amos Omoboriowo 1st November, 2014.

...this write-up is a condensation of a message preached by Brother Amos at his home church, Bible Faith Tabernacle, Lagos, on Tuesday 26th April, 2005, to give an understanding to the saints, of the implication of the so-called "Judgment", delivered by the ministry of Faith Assembly, and to also explain why the ministry of Faith Assembly went down that particular route, and what the reaction of the saints must be, in the light of truth. Brother Amos sent this write-up by e-mail, to some saints of God, to help them correctly assess all that was taking place, and to help them to stand.


Tuesday 26th April, 2005 The texts for this message is taken from John 5:39-47, and John 8:12-19,36-40,45-49. Please read all texts referred to herein for edification, and in order to give substance to the message, in view of Rom. 10:17. In these two texts, Jesus Christ our Lord resorted to, and pointed always, to the Scriptures, trying earnestly to show the Jews of that hour, the truth of God he brought, and the importance of the ministry God gave him in the light, for the redemption of Adam's fallen race (John 1:17; Heb. 9:15). BUT THE MORE LIGHT HE SHED ON THE SCRIPTURES, AND THE MORE HE POINTED THEM TO THE SCRIPTURES OF TRUTH, THE BLINDER THEY BECAME. Yet, the very Laws of Moses, and the scrolls of the prophets they read every Sabbath day, spoke of him, and pointed to him. Yet, they still could not see truth, and their hatred of Christ grew (Acts 13:27-28). Yet, no one could convict or accuse him of sin (i.e. of unbelief)! John 8:46; John15:25. He was said to have a devil ! In fact, they said he had Beelzebub, the prince of devils ! This they said of a man that told them nothing but truth, healed their sick, raised their dead, made their cripples to walk, and even opened the eyes of their blind folks! They said that he was not of God! They called him a fraudster, and banned people from even mentioning his name! If any one did, he was thrown out of the Synagogue, in the name of the Lord! John 9:22-24,32-35. Eventually, all the various assemblies and sects ganged together against Jesus Christ, having all rejected him individually. They united together to reject and crucify the Messiah. It was an hour of a serious but false unity, because unity outside truth (i.e unity against the truth), no matter the numerical strength, is a rebellion! That is what it amounts to! The various leaders of Jewry, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Scribes, the High Priests, had moved the Nation to hate him totally. Yet, Christ did no wrong but stood firmly and faithfully for the truth of God! That was his offense. When we come to Luke 23:1-25, they had moved men to stand before the judgment, and lie against him. They twisted his words and actions, accused him of things he did not say or do, making him look contemptible in the eyes of the people, and the poor innocent folks bought all the lies! They believed it! Even though some of their accusations didn't come together (i.e. they were contradictory and didn't make sense), yet, the people, trusting their leaders foolishly, still believed it! What an hour! And all was done in the Name of God! My! Even Pilate told them in verses 4,13-15,22, after having examined Christ. "I FIND NO FAULT IN THIS MAN". But they were more vehement about it, and went raving mad: Christ had to be crucified! Pilate's counsel that Christ be merely chastised was not enough, as long as he lived! Jesus Christ had to be killed! They were not going to settle for less. The issue however is this: Why would a highly religious people, people who were the leaders of Judaism, call for the complete annihilation of an innocent man? Why did they hate him so passionately? It wasn't enough that they threw mud at him, smearing him seriously, maligning his image and character before the people; it wasn't enough the shame and disgrace they brought on him; it wasn't even enough that Pilate's soldiers beat Christ mercilessly, till his visage was marred more than any man's: He just had to die! Why such extreme level of hatred from a religious people, a people who ought to show exampleship of God's love, humility, and of the patience of the Lord? The truth is they had been taken over completely by the spirit of error, though they did not know this, nor would they accept it: They had become demon possessed! Instead of looking to the mirror of the Word of God, to find out if indeed the things Christ said were so, so as to shake themselves away from the satanic anointing that had come upon them, they became more resolute in their devilish course. The question is, Why? Jerusalem was the light house of the world! Why would a people, a religious people, people that were the most religious on earth at that time, go down such a terrible path, as killing God's principal vessel, the Messiah, the Son of God? The answer for the question above can be found in Matt. 27:18. It is written that Pilate "KNEW THAT FOR ENVY THEY HAD DELIVERED HIM". That's it! Yes!!! Even Nicodemus the Pharisee admitted: "WE (the Pharisees) KNOW THAT THOU ART A TEACHER SENT FROM GOD" John 3:1-2. Yet, they condemned and rejected him! As long as he lived, he was a threat! They could not afford that! They were simply taken over by the green eyed monster, called jealousy! They felt extremely intimidated by his ministry, his unparalleled level of understanding, the gift of God he possessed, the grace of God upon his life, and the effect his ministry had on the people. They felt, if they let him go on like that, their ministry would diminish; neither were they going to accept his ministry, which to them, came out of the "blues"! That would be to play the second fiddle, and lose their pre-eminent position over the people! They were too proud, too arrogant to do that! Yet, they could not stop it! The grace of God upon Christ was too overwhelming and unstoppable! The only option left for them was to have him killed! And because of envy and jealousy, borne out of their selfish ambition to continue holding rulership over the people, Christ became their number one enemy, and they succeeded in getting rid of him! They got rid of their "common enemy". Afterall, Christ was just one little bitty man: so they thought! But so did the brothers of Joseph! Matt.21:38; Gen. 37: 19-20. What these foolish people did not understand, is that whatsoever you do to Christ, you do to God. And when they put Christ on trial at Pilate's judgment hall, it was their very God they put on trial! They just could not see beyond the flesh of the poor innocent lone man, to see the God of truth he represents and characterized. Their godless ambition and pride, and the spirit of envy and jealousy that ruled their lives, blinded them so much, they just could not see beyond "a man"! Therefore to them, all they said and did, was not to God, but to a mortal, a mere mortal. They expected the people of Israel to trust them to do the "right"! My! And the people actually fell for it, out of blind trust! They threw away the divine wisdom of searching out truth for themselves, on issues of eternal life! This is a very serious thought I am presenting before you tonight, God helping me, and it behooves us to consider it very well, and watch our ways, for all the spirits are now here: The spirits that moved the Jews to crucify Christ; the spirit that opposed the true servants of God all through ages of time; the spirit that resisted truth, and used subtlety and deception to move God's children out of the way of truth, is right on earth now. These are perilous times indeed, and we need to seriously watch the Word (2Tim. 3:1-12; 2Tim.4:1-4; 1Tim.4:1-2). If there is any time the children of light should exercise great discernment, it is now, for satan is at his deadliest onslaught, knowing that his time is short, and the signs of the time calls for spiritual alertness. May God help us all, for He is our All-in-All. We really need God to enlighten our eyes of understanding, so as to be able to walk in the right path, and do the perfect will of God, as is revealed in the light of truth, for time is short. Jesus Christ unequivocally warned: "VERILY, VERILY, I SAY UNTO YOU, HE THAT RECEIVETH WHOMSOEVER I SEND RECEIVETH ME; AND HE THAT RECEIVETH ME RECEIVETH HIM THAT SENT ME" -John 13:20. I must point out that the reverse is also true, that whoever rejects whomsoever Jesus sends, rejects Christ! This shows undoubtedly, whatsoever you do to a true servant of Christ, you actually do to Christ! It is vicarious! This should let you see that you must look beyond the flesh of a frail lone man, a servant of God, to see the Christ he represents, and characterizes, by virtue of the anointing of truth he bears. You have to! You have to see the truth a man stands for, and give him respect for that, as a true child of God, FOR UNTIL YOU CAN FAULT OR JUDGE SOMETHING BY THE SCRIPTURES, YOU ARE ONLY MAKING NOISE, AND ANYBODY CAN MAKE NOISE! WHAT YOU MUST EVEN REALISE IS THAT YOU CANNOT JUDGE ANYTHING BY YOURSELF: IT IS THE WORD THAT JUDGES ALL THINGS - Eph. 5:13. It therefore means, it is not enough to say something is wrong, and also judge it as wrong: YOU MUST SHOW HOW IT IS WRONG BY THE SCRIPTURES, AND ALSO JUDGE IT BY THE SCRIPTURES, SO THAT EVERYTHING MAY BE BY THE TRUTH, AND NOT OF OURSELVES, AND BY IT, ESTABLISH GOD'S ELECTED SEEDS, IN THE TRUTH OF SUCH JUDGMENT. Until you can do that, and until you do that, you are only beating your gums together, as Bro. Jackson often stated, and anybody can do that! Judgment by the Word, is the only true judgment, because it is not your judgment, but God's own judgment, by His infallible Word. Otherwise, such judgment in God's eye is null and void, and of no effect whatsoever. Moreover, such judgment, being anti-Word, is anti-Christ, and amounts to a spiritual judgment of our Lord Jesus Christ himself, who is not physically here with us, but is with us spiritually, as he is revealed by the revelation of the Scriptures. Hence, whatsoever you do unto the revealed truth, you do unto Christ, spiritual, and consequently, you do unto his Father, God Almighty Himself. That is an absolute fact of the Bible you cannot get out of, no matter which way you turn (John. 15:17 - 23). Let us look at Samuel, the Prophet -Priest, which God set over Israel, as the spiritual guide and ruler over the affairs of the Nation of Israel, under the leadership of the Spirit of Elohim, the God of Israel. In 1st Samuel 8, the people wanted to be like other nations, and therefore requested for a king from Samuel. Already, Israel had a king, even as Balaam the Prophet for hire saw, and prophesied in Num.23:21; for Jehovah is Israel's King! But the unseen headship of God, was revealed and expressed through the seen headship of Samuel, a prophet - priest, which God set over them to guide them in their spiritual and every day affair. Samuel is a type of Christ! 1st Samuel 8. Samuel therefore cried to God, after he failed to persuade the people of God to change their mind, that they may maintain their separate and distinct identity and existence, as God's chosen race of people, under the divine headship, which God established. But what was God's answer to Samuel is verse 7: "And the Lord (Elohim) said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: FOR THEY HAVE NOT REJECTED THEE, BUT THEY HAVE REJECTED ME, THAT I SHOULD NOT REIGN OVER THEM". Think about that! But how can you tell Israel that? How can you tell Israel that their request was actually a rejection of God? They wont listen to that, nor would they believe it; for as far as they were concerned, it was a man, and not God, that they rejected! But was it? These are serious issues that demand serious consideration, lest we be fighting against God Himself, in what is currently on ground, affecting the bride of Christ today. In Acts 9:1-8, when Saul was committing havoc against the disciples of Christ, all he saw were mere men and women. He didn't see what they stood for, neither did he see who they stood for. He surely didn't see God behind them. As far as he was concerned, he was dealing with a bunch of rebels and human religious pests that needed to be contained: "Tares", they would be called today. But what did the Lord tell him, when he was struck down on his way to Damascus: "And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, WHY PERSECUTEST THOU ME? And he said, Who at thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I AM JESUS WHOM THOU PERSECUTEST: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks". Think about it! What does this let you know? Whenever you persecute a Servant of God, or the Saints of God, FOR THE TRUTH OF CHRIST THEY STAND FOR, you are persecuting Jesus Christ himself: You are only hurting yourself, for you cannot kick against the pricks. That is as plain as day, for every seed of God ought to have eyes to see, and a heart to understand the ways of his God, with so much light the bride of Christ has been given access to, around the world. What excuse would we have, for turning on our Maker? Let Acts 5:38 - 39, and Acts 23:9 instruct you. On the strength of the above stated scriptural facts, you must know, when Micaiah was hated, slapped, and shut in prison, for his firm and unwavering stand for truth, it was God they were persecuting, though to the king and the 400 deceived prophets, their action was against one lone mortal! (1kings 22). When the three Hebrew Children were put on trial for not bowing the knee to an idol, it was truth that was on trial (Dan. 3:19; Psalm 12:6). When Martin Luther was judged as a heretic at the Diet of Worms, on account of the truth of Christ that he stood for, it was Jesus Christ that was tried and judged. When Bro. Branham was rejected by the religious world, and condemned as a false prophet, it was the God of truth that was rejected and condemned: Hence the prophet indicted this generation in his message titled, INDICTMENT, for crucifying Christ afresh. When the Branham movement persecuted and rejected Bro. Jackson, for his firm stand for truth, on the C.O.D. issue, amongst other truths, it was Jesus Christ they persecuted and rejected. The same applies right now. We are facing the same conditions, the same scenario, and the same trial: Truth is once again on trial. It is not the trial of a man; it is the trial and judgment of Jesus Christ: For when they tore down truth, and condemned and banished a man from Faith Assembly, for his stand for truth, and vehemently sought to wreck his character, it is to the Lord they are doing all that, only that they don't know. But time will not permit me to talk of Jeremiah, and his travails on account of truth; or of John the Baptist, in the hand of Herod; or of Stephen; or even of Paul the Apostle; or of John Huss of Bohemia; or of William Tyndale etc. All these men were tried, persecuted, condemned, viciously smeared, and rejected, for their stand for truth, while some were even killed. This they did to them, thinking they were doing God a service (John 16:1 - 4; Matt. 5:10 - 12; John 13:20): But it was really to God, they did all these things. Truth is once again on trial, though they think it is a man that is on trial; the God of truth is once again under judgment. The ministry at Faith Assembly have succeeded in taking the eyes of the saints completely from the Bible, and the poor folks now don't seem to remember or even care, that the matter on ground did not start with issues of character or image, but one that borders strictly on truth: "He That Is To Come"! Their letter of 29th December, 2004, asking for a retraction of the book, stated all the issues!!! WHO SWITCHED THE ISSUES? WHO CHANGED IT? WHEN DID IT CHANGE? WHO SHIFTED THE POSTS? HOW WERE THEY ABLE TO SWITCH IT, THAT THE PEOPLE LOST ALL SENSE OF DISCERNMENT OF TRUTH? The ministry has gone so wild in their open and consistent persecution, that they care less about maintaining a Christian image as ministers of the gospel of Christ! Things have degenerated on the internet into a mockery of Christianity, and yet the people love every bit of it!!! Jer. 5:30,31. If Bro. Jackson had carried on like his pastoral successors are doing today, Faith Assembly would never have been a light house, and I surely would never have stepped foot in it, in the first place, for I cannot stand foolishness! I say that humbly and with respect to every man! Yet, I know, more persecution, more mud slinging, more character assassination, more damage, is going to come for me from these brothers, until the cup of the Amorites is full. And then God will judge it severely: but their cup must be full first. They have even forgotten that this is the end, and God is not going to allow the foolishness of men to get in the way of God's revealed master plan for the bride of Christ of the end time. They seem not to remember what the day is saying, and that things have changed. They have forgotten that God will not at this late hour, allow man's selfish plan and secret agenda to override or nullify His master plan for the bride, at this LAST MOVE for perfection. Something is coming at the end of all this. Somebody needs to awake! Somebody needs to see something! Everything has to determined on the sole basis of truth. But who will listen??? LISTEN TO ME: AN ISSUE CANNOT START BEING ONE THING, AND END UP BEING ANOTHER. THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE! Truth is what is on trial today. And don't ask: Can one man be right and the masses wrong? Yes!!! They even admitted I am 95% right, though they have not yet proved by the Scriptures how I am 5% wrong! Think of it! God will not nullify truth in order to give you a ministry!!! No! Look in your Bible: Noah was right, and the whole world was wrong! Micaiah was right, and the 400 prophets were wrong! Lot was right, and the whole of Sodom and Gomorrah was wrong! John the Baptist, and subsequently Jesus Christ, were right, and the Nation of Israel was wrong! Martin Luther was right, and the whole Roman Empire was wrong! William Branham was right, and the entire religious world was wrong! Raymond Jackson was right, and the whole Branham movement was wrong! We are at the end. Use truth as your yardstick. You cannot fail, little flock, though you will be persecuted for your stand for truth, and called "tares". Let these Scriptures encourage you: only let truth be your motivation, and your absolute for all things - 1 Pet. 3:13-18; 1 Pet.4:14-19. It is well, for we are going up, knowing of a certainty, that truth will have the last say, the last laugh, for truth will be triumphant. You must stand for truth, regardless of what happens, for we cannot be ashamed of the truth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, though we may face persecution and rejection for now. Eternal life means much more than what the devil can throw at us. Amen. Moreover, we must also understand, that every judgment and persecution of truth, only serves to bring about the fulfilment of God's fore-ordained revealed plan for His people, always ( Acts 13: 27-34; Acts 8: 1-4, note verse 4; Gen. 45: 4-7; Gen. 50:15-20 ). What a great privilege it is to be persecuted on account of a firm stand for the truth of Christ. Yet, it is my sincere prayer that God will forgive these brothers, and open their eyes to truth, that they may shake themselves from the influence of the enemy, for no one was created to stand against his Maker. May God have mercy, for we are what we are by the grace of God alone. Amen.
Amos Omoboriowo

...this write-up is a condensation of a message Brother Amos preached, on the morning of Sunday 24th April, 2005 at Bible Faith Tabernacle ( BFT ) Church, Lagos. It was sent by e-mail to a number of saints, to encourage and strengthen them, when the strong fire of persecution, was raging, for the Book: HE THAT IS TO COME. Many Scriptural references were given, to add flesh / substance to the thought projected in the message. It would be good therefore for anyone reading it, to search out these references, to anchor your soul in the truth, and to have a full view of what is projected therein. Be a Berean christian.


Sunday 24th April, 2005 The text for this message is taken from Luke 2:41-51. When Jesus was 12 years old, his parents went to Jerusalem to observe the feast of Passover, as they did every year. And when the feast was over, they returned to Nazareth of Galilee, not knowing that they had left Jesus behind. Whilst returning on this particular occassion, they suppossed that Jesus was in their company, and among their kinsfolk and acquaintance. It was a baseless assumption, as they did not ensure at the start of their homeward bound journey, that Jesus was really in their midst, and with them. But thank God for the realisation that came upon them, before they got home! They had only gone a full day's journey, without Christ! What a realisation, and what a wasted journey! But thank God for the door of opportunity they still had to get Christ. I have to thank God for the thirst, which the absence of Jesus leaves upon the heart of God's predestinated seeds, the family of God's redeemed people. This thirst came upon them, and they had to take inventory, lest they got home without Jesus! They could proceed no further, and called a halt to their journey, as they sought for his presence. The void Jesus left was unmistakable, and realising they didn't have him, they had only two options: Either return to find Jesus, or continue on home without him, and pressume he would meet them at the end of their journey. The latter was too costly for them, for it leaves no room for amendment, and they wisely chose the former. But they also had a revelation of Jesus, to know where to find him: He can only be found where the Word is, for he is the truth!!! There they found him! Oh, what a joy! What a re-union! What a relief! The rest of the story is history, but a very material and highly instructive history, particularly to us living in this dark final hours of human history, a grave hour Bible prophecies cried out about, particularly in 1Tim.4:1-6; 2Tim.4:1-4; Luke18:8(b). As it is written: " THESE THINGS HAPPENED UNTO THEM FOR ENSAMPLES: AND THEY ARE WRITTEN FOR OUR ADMONITION, UPON WHOM THE ENDS OF THE WORLD ARE COME." - 1COR.10:11. The scene related above, typifies in every essence, the reality we face today as bride saints, in our kingdom journey, as 1 Cor.10:11 points out. We cannot afford to leave Jesus behind. We have to ensure that he is not only in our lives, but that he is at the centre of our lives, lest we leave him behind unknowingly. We cannot afford to assume, simply because of our decision for Christ, and our unbroken Church service attendance, that Christ is truly and really wih us. The "Church" body can assume; the preachers can assume; a convention can be held with the assumption that Jesus is in their midst, when in fact, they may have left Jesus far behind, much more than a day's journey; but you, as an elected individual seed of God, cannot afford to assume: You must be certain of Christ!!! In a true spiritual application of our text passage scenario, according to the Scriptures, we can only have Jesus with us, and in our midst, when we have a true revelation of his Word abiding with us and in us. This is because Christ is revealed in his Word, as he is not here physically with us. But notice that the Spirit and the Word are one, and you cannot truly have one without the other, as John 6:63 states: The Word is Spirit. But that Spirit, is the Spirit of truth, the Spirit of the Word ( John 16:12 ). You therefore cannot have the spiritual presence of Christ, outside truth. In other words, true communion and fellowship with Jesus Christ therefore, is manifested solely in the truth, even as it is written: "HE THAT HATH MY COMMANDMENTS, (i.e. my truths; my words; my revelations), AND KEEPETH THEM, (i.e. upholds and stands for them), HE IT IS THAT LOVETH ME: (i.e.the person that truly loves Christ,) AND HE THAT LOVETH ME SHALL BE LOVED OF MY FATHER, AND I WILL LOVE HIM, AND WILL M-A-N-I-F-E-S-T MYSELF TO HIM ( i.e. establish true communion and fellowship with him ). JUDAS SAITH UNTO HIM, NOT ISCARIOT, LORD, HOW IS IT THAT THOU WILT MANIFEST THYSELF UNTO US, ( i.e. to those of us holding to truth), AND NOT UNTO THE WORLD? (i.e. not to everybody?). JESUS ANSWERED AND SAID UNTO HIM, IF A MAN LOVE ME (i.e. truly loves me, and not a mere profession), HE WILL KEEP MY WORDS: AND MY FATHER WILL LOVE HIM, AND WE WILL COME UNTO HIM, AND MAKE OUR ABODE WIH HIM (i.e. the abiding presence of Christ is based on truth). HE THAT LOVETH ME NOT KEEPETH NOT MY SAYINGS: (i.e. our love for truth is the litmus or true test of our love for Christ) AND THE WORD WHICH YE HEAR IS NOT MINE, BUT THE FATHER'S WHICH SENT ME" - JOHN 14:21-24. From the Words of Christ in John 14 above, it is obvious, and infallibly the case, that true love, fellowship, and communion with Jesus Christ, is revealed or manifested in the truth. When we have the truth, and stand for the truth, therefore, we have Christ, and are standing for Christ! The reverse is also true, that when we deny or reject or tear down truth, we do it to Jesus Christ, and it becomes obvious, we are truly devoid of Christ! Matt. 7:15-20. Simple! There is no other way! We cannot reject the truth in whatever measure, and still enjoy the fellowship and abiding presence of Christ! Impossible!!! By denying and rejecting the truth, we implicitly leave Jesus Christ behind, in our kingdom journey, but Christ will stay with the truth, for he cannot deny himself! Rom.3:3-4. And when this happens, it means that Jesus is no longer with us. And if an assembly stands against the truth, the same spiritual reality of the absence of Christ applies, irrespective of what they think or feel about themselves. We cannot even go by the prophecies they give to pat themselves on the back, but by truth, and by truth alone! The same applies if it is a convention, for you can hold a convention without Christ being in the midst! That is serious, but so true! We just have to look solely in the mirror of God's Word, and God's Word alone, for Rom.3:3-4, as well as Isaiah 8:20 holds!!! It holds, for God must be true, in any and every revelation of truth He gives, and every man, church, and convention, a lie! Many saints following the continuity of light today, have been put to deep spiritual sleep, by the present day ministry, shutting them off completely from true spiritual reality and focus, and from having a true communion with Christ our Lord, which the truth alone gives. How I pray they would call a halt! How I pray somebody will realise something, and like Mary, awake, that the light may shine on him or her! Rom. 13:11-12, and Eph. 5:14-16. How I pray that a thirst will strike in the heart of some people, and they would realise Jesus is not in their company, but has been left behind! The spirit of this Laodicean age has Christ tightly locked out! Rev. 3:20. How I pray, we don't decide to go on presumptuously, in this pilgrim journey, without making sure that Jesus is truly with us, and in our midst! It is too late an hour, for us not to be certain of his presence. Have we trampled on the truth somewhere? Have we denied and rejected his Word somewhere? Nomatter how far we have walked; nomatter the years we have toiled and laboured; nomatter the crowd (the company) that follows us; nomatter the togetherness of our kinsfolk we enjoy; if we trample truth, or deny or reject truth, somewhere along the way, right there is where our true walk with Christ terminated and severed! Right there is where we leave Christ behind! For as the Prophet to this age, William Marrion Branham, often stated: "WHERE A TREE LEANS, THERE IT FALLS". And that is exactly what the Scriptures project in ECCL.11:3(b): "IF THE TREE FALL TOWARD THE SOUTH, OR TOWARD THE NORTH, IN THE PLACE WHERE THE TREE FALLETH, THERE IT SHALL BE." It means, where ever you fall, nomatter how long you seem to progress after that, and nomatter how well you think you are doing, until you go back to that place where you fell, until you go back to that point, or to that truth (that stone) you stumbled over, you will never have true spiritual progress. You may have the accolades of friends, kinsfolk and acquaintances; you may travel for years and cover miles, with a huge crowd to cheer you on in your christian walk, or in your ministry, but if you transgressed truth somewhere along the line or way, there your true fellowship with Christ ceased ( Matt. 7:21-27; Prov.8:32-36). FOR IN THE PLACE WHERE THE TREE FALLETH, THERE IT SHALL REMAIN!!! You have to call a halt, just like Mary and Joseph did, and retrace your steps to the truth of Christ you compromised, for there, you will find Jesus. This message seeks to emphasize and drive home a serious fact of truth: Never travel without Jesus! Make sure Jesus is truly with you, and that you have not left him behind! I have to sound this urgent warning because, many today do not care enough to find out for themselves, if Jesus is truly with them; they care not enough to search out the truth for themselves, but rather, they simply take what the pastor or preacher says as gospel truth, putting themselves to sleep, and thereby derailing themselves from the truth, forgetting the exhortation Apostle Paul gave of the positive, commendable, and desirable attitude of the Berean christians in Acts 17:11-12. This present day followers of truth so-called, simply love and trust their pastor or preacher never to be wrong, when many pastors and preachers have in fact left Jesus far behind in their ministry, pathetically, and the only way to know, is to search out the truth by yourself! Such an attitude that searches out the truth, shows you truly have wisdom, for you do not simply take the word of an estate agent, in buying or acquiring a house or property, but check it out yourself; neither do you take the car dealer's word for it, when buying a car, but you inspect it yourself! How come you show so much sense, zeal, and positive attitude to material things of this world, which shall pass away, and treat spiritual things, things of eternal value, with such levity; such slackness; such apathy and contempt!? I have to ask: WHERE IS YOUR LOVE AND ZEAL FOR TRUTH?! WHERE DOES YOUR PRIORITY LAY?! WHERE LIES YOUR REAL TREASURE???! The spirit of Laodicea has obviously taken over the lives of many believers so-called, who are following the continuity of revelation, which God used the late Chief Apostle to this age, Brother Jackson, to give to the end time bride, in furtherance of the voice of Rev. 10:7 angel messenger, Brother Branham. You must understand that it is most senseless to leave your eternal destiny, solely into the hands of mortal and fallible men, without double-checking for yourself, to be cetain that they are right, and that they are on course, using the mirror of the absolute and infallible Word of God - the Bible! It is your God given duty to find out, and ensure for yourself, that Jesus is in the camp. You cannot wait until you get to the other side, only to be told, you left Jesus behind! Think seriously about it, and be a wise virgin. You would not be able to use your church or pastor as an excuse for leaving Jesus behind! And as many as leave Jesus behind, will be here to face the anti-christ; for he in turn, will leave them behind!!! Afterall, it is a well known fact, that many preachers today following the message of the hour, have lost focus, and as such, have stopped preaching Christ: some are preaching mere personalities; some are busy destroying servants of God with so much vigor and venom; some have turned aside to be preaching money (i.e. materialism); some are busy digging for quotes of the Prophet, rather than to search the Scriptures, and have left Jesus Christ far behind; and only few are standing for and preaching the continuiy of revelation, which Jesus Christ gave to us at this end time. Do not forget, true communion and fellowship with Jesus Christ, is strictly in the light of truth. To leave truth is to leave Christ, and to leave Christ is to leave eternal life. Let us therefore stay with the truth of Christ, and make sure we are standing for that truh, for only then do we truly have Christ with us. But should we fall somewhere along the line, let us go back to where we fell, and start all over from there, for unless we do that, from that point on, there is nothing we do that amounts to a dime, in God's eye, and in God's kingdom, except we be reconciled with the truth. Let us be wise, and make hay while the sun still shines, for the day is so far spent. Don't leave Jesus behind.
Your brother in the faith of Christ,
Amos Omoboriowo

...this is a letter in Defence of Truth, which Brother Amos wrote to the pastor of Faith Assembly of Verdal, Norway, Rolf Strommen, who was projecting a strange Ministry, called Jehu Ministry, holding it out as a Ministry to take over from the Five Fold Ministry, contrary to the Scriptures. This erroneous projection, brought much hurt and division to the body of saints around the world; saints following the Continuity of revelation we received from the Chief Apostle, Raymond Jackson. In view of this alarming condition, and based on the promise Brother Amos made to Rolf Strommen in a phone conversation, to address him in writing on this issue, Brother Amos had to write this letter, to lay out the Truth, x-raying the Jehu Ministry teaching, in the light of the Scriptures.


15th March, 2003. Dear Bro. Strommen, May the Lord bless you richly. Warm greeting to you and Sis. Grace, and the entire family in Jesus name. We love and appreciate you lots. Thanks also for the e-mail you sent to me, of your letter to our precious Bro. Jackson. Please note, my candid reaction to you is motivated by the following facts: The fact that you have been a tremendous blessing to my soul; the fact that your ministry is one we also look up to; and the fact that you have shown me and my wife much love, hospitality and kindness, particularly whilst we visited Norway. This places upon me the requisite obligation that I be very sincere with you, and honest. Anything else would be hypocrisy and untruth. Please therefore find my reaction to your letter stated here below. My thoughts are divided into three main objects of thought:
  1. The Root Cause Visited
  2. Thoughts On Your Letter
  3. My Humble Counsel
THE ROOT CAUSE VISITED JEHU MINISTRY AT THE END-TIME ? I do not intend to deal with this issue extensively, since Bro. Jackson has done a very good job of it in his message to you, as he dealt with it purely in the light of the Scriptures. You do not over flog issues. At any rate, you denied ever making any such projection. However, when we consider the message of Bro. Aamund, titled: The Three Stings, which was preached in your church from your platform, and in your very presence, it leaves one with only one impression: you entertained it, and went along with it, because you did not stand against it, neither was it corrected nor stamped out. Jehu Ministry was what the brother was forcefully and unambiguously projecting in that message! Bro. Jackson sent me a copy of the message. Brother, it amounts to an implicit encouragement of falsehood. That message, when placed against the Scriptures of the ministry of the end-time bride, amounts to a blatant lie! And why would you do that if you do not agree with it? Why allow and support Young Mens Ministry, when all we have after the prophet to this age is the Five-fold Ministry? And why would you allow such brazen peddle of error to go unmasked? I say this because it is not as if we are here to play games. So, if you did not preach or engineer it, you obviously encouraged it, by every necessary implication, or we would not be talking about Jehu Ministry today. Thats true! The projection of Jehu Ministry nullifies everything the Five-fold Ministry have stood for. As I told you on phone, Sir, you must make a clear-cut distinction between a Spiritual Commission given to Elijah the Tishbite, concerning the succession of the ministry, which applies to us in type, and a Political Commission he was also given by God, to anoint two men as kings ( a political succession commission), which does not apply to us at all. Elijah was commissioned to anoint Elisha as prophet (the ministry) in his place (i.e. in the place of Elijah), a spiritual type of the Five-fold Ministry that takes over from Elijah of Mal. 4: 5 & 6b at the end-time because Mal. 4: 5 & 6b produces Eph. 4: 11 & 12. It is not only true of Johns day, it is more particularly true of this end-time. That was why Johns ministry in its accomplishment, turned the hearts of the Judaistic fathers to the faith of the children (the Apostles of Christ, who were the custodians and inspired writers of the faith of Jesus Christ; the spiritual children of Johns day). And Bro. Branhams ministry (Elijah of Mal. 4: 5 & 6b) produced the Five-fold ministry (the end-time bride ministry of Eph. 4: 11 & 12). The Prophet (Branham) Restored, while the Bride Ministry (the Five-fold Ministry) Perfects the restored Bride for glory (rapture). You do not have any other ministry outside the two, for the bride of Christ at this end-time, looking strictly through the Inspired Scriptures of truth, apart from the Seven Thunders of Rev. 10, who have nothing to do with restoration or perfection. They merely prophetically instruct a perfected bride specifically for the rapture event. Only Mal. 4: 5 & 6b and then Eph. 4: 11 & 12, are the ministries the Scriptures give us. Isaiah 52:8 corroborates this. There is no Jehu Ministry! That is right! But the political commission Elijah was also given obliged him to anoint Hazael as king over Syria, and Jehu as king over Israel. This latter commission is strictly political, though it also serves a spiritual purpose of God. It must be differentiated from the Ministry Commission, which places Elisha squarely in Elijahs office, for ministry continuity. At the end-time, as earlier pointed out, Elijah types Bro. Branham (the Prophet), whilst Elisha types the Five-fold Ministry (the Bride Ministry), who take over from Elijah. As such, whatever God gave Jehu and Hazael to achieve has no application or bearing on the Bride and her Ministry. Jehus kingly position fulfilled something within the political and spiritual setting of Israel, as he was used of God as king to fulfill certain prophecies of old, to cleanse Israel to a point. Hazael on the other hand as king, was a judgment rod by God against Israel, because of Jehus idolatry. You cannot project their office into the Bride Ministry. There simply is no Jehu Ministry for the Bride. There was none in Johns day, nor in Pauls day, and there is none today. There never will! The commission of Elijah the Tishbite that the bride must look at in projection, is that which was given to him concerning the Ministry. This I call the spiritual commission, whilst the other I call the political commission. We dont consider the latter at all, in considering the end-time ministry, for it lays way back there in the Old Testament days when God used it to serve His purpose. It is over and done with. It does not constitute a type at all, at the end-time, that the bride would look at, in considering her ministry. And that is final. No wonder, the end of Jehu was not good, as 2kings 10: 29, 31, 32, bears out, which was why God (who foreknew that) had Hazael also anointed as king over Syria, to judge Israel for it. Read the Bible. But the end of the bride ministry would be glorious. We are going up! Halleluyah! Yes Sir! 2 KGS. 9:1-10 YOUNG PROPHET MINISTRY AT THE END-TIME? Whilst you deny projecting Jehu Ministry, in page 2, paragraph 2 of your letter, you admit that you project: Elijah, Elisha, and one of the children of the prophets (the Young Prophet; note verse 4 of 2kgs. 9 calls him a Prophet), as typing: John (the Prophet), the Apostles Ministry, and the Five-fold Ministry respectively. Brother, I have to disagree with you on this, on the sole authority of the Scriptures. It also amounts to an erroneous projection. In the first place, you cannot separate the Apostolic Ministry from the Five-fold ministry, because it is not a different ministry, but an integral part, and a fundamental part of the Five-fold Ministry. The Apostolic Ministry is indeed the starting point of the Five-fold Ministry, because they lay the foundation; the plumbline, and hold a line on truth (1 Cor. 12: 28; Eph. 2: 20; Eph. 4: 11, 12). But God did not project the five folds in one day. It started with the Apostles, until conditions necessitated the addition of the other folds one after the other, as God saw fit, till all the folds were fully established and complete. The Apostles could not even really function in their office until after Pentecost, when they were spiritually empowered. Hence Christ instructed Peter ahead of Pentecost experience: When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren; If you love me, feed my sheep. The Apostolic office is therefore the Chief Ministry, as well as the starting point of the Five-fold Ministry, and hence, a fundamental Ministry. It is the key ministry, of the Five-fold ministry. You cannot therefore separate them into Apostles, and then Five-fold Ministry. You do not have Bible for such a projection. They constitute the first fold of the five fold, and were as such, first called and established, ahead of the other folds. Otherwise, what we would have had would have been: Apostles, and the Fourfold ministry. Secondly, I know we are at liberty to express thoughts that bear upon a particular event or scenario in the Bible. But if we are to project such thought, based upon a scenario under the Old Testament, it must of necessity also have its basis in the New Testament Scriptures and structure. It must! If it does not, it conflicts with the Ministry projection of the New Testament. You therefore cannot project it further than the old scenario it represents! And thats exactly right! Moreover, you cannot import into the New Testament ministry setting, what the Young Prophet in 2 kings 9: 1-10 did (for he simply anointed Jehu as king over Israel on the instructions of Elisha). Elisha is the man to look at, and his ministry is what you look at, in projecting into the New Testament Bride Ministry. Why do I say this? Simply because Elisha of old was only one man. But the end-time type of Elisha is the Five-fold Ministry, made up of a plurality of men. So, Elisha today are plural men within the Five-fold ministry. The Young Prophet and his accomplishment is over and done with, and remains within the Old Testament setting. He is out of the picture of the New Testament Ministry structure! Hence, although I totally agree with you, and it is true, that there are men in the ministry today like yourself, and obviously like my little self, who never saw or knew the Prophet to this age (the Elijah of Mal. 4: 5 & 6b), nevertheless, we do not represent the Young Prophet in question, but rather Elisha himself! That is the distinction you must see! You have to see this difference! Because Elishas Ministry at the end-time, is the Five-fold ministry! And the Five-fold ministry is made up of men, like Bro. Jackson, who knew the Prophet, and also men who knew not the Prophet, but are nonetheless recipients of the restored truth the Prophet brought, though we do not know him after the flesh, but after the spirit. The Young Prophets ministry is completely out of the New Testament structural picture, for he does not type the Five-fold Ministry. Elisha does! We are the Elisha of today. We are not the Young Prophet! And I am only 42years plus. I will be 43 in less than a months time, on the 15th of April, to be exact. That made me only 5 years old when the Prophet to this age died! I was too small to know anything. But we are still the Elisha of today, nonetheless. Thats the truth. Sir, let me re-emphasize: When we have a thought based on an Old Testament scenario, however true it may be or seem, it cannot be transported into the New Testament dispensation, except it also has its basis in the New Testament Scriptures, and it dovetails with the scripturally revealed plan of God, as it pertains to the Bride, and in this particular instance, as it pertains to her ministry. We have to look specifically at the New Testament Ministry Provision for the Bride. If we do not, such a thought would constitute a mere idea, lacking the validity of the Scriptures of truth. And can we allow such a small thought, a mere idea, to fractionalize and destabilize the Bride at this late hour? Can we really afford to lift up an idea above the truth, and above the absolute plan of God for unity and harmony within the ministry that is obligated to speak with one indivisible voice, in order for perfection to be obtained? Please think, my dear brother. There is no Jehu, and there is no Young Prophet ministry for this day. THOUGHTS ON YOUR LETTER My dear brother, I feel there are some statements in your letter that are quite unnecessary, for they do not make for peace, and they do not give a good impression. Sir, even in my littleness, it is difficult for me not to see that. How much more can Bro. Jackson. Please watch it. I say this against another day. Sir, you do not throw a challenge to the ministry that is set over the Bride Universal, and is a standard, even for the Bride Ministry, yourself inclusive, knowing his Apostolic Office is unquestionably vindicated by truth, and by the impact and influence it has on the Bride and her ministry, world-wide. You know what God has used this humble brother to accomplish for the universal bride and her ministry. My brother, it is neither humble nor right to do so. I say this with utmost respect, sincerity and love. Paragraph 2 of page 3 of your letter amounts to just that. After all, the matter at hand is an issue that borders strictly upon the Scriptures, and therefore, personal thoughts and ideas have no place. The decisive issue therefore is, what does the Scriptures say, particularly as pertains to the Bride Ministry at the end-time? The Bible is not silent, but very clear and exact on this matter. There is therefore no red or middle line to read between! My dear brother, consider this very carefully, and may God give you an open heart: The thought you are projecting, and for which you are doing battle is so small, so trivial, in comparison to the depth of Scriptural revelation and outflow God has used Bro. Jackson to give the bride around the world, that it does not stand to reason to fight and part ways with such a powerful instrument of truth, on the basis of something so small and inconsequential, particularly when weighed against the fact, that the thought you are projecting, has no true Bible base, and is therefore a mere idea. You cannot kick against the pricks. Where do we put headship? People would ask, what do you want? Honestly, I would ask the same. Like I told you on phone, God has given you a very powerful ministry, and you are such a great blessing to Gods people, and are highly favoured and exalted. You are greatly respected. That is obvious. You would as such have to go a mile further than others would normally go, in order to make right, and show true exampleship, for the sake of peace and unity in the fold. Sir, humility is not a sermon, it is a life, and trying times are the best times to exemplify it. As the saying goes: It is easy to be an Angel, when no wind ruffles your feathers. We are looking up to you. My brother, what good would it do you and your ministry, to have stood all these years for the truth of Isaiah 52: 8 and Ephesians 4: 11& 12, on the absolute need for the ministry to be in total unity, and to speak with one infallible voice, in order to bring about perfection, if your stand today vitiates this very principle of immutable (unchangeable) truth you have stood for? How can you afford to destroy the very foundation of truth you have helped to establish and uphold all these years? You would give room to the enemy to say that you never really believed it, but you only went along till you could establish your own agenda. You cannot afford to discountenance this fact please. Time is not on our side. Sir, what sacrifice do we make, and what do we build that amounts to anything, if it is not based solely upon the revelation of truth of the Early Church? It would be wasted effort. We would be building vanity. Please think again, for God is obligated only to His Word. We cannot afford to go off on a tangent. It is a route I cannot follow. The prosperity of untruth is only for a while, and error is too costly for me to open my heart to it. The Early Ministry had no Jehu or Young Prophet Ministry contention. Search the Scriptures! My dear brother, if as you told me on phone, you believe Bro. Jackson is the helmsman after the Prophet, how can you at the same time stand against him on issues he has so succinctly dealt with by the Scriptures, and is vindicated by the Word of God? In what way is he therefore a helmsman to you? I believe the Sovereign God can do a new thing. But it must and would undoubtedly be founded upon the New Testament Scriptures. It would have its root in the revelation of Jesus Christ given to the Early Church. If it does not, God would not do it. He is a God of purpose, and He is always with a plan, for He is not a planless God. We have Gods revealed plan of salvation. You cannot change it, nor can you add to it. Yes, my brother, as you stated in your letter, I also believe in submitting to the dealing and leadership of the Spirit of God in our lives. But would divine dealing and leadership put you outside the confines of the New Testament Scriptures on any issue? Even your stand has fractionalized your own assembly. This should worry you, because those who have withdrawn from your assembly are not doing it on carnal grounds, but on grounds that affect their walk with God. It is on issues of faith, which are issues of life! Can you really afford to go this way? If what you hold is truly based upon the truth of the Early Church, even Bro. Jackson would be Scripturally obligated to accept it. But since it is not based on truth, would you win? Would the bride take an idea? Please my dear brother, reconsider. We all, without exception, must come in unreserved subjection to the absolute rulership of the Scriptures, and to scriptural correction, no matter how much we are hurt by it. It speaks of humility and true exampleship. Our God respects not the persons of men. MY HUMBLE COUNSEL In conclusion, my humble counsel to you in this matter is this, if indeed a little horse coming way behind, can give any counsel to a big horse, going way ahead: For the sake of the Bride Universal, who obviously have been hurt by this unfortunate development at this late hour; for the sake of peace, unity, harmony and spiritual progress of the Bride and of her Ministry; for the sake of true exampleship; and for the sake of the One who died for us on the Cross of Calvary, Jesus the Christ, there is the need for you to accept without reserve, your error in this matter, apologize to Bro. Jackson and all the saints that have been hurt by this development, particularly those in your local assembly, in order to bring about true reconciliation; and stamp out these ideas, alligning yourself totally with the main body of Christ, identified by the following of Bro. Jackson and unquestionably vindicated by the truth she is standing for. If Apostle Peter, who had the keys to the Kingdom, could openly accept his wrong doing, and submit to an open, scriptural, correctional rebuke by Paul, you would have no excuse for going a different route. I say this in love and with utmost humility, seeking only the best for you and the bride of Christ, of which I am just a little fish. I am just your little brother. But does not the Scripture declare that even out of the mouth of babes, God has ordained strength and perfected His praise? You know it does. I cannot afford to play hypocrisy with Gods vessel, for that is what you are. May God give you every grace you need to do right at this hour. All eyes are on you. I hope we are not disappointed. We are praying for you, as always. We love and appreciate you, and please give our love to your sweet family, as well as the saints. Here I stand, for my allegiance is solely to God and His truth. I can do no other, God being my helper.
Your brother in the faith
Amos Omoboriowo the month of March, 1990, the pastor of Grace & Truth Tabernacle, Lagos, John Ogu, in some of the messages he preached to his congregation, was denying the need for Spirit gifts, signs and wonders. Brother Amos, who was a member of that Assembly, at that point in time, felt moved to write the pastor, stating firmly, but humbly, the need for Gifts, Signs and Wonders, in the Church, in the light of the Scriptures of Truth. It must be noted that Brother Amos had just left his pastoral Ministry, and had only recently come into the Message of Elijah of Mal. 4:6B. He was an ordinary member of that congregation, but seeing the overwhelming effect such erroneous teachings was having on the congregation, Brother Amos was forced to write the pastor, in defence of Truth. This letter is what follows.

Issues Of Faith

4th April, 1990
Our Dearly Beloved Pastor,
Grace, mercy, and power of God be richly multiplied unto you and the Ministry, in Jesus Name. Peace and Love of the Lord unto your family. Amen. I greet you in the name of our God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the king of kings, and Lord of Lords. Glory to his name forever and ever. Amen. First, I thank and give glory to our God, through Jesus Christ for you -your faith towards the Lord, dedication, and anointing, and for your love towards the flock of God under you. For God is my witness, that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers, that the purpose of the Lord be made manifest throughout the world in your life, and that the power and anointing of God should burst forth in your ministry, vindicating and making the Word alive. Amen. I must also thank you for your love and care for me. It is the Lord's doing, and I give Him praise and thanks for it. Brother, may God's love and mercy never depart from you too, in Jesus name. Amen. More importantly, I have a word to share with you, stemming out from the ministrations we receive, particularly from you. It is the essence of this letter, as my heading indicates. And I must admit, it is very serious - for the Word of the Lord is life Eternal, and therefore serious, having been sealed with the blood of the Holy and Righteous One of Israel. For God, who cannot lie, indeed declares: "Let God be true, but every man a liar". As it is written: "Forever, O Lord, thy Word is settled in heaven Thy Word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever." Amen. I have been in the church now for about a year. And if I say I am not greatly blessed having you as my pastor, I would be lying. I am not ashamed to say I thank God exceedingly for having you as my pastor, as I rejoice in God's ordination. Amen. But this places an obligation on me - the obligation that when I disagree on Scriptural points, or see anything wrong in the fellowship, love should constrain me to bring it to your notice. And that's exactly what I am doing by this memo. The Word is our Urim Thummim. Amen. I decided to write rather than see you in person, because I don't think I would be able to argue Scriptures with you, considering your anointing, and hence, your highly persuasive influence. ONE WORD BROKEN: I believe with all my heart, and for which I thank God, that you are very sincere and dedicated to your calling. I believe you are also determined to stay true to the Word - The Endtime Message, despite all the odds you face daily. But I also believe that if we reject one Word, we fall short of full restoration, and are thereby guilty of unbelief, our sincerity notwithstanding: "Now to go back in Genesis, which is the beginning. Genesis means "the beginning". We find that God gave His family Eternal Life as long as they stayed in this Word and lived by this Word. But when they broke it, just one link in the chain of promises, death struck them, which was a promise also. It's a chain. You're hanging over all hell with it, and that's the only thing that'll carry you through. When the believer becomes a make-believer and lives on one word that's contrary to this Word, he cuts his fellowship with God. One link broke! And, remember, your faith in this Word is like a chain One Word, separated man from its Eternal Life chain" (The Harvest Time, by William Branham). THE LINE OF THE CHURCH: Many times I hear from the pulpit statements to this effect: "We believe in divine healing; We believe in miracles; We believe in tongues and interpretation of tongues; We believe in prophecy, and in casting out devils." Good! I believe too. But, Brother, where is it at? Don't you think true faith would have it to produce? Otherwise, it would mean we don't really believe but are merely professing. And to my mind, that amounts to nothing, since we are to manifest it. I am also equally grieved when I repeatedly hear from the pulpit thusly: "I believe in gifts of healing; I believe in gifts of tongues and interpretation of tongues; I believe in prophecy, miracles and casting out of devils: "BUT THAT IS NOT IMPORTANT, WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS LOVE, THOSE THINGS ARE NOT IMPORTANT." Brother, how on earth can we use First Corinthians Thirteen to make First Corinthians Twelve of none effect??? Think about it. How can we use it to nullify 1 Cor. 12? How can we use 1 Cor. 13 to make John 14:12 of none effect? How can we by the same Scripture render useless Mk. 16:17, 18? How can we nullify Joel 2: 28-30 and still claim we believe? It is trite knowledge to say that we should strive for the ultimate - Eternal Life - the Holy Ghost - Love. Of course! BUT THAT SHOULD NOT MAKE US LEAVE THE OTHER UNATTAINED (Matt. 23:23B). IN FACT, IF WE ARE REALLY POSITIONALLY PLACED IN CHRIST, WE WOULD MANIFEST GIFTS - FOR WE ARE PLACED INTO THE BODY OF CHRIST, SUBJECT TO THE NINE GIFTS FOR SERVICE! 1 Cor. 12 is settled on that. Brother Branham spoke clearly on this in "Ephesians" and "Restoration". Thus, it is as if we are saying, and truly, that's what we are implicitly saying anyway: "We want the Holy Spirit, but He should not speak with tongues, interprete tongues, cast out devils, prophesy, or perform miracles, or other." Not to be rude, but just to let you see the seriousness of it: Don't you see this amounts to an insult to the Holy Spirit? Beloved Brother, I do not mean any harm, but to let you see where you're standing, by hitting the truth on the head, as love is corrective. YOU WOULD EITHER HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT MANIFESTING AS HE WOULD (1Cor.12:4,6,11,12,14) I.E. ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE, OR YOU WOULD NOT HAVE HIM AT ALL. That's true! The Methodists too wanted the Holy Spirit, but didn't want the kind of manifestation they were receiving in their midst. They threw cold water on the people and fanned them from the effect of the Holy Spirit. How are we different? How are we different from the Jehovah Witness who claim that gifts have ceased and erroneously stand on the same 1Cor. 13 to back themselves up? IN OUR CASE, WE ARE NOT SAYING THAT IT HAS CEASED, BUT THAT IT IS NOT IMPORTANT! THE FORMER IS OUTRIGHT DENIAL AND MISCONSTRUCTION OF SCRIPTURE (UNBELIEF), WHILE THE LATTER IS S-U-B-T-L-E UNBELIEF - MAKING THE WORD OF GOD OF NONE EFFECT! Brother, can't you see that? Let us ask ourselves these pertinent questions: Was it because the church at Pentecost did not have LOVE (the Holy Ghost), that accounted for the operation of the gifts in their midst? Or is it not rather that they had the Holy Ghost (LOVE, ETERNAL LIFE), and therefore rightly manifested the gifts of the Spirit? Or is it that the Holy Spirit who gave the promise in Joel 2: 28-30; Acts 2:38,39; Mk. 16;17,18; John 14:12, and also confirmed it in Acts 2:16, Mk. 16:20, to mention just a few, did not know it was not important before giving 1 Cor. 12? Or do we now know more than the Holy Spirit and the Apostles? Wisdom is justified by her children. It is quite a serious matter. I am a firm believer in the Word and the Word only. I believe and cling to every promise - Word FOR MY AGE. And I don't sincerely believe it is for me to say that one promise-Word is not important. That would be overturning people's faith in that respect, however sincere one may be. "Heaven and earth shall pass away" For man shall live by "EVERY WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God". That is our bread. Indeed, "it is not meet to take the CHILDREN'S BREAD, and cast it to dogs", was the reply of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Canaanite woman who needed the deliverance of her daughter in Matt. 15:22 -28. If Jesus calls it my bread, it is my bread -I must live by it. That settles it. And I verily believe it is important, for every Word of the Lord is life, and abideth forever. Indeed it is written: "Whosoever therefore shall break one of these LEAST (seemingly unimportant) Commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall DO AND TEACH (not only teach, but have it to produce) them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven" - Matt. 5:19. For God has to be true and justified in ALL HIS sayings. We just can't use 1Cor. 13 to nollify 1Cor. 12, or make it of none effect. Each has its place. The same Holy -Spirit that gave 1Cor 13, gave 1Cor. 12; Mk. 16:17,18. See? AND UNLESS WE RECEIVE IT, WE WOULD BE LIKE THOSE WHO HAVE "A FORM OF GODLINESS, BUT DENY THE POWER THEREOF" -The power of the Holy Spirit to speak in tongues and interpret; the power of the Holy Spirit to cast out devils; the power of the Holy Spirit to prophesy, heal the sick, and raise the dead (performing signs and wonders), or at best, we would be like those that talk a lot about what they don't have, and have never experienced! And candidly speaking, that is what we would be unless we can show it. We would end up with dry theology (however beautifully and well broken down), and a dead church! But how else can the church be stirred than by the Spirit of God manifesting in diverse ways with power? I would also like to remind you that we claim we have the Word, and that is what is important. True! And thank God for it. But was it that the church at Pentecost didn't have the Word that accounted for their having gifts and signs and wonders in their midst? IS IT NOT TRUE THAT THEY HAD THE FULL WORD, AND THEREFORE HAD THE TRUE GIFTS AND SIGNS AND WONDERS? IS IT NOT THE SAME WORD OF GOD THAT GIVES US 1 Cor. 12; Mk. 16;17,18; John 14:12? THEN, IT APPEARS WE DON'T REALLY BELIEVE THE FULL GOSPEL. It is indeed wonderful to read the prayer offered by the Apostles and the believers, even after they had received the Pentecostal experience: "And now, Lord, behold their threatening: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy Word, BY STRETCHING FORTH THINE HAND TO HEAL; AND THAT SIGNS AND WONDERS MAY BE DONE BY THE NAME OF THY HOLY CHILD JESUS. And when they had prayed, the place was SHAKEN where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and spake the word of God with boldness -" Acts 4:29-31. Notice Peter here. This is Peter, for he was among, praying for signs and wonders; peter who had the keys to the kingdom! Why??? It is simply this: WHERE THE TRUE WORD IS, THERE THE POWER OF GOD IS, MANIFESTING IN SIGNS AND WONDERS, TO MAKE THE WORD ALIVE (2 Cor. 3:6; John. 6:63; Heb 4:12), AND ALSO TO VINDICATE THE MESSAGE AS TRUTH TO THE WORLD, AND APPROVE OF THE PREACHER. Please see: John 3:2; John10:37,38; Acts 8:6,7; Acts 2:22. Hence, preaching is of power: "FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NOT IN WORD, BUT IN P-O-W-E-R"! (1 Cor.4:20). No wonder then, Paul, the first prophet-messenger, further states: "And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing (fine) words of man's wisdom, but IN DEMONSTRATION OF THE SPIRIT AND OF P-O-W-E-R; That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but IN THE P-O-W-E-R OF GOD"! (1 Cor 2:1-5). I would also like to point you to another wonderful truth: "And they went forth, and preached every where, THE LORD WORKING WITH THEM, AND C-O-N-F-I-R-M-I-N-G (What?) THE WORD (How?) WITH S-I-G-N-S FOLLOWING. AMEN." Mk. 16:20. Beautiful! The Lord, the same Lord, for there is only one Lord, who gave the promise of signs in verses 17 and 18, is already seen backing up His Word with signs as promised in verse 20! Why? "The kingdom of God is not in word, but in power". He is duty bound to vindicate His Word, if it is truly His Word. Amen. But what is material here is that the Lord backed up the preaching of the Apostles, and not of the Apostles only, but also of other preachers sent forth - e.g. Philip (Acts 8:5-13); Stephen (Acts 6:8-11). I ASK: Is it not the same Gospel we are preaching today? The Apostolic Faith? IF JESUS CONFIRMED THEIR WORD, AND JESUS IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER, HE IS OBLIGATED TO CONFIRM HIS WORD TODAY! Note that. The only thing that hinders is unbelief. If we would remove the cloud of unbelief, the sun of Pentecost has been shining since. I believe so with all my heart. Also, if the church at Pentecost is the first church, which is referred to as the Acts of the Apostles, yet not really the Acts of the Apostles, but the acts of the Holy Spirit in the Apostles, then, if that vine should put forth another branch of its own, our precious Bro. Branham says, there would be written behind it again: The Acts of the Apostles! IF WE ARE TRULY RESTORED TO THE FIRST CHURCH, WE WILL DO THE WORKS OF THE FIRST CHURCH! And notice, Pentecost is not what is coming -Pentecost has already come. By faith we come into the experience. The gifts have already been restored - its not in future! WE MUST GO THROUGH Pentecost, not by-pass it. And going through it brings the same experience, the same signs, the same result, the same gifts. It must be so, since we are feeding on the same vine -Christ, THE WORD OF GOD! Amen. That is why we find the various (Local) churches at Pentecost having the gifts. The Corinthian church had it (1Cor. 12 and 14). The Galatians church had it (Gal. 3:5). The Ephesian church had it (Acts 19:6-20; Eph.4).The church in Thessalonica had it (1 Thess.5:19-22). The church in Jerusalem had it (Acts 2; Acts 5:12-16). The church in Samaria was wrought with signs AND WONDERS (Acts 8:5-25). The list goes on. We would see what the prophet has to say about gifts and every local church, later. I also ask: Who do you think should manifest the genuine gifts of God if not the restored church? At least, the genuine must be somewhere! And we would expect it to be with the true children of God. Why are we then not manifesting it? And we cannot because of counterfeits reject the true manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Bible says: "Quench not the spirit" - 1 Thess. 5: 19; and "Stir up the gift of God, which is in thee" - 2 Tim. 1:6. Also: "Neglect not the gift that is in thee" - 1 Tim. 4:14. Perfect love, the Bible says, casts out fear. He that fears is not yet perfected in love. We ought to know that God cannot give his Word-Bride counterfeit. He doesn't even have counterfeit in His being to give to anyone (Lk.11:11-13; 1 John. 1:5). Moreover, counterfeit only speaks of the genuine. We should expect the devil to counterfeit God's move - since he (the devil) must move too, to get his own church - the false church. See? But ask yourself, why didn't Peter, or Paul, or Bro. Branham, because of the fear of imitation, stop the gifts of God from operating in the churches, particularly in view of the carnality that obtained even in their midst? And in what condition do you imagine the church would be in without it? How can they stop God's move because of the devil's move? The truth is that we cannot be more jealous for the church of the living God than the Holy Spirit Himself. Otherwise, we would be taking the leadership of the church from the Holy Spirit, though inadvertently, and though without cognizance. And what would we then become? An organized church! It should also be noted that we cannot because of fear quench the spirit and expect to be truly restored, or experience a mighty move of God, more so that we are making the Word of none effect! Otherwise, can we sincerely say that we are like the church of Pentecost? Without the power? And when we are even rejecting what is written! Consider this truth very closely: BECAUSE WE ARE REJECTING THE WORD, THE POWER IS NOT PRESENT WITH US, AND BECAUSE THE POWER IS NOT PRESENT, WE CANNOT PRODUCE THE LIFE OF THE WORD, WHICH LIFE, IS A SUPERNATURAL ONE - THAT WHICH THE HOLY SPIRIT ALONE BEARS. Why? Our unbelief! The church at Pentecost had the Holy Ghost, and so had the gifts, and the Life of the Word, and signs and wonders followed their preaching! See? (Ref: Acts 5: 1-16). Unbelievers couldn't dare join them. Even sin could not stay in their midst! The Holy Spirit would call it out - just as in Bro. Branham's church, and as also is in Bro. Frank's church in Krefeld, West Germany. An argument often proffered, which never Ceases to amaze me, is the statement usually made to the effect that God would not question us for not casting out demons, or prophesying, or healing the sick, or interpreting tongues, or speaking in tongues or other, if He has not given us the power or gift. Honestly, this to my mind is pure unbelief. What of Mk. 16:17,18? The first question is, do we sincerely believe it, realizing that fear looks but faith jumps? Secondly, even if we don't have recourse to Mk. 16:17,18, have we been told by the Lord that we are not given? And notice that God cannot act contrary to His Word. We must bear in mind 1 Cor. 12:1,4-12, particularly verses 14,17,19-22. The body is not one member, nor does it have only one manifestation or operation. Where then are the eyes, and ears? It appears that in our case, we are all just one member. See? We cannot do away with 1 Cor. 12. In the church of Christ, there has to be gifts! The gifts are there already, since Pentecost. We may through unbelief refuse to enter the Promised Land, like the Jews in the wilderness. But God had given it to them anyway, just as He has given us too! (Acts 2:38, 39). The question is not whether God had given us the gifts, for He definitely has - to those that believe (Acts 2: 38, 39), But whether we are ACTUALLY ENTERING INTO IT. And, although those Jews, apart from Joshua and Caleb, failed to enter in, through unbelief, nevertheless God had given them the land. Their not entering (possessing it), does not nullify the fact that the land was actually theirs - for God had given it to them. It was, and still is, a matter of faith. Simple! Mk. 16:17,18; John. 14:12; Joel 2: 28-30 is there. We must also realize that we are prone to condemn or play down what we don't have. And if we don't have it, it is not because God has withdrawn the gifts, or stopped giving it, but because we are saying we don't need it - "it is not important". The saying is true, that we sell gold only to those who appreciate it. We must covet the gifts God has ordained personally for us. It is unbelief that is hindering God from moving. We must humble ourselves to God's Word, and hence, to God's Spirit, knowing that God is not a respecter of persons. I say this with all reverence.
I would also like to bring to your memory, that Bro.Branham lashed out at the Pentecostals, not because they speak in tongues etc (note that), but because:
  1. They refuse to receive the true Word (which only proves that it is not the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues in them);
  2. They are not living right - with women wearing shorts, cutting their hair, painting their faces etc (since the Holy Ghost in a person cannot make him do such things);
  3. They give out creeds and dogmas (contrary to the Word), by getting the people to receive tongues rather than the Holy Spirit; by saying that tongues is the evidence of the Holy Ghost; by making tongues the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost; though there is no Scripture for it; by saying that everyone must speak in tongues, despite 1 Cor. 12:30; by also trying to teach people how to speak in tongues, which is gross error and counterfeit; and by making the whole congregation to speak with tongues, despite 1 Cor. 14:23; amongst many other creeds and dogmas - of women preachers; of false water baptism, of trinity doctrine etc. And moreover, we know the devils too speak in tongues. However, the evidence of the Holy Ghost is the Word. But the Holy Ghost speaks with tongues, interprets etc. Hence, even in Bro. Branham's Tabernacle, people prophesied, spoke with tongues, interpreted tongues etc. He even allows a sister, for it is Scriptural, to pray for healing, if so gifted. See? We can't deny these things happened in his church.


The paramount question we ought to ask ourselves at any given point is: What does the Scripture actually say? Mk. 16:15-18 is forever settled in heaven. Except the Gospel has stopped being preached, and also except there are no more believers! For it succinctly guarantees that "these Signs SHALL FOLLOW (who?) THEM THAT B-E-L-I-E-V-E..." Bro., are we not believers? Candidly: Are we unbelievers? If it doesn't follow us, then we ought to check ourselves. The fault is ours, never God's. It is either faithlessness, or that we are living in sin. We then must take away unbelief, and also pray for the power to consecrate ourselves to the Lord in holy living. Again, Jesus Christ our Lord says: "Verily, Verily, I say unto you, HE THAT B-E-L-I-E-V-E-T-H- ON (Who?) ME (Christ), THE WORKS THAT I DO S-H-A-L-L HE DO ALSO (period!) And greater (more) works than these SHALL HE DO; because I go unto my Father" - John 14: 12. These words need no explanation. It is settled, clear, and categorical - it stands firm. The question I feel like asking, but which I am getting bored of asking is: Aren't we believers? Is it not on the Lord Jesus Christ (who gave this promise) that we believe? The fault is never the Lord's. The Lord is still confirming His Word. He cannot fail, for He is God. It is not to say that everybody will be a miracle worker or have the gift of healing etc. But the body of Christ on earth, cannot fail to manifest the nine gifts of the Spirit stated in 1Cor. 12, as long as she is on earth. We can't all be eye, or all mouth. Nor can the mouth say he doesn't need the eye! (1 Cor.12). And please note that we cannot use John 6:28, 29 to nullify John 14:12. Just as we cannot use the case of the 10 lepers to nullify the promise - Word of God in Mk. 16:17, 18. The last Scripture I would like to review is Joel 2:28-30. Notice that it talks of Gifts -Visions, dreams, prophecy, signs and wonders. And it's a promise Word of God for us also. It is interesting to note that the church at Pentecost, seeing the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in their midst, could refer back to Joel's prophecy as a direct fulfillment of God's promise (Isaiah 8:20). Candidly Speaking, in our local church, can we, without lying, say like Peter: "THIS IS THAT which was spoken by the prophet Joel" - Acts 2: 16-19. I'm afraid, NO. Then our restoration is with a difference. Brother, I frankly don't believe that is how the Holy Spirit intended it to be, for Jesus cannot change (Heb. 13:8).


On Signs of a believer: "And the same Son of God, is the same yesterday, today, and forever, the same in power, the same in love, the same in signs. He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. In my name they shall cast out devils, speak with new tongues. If they take up serpents, or drink deadly things, it'll not harm them. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover. If God be with us, where is His sign? Sure, get back to His Word, signs will take care of itself as soon as we get back to the Word. "And how can you expect God, today, to work in amongst people who doesn't believe in miracles? How can it be? Now there is a good way to trust whether the messenger is right or not. If he has a form of godliness, he will deny that power to do those miracles. IF HE IS A MESSENGER FROM GOD, HE'LL NOT ONLY SPEAK IT, BUT HE'LL HAVE IT: TO PRODUCE IT, AND TO SHOW THAT THE GOD THAT HE TALKS ABOUT IS WITH HIM AND IN HIM". "God knows His church. He said," These signs shall follow them." Not "they'll belong to the Methodists, Baptists, or Pentecostals." But, "These signs shall follow them that believe." He knows believers." (If God be with us, then where is all the miracles, by William Branham).

On signs of God:

"He knowed this, that, God is a Supernatural being, and wherever a Supernatural being is, He'll do Supernatural signs, because the Supernatural is in Him. You JUST CAN'T GET OUT OF IT.
How can you stand in the face of wind, without having wind blowing? How can you get in water, without being wet? Water is wet. That's the chemical of it. It's wet! And when you get in water, you're going to get wet. Right! And when you get in the presence of God, the Supernatural, there is going to be Supernatural signs and Supernatural workings of a Supernatural God. Therefore, he said," Where is the working, where is the miracles, if God be with us?" Glory! [Brother Branham claps his hands together, four times -Ed.] That's it! SEE, WHERE GOD IS, MIRACLES ARE. WHERE GOD IS, THE SIGN OF GOD IS THERE. SEE? "Now, if God is with us, where is his miracle at? We want to see them." How Scriptural that is! For, where the supernatural is, God and His sign would be with Him. Where God is, the sign of God is with God. We know that. If He is in His people, they will do His signs. Just exactlyAnd He said, "God is with you." He said, "Then where is His miracle? If the Supernatural God is here, where is the Supernatural works of God? That could be easily said tonight amongst our churches. "Where is that God that once lived? Did He die? Is He gone? Is He pursuing? Is He off on a trip?" No Sir. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. And if we say we are of God, then let's see where God is, let's see the signs of God. If this Tabernacle stands for God, let's see God moving among us. Let's see souls being born in the kingdom. Let's see lives be straightened up. Let's see the sick, and the blind, the deaf. Let's see His mighty works being performed. God in our midst! He asked the question, Now, if God is with His people, and in His people, he cannot that person cannot help but do the same thing that God did. Because, it's not the person anymore, it's God in the man. If that man sins, then God is not in therewhat is it, brethren? If God be for us, where is His miracle? If God be in us, what's the matter with us then? Something wrong somewhere! YesBut, look, if the clouds are hanging over the sun, the sun is always shining. The only thing that keeps it from shining on you, is clouds. And if you'd get rid of the clouds, the sun will be shining. Amen. Brother, get away from all of our sin and our doubts, and our frustrations, the sun has been shining since the day of Pentecost! The Holy Ghost is just as great today as it ever was. But our denomination has smothered over the Word of GodNow, Gideon and those people there, before they could see, or could ever go, see these miracles of God, there was a condition that had to be met. To meet, to see the power of miracles they had to believe. They also had to believe and obey the prophet's word, to see the miracles of God. Now, remember, before that they could see the miracles, they had to obey what the prophet said. And before we can see the miracles of God, we've got to obey what the prophet say. The Bible is the prophet, to us. That's right! (If God be with us, then where is all the miracles, by William Branham).

On True Restoration:

"The church was established on the day of Pentecost, and if God is infinite and cannot change, His church must remain as it was at the beginning. Do you admit that? The church must ever remain the same as it was. But man has cankered with it, has put their own interpretations in it. Don't you ever try to interpret the Word of God! Just say what it says! I don't care what is. Just line up with it. That's all. Don't change the Word! The Bible says that the Scripture is not of any private interpretation. You have no right to say these things. We just have to read it and say exactly what it says and believe it the same way I want you to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Don't ever let that faith drop! And the faith of the saints was not in creeds, not in demonstrations, not in church buildings, not in associations, but it was in the presence of the living God. They had faith to heal the sick, cast out devils, do miracles, all the great promises that Jesus made, the first church held on to that, it was the life line. LISTEN HERE! LISTEN CLOSE TO WHAT I WANT TO TELL YOU! THE EVER PRESENCE OF THE LIVING GOD IS THE LIFELINE OF ANY CHURCH OR ANY BUNCH OF PEOPLE; THE EVER PRESENCE OF THE LIVING GOD TO PREFORM AND TO DO AND TO ACT AND TO LIVE WITH THE PEOPLE, AS HE DID AT THE BEGINNING. If the presence of the living God brought the Pentecost' with power, with signs, with wonders, brought a people so full of the Glory of God, they shouted and spoke with other languages, and went as martyrs for the faith, Let's earnestly contend for that faith, until death shall set us freethat's what the church is. If it's going to be a white church, born again without spot, without wrinkle, it's got to be woven with the same kind of fibre that is started off with on the day of Pentecost. The Holy Ghost experience burning within them. Now we take our churches today. Look at us! Look at our Pentecostal people! Look at our Baptist people, our Presbyterians, Nazarenes, Pilgrim Holiness and the Branham Tabernacle! All of us, we are guilty of not earnestly contending for The Faith: A little fuss can come up in the church, in the Branham Tabernacle - I am home, I can talk about you now - and they will form a little clique. I believe there is a real genuine gift of the Holy Ghost, and we earnestly contend for that. Right! We believe it. Saints speak with tongues. You say, "I don't believe in divine healing". I don't believe in a bunch of fanaticism, but we do believe there is a God that heals the sick and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I have seen a lot called discernment I don't believe in, but I know that there is truly a discerning Spirit of God; the gift of knowledge, that calls and speaks and it's perfect every time. We're earnestly contending for that faith that was once delivered to the saints" (Restoration, by William Branham).
What Elijah believes:
"We believe in an apostolic church, teaching apostolic Blessing for (who?) people of this day. We believe in the full Gospel, and believe that all of the signs and the wonders that was spoken of, by our Lord Jesus Christ, would accompany His church until He returned. We believe in those things, and believe that they are to be set in order the gifts of tongues, and the nine spiritual gifts according to First Corinthians 12. NOW, WE BELIEVE THAT THESE GIFTS ARE IN OPERATION TODAY, AND THEY S-H-O-U-L-D BE IN E-V-E-R-Y LOCAL CHURCH Now, we believe that the spiritual gifts, among the believers, Is the order of the day. WE CANNOT BELIEVE THAT A MAN CAN PREACH UNDER INSPIRATION AND (THEN) BE AN INSPIRED TEACHER, AND THEN DENY THE GIFT OF HEALING, OR THE GIFT OF PROPHECY, OR SPEAKING WITH TONGUES, OR INTERPRETATION OF TONGUES, OR ANY OF THESE OTHER GIFTS."(C.O.D., by William Branham).


We know that signs and wonders don't save. Miracles don't save. We know that. We are not carried away by signs and wonders -WE WATCH (Mind) THE WORD. Yes! But the true gifts and signs will be with the true vine. The Revealed Word of God calls for total separation from E-V-E-R-Y unbelief. We just cannot afford to sit in complacency. We can't be playing church. The hour is too late. I would like you to please realize that I write this memo with the best of intents, as I pray and hope to see God move in a mighty way in our midst. PENTECOST IS THE BLUEPRINT. That is the life line. May the Lord have His way, and may God bless you. Amen.

Bro. Segun Omoboriowo

...when John Ogu got the first letter Brother Amos wrote to him on Gifts, Signs and Wonders, he invited Brother Amos for a meeting, where he lectured Brother Amos for almost two hours, trying unsuccessfully to beat out the Truth of the Bible from him. When he failed to do this, John Ogu, knowing he held sway over his congregation, went to the pulpit to reinforce his erroneous teaching, vehemently denying the need for Spirit Gifts, Signs and Wonders, in the Church. On the instruction of Titus 3:10, Brother Amos again felt moved to write a second letter, in defence of the Truth, entitled, Signs Have To Follow Them. He was earnestly hoping that the Pastor would submit to the headship of the Scriptures, but he was to be disappointed. This second letter now follows.

Issues Of Faith

2nd July, 1990.
Dear Pastor,
"He (i.e. Satan) knows that since God is immutable (i.e. unchangeable) in His nature, then He is just as immutable (unchangeable) in His ways. Thus Satan knows ASSUREDLY that the Original Church at Pentecost WITH THE POWER OF GOD (Mark Sixteen in action) IS THE TRUE CHURCH THAT JESUS CLAIMS AS HIS OWN, ALL ELSE IS F-A-L-S-E, IT HAS TO BE. Now remember this. Christ in the True Church is a continuation of the Book of Acts. But the Book of Revelation shows how that the antichrist spirit would come into the church and defile it, MAKING IT LUKEWARM, FORMAL AND POWERLESS He (i.e. Satan) knows that if the people get the TRUE REVELATION of the TRUE CHURCH and what she is, what she stands for, and that SHE CAN DO THE GREATER WORKS, she will be an invincible army." (The Seven Church Ages, pg. 15, last two paragraphs). "UNTIL HE (CHRIST) STOPS CALLING, THE PENTECOSTAL MESSAGE AND POWER WILL N-O-T CEASE. WHAT THE CHURCH HAD AT PENTECOST IS HER INALIENABLE RIGHT. ORIGINALLY, SHE HAD THE P-U-R-E WORD OF GOD. SHE HAD THE P-O-W-E-R OF THE S-P-I-R-I-T MANIFESTING IN DIVERS SIGNS A-N-D WONDERS A-N-D GIFTS OF THE HOLY GHOST. Heb. 2: 1-4, "Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time, we should let them slip " (The Seven Church Ages, Pg. 67, Para 2-3, by William Branham). Dear Brother, I greet you in the name of the Lord. God bless you. You will recall that I wrote you a memorandum dated 4th April, 1990, on the above stated issue. I deem it important and urgent to write you once more over the same issue of gifts, signs and wonders, viewing the trend of events in the church up to date, particularly the Sermons we have been receiving from you, for some months before you traveled to the United States, which are constantly and clearly directed at turning the faith of the flock away from signs and wonders, as clearly promised in the Holy Writ. I must confess, the situation is very pathetic, and grieving, and makes one to fear for the effect it would have on the faith of the innocent many, seeing that it is just three minutes to midnight. In fact, discussions with a good number of the brethren, pathetically show that they have imbibed these teachings. They echo your own very words: "It is not important " "John the Baptist did no sign or wonder ", to quote just a few. But I am settled on what I believe. I believe what I believe, for I know what I believe - IT IS WHAT IS STATED IN THE BIBLE IN BLACK AND WHITE. But what about the innocent many?


Dear Pastor, don't you acknowledge mistakes, seeing that we are all mortals, and are subject to mistakes? Why use the pulpit for repressing and intimidating dissenting voices that try in sincerity and love to point you to Truth? Why use the pulpit to score points? Do you have to settle scores from the pulpit? As pastor over a large flock, don't you think you ought to be more accommodating of opposing views? Particularly when they are views that point you back to the Bible, and the voice of the Seventh Angel? I believe Nobody is infallible. And you definitely don't know all. And you have your weak sides too. It takes grace, sheer grace of God. Shouldn't you exercise some restraint as head over a large flock?


Brother, I believe you have read the message of the Prophet titled "INFLUENCE". And you realize the whole flock look up to the Pastor for food. WHAT IF A PASTOR WOULD GIVE HIS FLOCK WHAT IS NOT REALLY RIGHT? Whether knowingly or unknowingly? Aren't we aware that this is the Age of Restoration, Total Restoration - THE Ministry of Elijah of Mal.4? And what does it mean? Jude 3! The Blue- print of Pentecost! I will please like us to take a critical look at some Scriptures, perhaps it would make a difference to your stand. On Pentecost as our Blue-print, it is written: "We are built upon the foundation of the Apostles AND the prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Corner Stone; In whom all the building fitly framed together growth unto an holy temple in the Lord: In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit. (Eph. 2: 20 -22). Our Lord Jesus Christ, on the issue of Gifts, Signs and wonders, emphatically declares in Joel 2: 28 -32; Mark 16: 15-20; and JN. 14: 11-13 thusly: "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters S-H-A-L-L PROPHESY, your old men S-H-A-L-L dream dreams, your young men S-H-A-L-L see visions: "And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my Spirit. And I W-I-L-L shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, (when?) before the great and the terrible day of the Lord. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call." (Joel 2: 28 -32). "And He said unto them, Go ye into all the World, and preach the Gospel to every Creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And THESE SIGNS S-H-A-L-L FOLLOW THEM THAT B-E-L-I-E-V-E; In my name SHALL they cast out devils;: they SHALL Speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it SHALL not hurt them; they SHALL lay hands (not "pour oil") on the sick, and they SHALL recover And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the Word (how?) with signs following. Amen." (Mk. 16: 15-20). "Believe Me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: Or else BELIEVE ME FOR THE VERY WORKS' SAKE. Verily (truly), verily (truly), I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these SHALL he do; because I go unto my Father. And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son." (John 14: 11-13). The Scriptures above the mean what they say, and should, and would manifest, exactly the way it is written it would manifest. It is surprising that we in the End-time Message can be arguing over an elementary principle of Pentecost that signs follow believers! I am terribly surprised. We still must deny these Scriptures! We still must make it of non-effect! And just how can one deny Scriptures? For so many people think you deny Scriptures only when you outrightly say you do not believe it. However, this is not so. But when you say that you believe it, but that signs and wonders and gifts are not important, or you try to explain why the congregation should not worry about it, or that you are alright without it once you believe the Word, or you try to use the fact that the ten lepers, who, though benefited from these gifts, nevertheless did not receive Salvation, as a way of showing that it is not what the congregation should be concerned about, or by using Scripture to cancel or nullify or make unimportant, a particular promise in the Bible, or when you try to show to the congregation, one person who was greatly used of God in the Bible, but who did not do signs and wonders (e.g. John the Baptist), or other: all these amount to a denial of Scripture. And that is just what you have been doing. Please listen to this exposition, as to get the implication of denying just one WORD. I do not write it to point at you, just as the rebuke of Christ: "Get behind me Satan" was not directed at Peter, but only showed that Peter did not test his statement with Scriptures to find out if his thought was truly Scriptural. The prophet says: "John knew of them also, for he said in 1st John 4: 1" many false prophets are (already) gone out into the world". That antichrist spirit was already Infiltrating the church, and it was doing it by going against the Word. Why here is where it all started. Right here in the first church age. Already, they were denying the Word and setting up their own creeds and philosophies instead of the Word. That is antichrist, for Jesus is the Word. To be anti-word is to be antichrist, because the Spirit and the Word are ONE. IF YOU ARE ANTI-WORD, YOU WILL HAVE TO BE ANTI-CHRIST. AND IF STARTED IN THE FIRST CHURCH IT WILL HAVE TO GROW UNTIL THE END WHEN IT TAKES OVER ... Now it is easy to get a wrong impression of what we are talking about because I am making this so strong. It could sound to you as though this anti-word, antichrist spirit, is a complete repudiation of the Word, a denial of the Bible culminating in its rejection. No sir. It is not that. What it is, is Rev. 22:18-19. "For I testify unto every man that heareth the Words of the Prophecy of this Book, if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this Book. And if any man shall take away from the Words of the Book of this Prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the Book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this Book". IT IS THE CHANGING OF EVEN JUST ONE WORD BY TAKING AWAY OR ADDING TO IT. It is the original trick of Satan in the Garden of Eden. He just added ONE LITTLE Word to what God had said. That did it. It brought death and destruction. And in Ephesus, it was just the same. Just a Word added, just a Word taken away, and the anti-word, antichrist spirit began to flourish. Did you get it now? There are those twins again. There are those two trees again, growing side by side in the same earth, partaking of the same nourishment, drinking in the same rain, and benefiting by the same sun. But they come from DIFFERENT seeds. One tree is FOR the Word of God, EXACTLY AS GOD GAVE IT, and loves and obeys it. The other tree is from the seed that is anti the Word of God and changes it where it wants to. It substitutes its own creeds and dogmas for the living true Word exactly as did Cain, who ended up killing Abel. But fear not little flock, STAY WITH THE WORD, KEEP THAT WORD BETWEEN YOU AND THE DEVIL. Eve did not do that and she failed. AND WHEN THE CHURCH LETS DOWN ON THE WORD SHE GOES INTO THE DEPTHS OF THE DARKNESS OF SATAN." (The Seven Church Ages, Pg. 84,85). It therefore behooves us to be mindful and watchful of the stand we take, lest we be in error, without realizing it. What I was saying before quoting this serious but expository words of the prophet is that what is written is written. It does not lie in you, though our pastor, or anyone else, to say that a promised Word is not important! We are not even to live by every sentence, but by "EVERY WORD" (Matt. 4: 4). Mk. 16: 17, 18, 20; Jn. 14: 12; 1st Cor. 12; Joel 2: 28-32 are glorious promises of God that stand forever. We must live by it, or else jeopardize our faith. We have a choice. Despite the clearly stated promises of the manifestation of God's power in signs and wonders, with the powerful way you deliver Sermons (a gift for which we give thanks to God), you vehemently but cleverly explain away the miracles of the Apostles and the disciples in the book of Acts; explain away even the miracles of Jesus Christ; explain away 1st Cor. 12, by using the issue of love to knock it out and render it of non-effect; render the Gospel powerless by playing on the fact that the thousands who were fed, by the miracles of Christ, with bread and fish were not there at Pentecost; render 1st Cor. 4: 20, 1st Cor. 1: 17, 1 Cor. 2: 1-5 of non-effect; render Mk. 16 and Jn. 14: 12 of non-effect, by erroneously using the rebuke of Christ to the sign seeking, wicked and adulterous generation of Pharisees in Matt. 16: 1-4, to nullify the signs of the believers, and by so doing, divert the attention of the flock away from Mk. 16 and Jn. 14: 12, and also to make them think they are guilty of unbelief by daring to question your stand on the issue of signs and wonders as declared in the Scriptures, particularly when you play on the rebuke of Jesus thusly: "I know you won't believe until you see miracles." This is a subtle denial of the Word, as it being mis-applied! Is Matt.16: 1-4 a rebuke to the believers? Had Jesus not, and was He not performing many miracles and signs even right before their very eyes every day? What other sign did they want? It showed that they did not believe the Messianic sign he was doing right before them! He therefore gave them the sign that blinded them - Jonah's sign. See? But believers have the Messianic sign - "The works that I do, shall you do also"; "These signs follow them that believe". Halleluyah! Jesus Christ did not give Jonah's sign to the woman at the well of Jacob in Jn.4, nor did he give Nathaniel or Peter. See? They are believers. When you explain this away, explain that away; render this of non-effect, and that of non-effect, what do you have left? A shell. The life (the power) is gone. Dear brother, can't you see that? Can't you? "And today, man can stand in the pulpit with such intellectual and speech-making, and education, until they can explain the power of the Holy Spirit away from the Bible, they can explain Divine healing away, they can explain speaking in tongues and interpretation But a man that's elected of God, a man " My sheep know my voice." If you've got that election of God upon you, it'll never stumble you." (Hearing, Recognizing, Acting on the Word of God Pg, 8, para 50-51, by William Branham). "OH, HOW CAN WE BE MISTAKEN, THEN, when Jesus said "These signs shall follow them that believe. In my name, they shall cast out devils, and speak with new tongues; take up serpents or drink deadly things, will not harm them; and they shall lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." AND MAN OF THIS DAY ARE FINDING THAT THEY ARE DENYING THAT POWER. "Having a form of godliness, but denying the power of the Holy Spirit." Sure, its brought open till we can see it. We are COMFORTED, BECAUSE GOD'S WORD SPOKE IT, AND TOLD US, "THESE SIGNS SHALL FOLLOW THEM THAT BELIEVE." HE SAID THERE WOULD BE CRITICS RISE, THEY WOULD SAY THESE THINGS, SO IT OUGHT TO COMFORT US MORE FOR THAT " "THESE SIGNS SHALL FOLLOW THEM THAT BELIEVE." WE HAVE THE PROMISE, GOD'S WORD. IT'S A COMFORT TO US, TO STAY WITH THE WORD." (The Comforter, Pg. 19, para. 135-138, Pg 20, para.149, by Brother Branham). "As Jesus went away, He told His disciples to tarry until Pentecost at which time the very same Spirit that was upon Him would come back and fall upon them and fill them. Then that 'called out' body (the church) would be in His stead upon the earth, taking His place. And because that same Spirit that was in Him would be in them, they would do the very same works. And any people that is truly the body of Jesus Christ (the true church) WILL MANIFEST the same works as did Jesus and the Pentecostal church, BECAUSE the same Spirit will be in them. ANY OTHER CHURCH THAT DOES NOT HAVE THE SPIRIT A-N-D T-H-E M-A-N-I-F-E-S-T-A-T-I-O-N-S IS GOING TO HAVE TO ACCOUNT TO GOD." (The Seven Church Ages, Pg. 250, para 3). Brother, it is not easy to kick against the pricks. It is so demoralizing to see you battle to hold and to sell what is an apparent error, till you could tell us from the pulpit that "power" as stated in 1st Cor. 4: 20, does not necessarily mean raising the dead but love !!! 1st Cor. 4:20 reads: "For the kingdom of God is not in Word, but in P-O-W-E-R"! I am not throwing stones: No matter how powerful and beautiful the sermons are; no matter how craftily and eloquently one can put Scriptures together; no matter how much the church shout and clap and say Amen and carry on, once the power is denied, it's all emotion - it's dead! Brother, can't you see that? Don't you care? And care is not just in words. Are'nt we, as your flock, precious in your sight? Brother, I believe you are sincere, but does it make unbelieve right? Cain was sincere with his offering. But his best did not meet the standard of the Word. David was sincere, bringing back the Ark. King Uzziah was sincere offering incense to God. King Saul was sincere offering sacrifice to God. Saul of Tarsus was zealously sincere resisting the Gospel of Christ. AND WHAT IS THE GOSPEL??? Please Brother, think again. Before it is too late. There is a line we can cross. "And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with Excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, BUT IN DEMONSTRATION OF THE SPIRIT AND OF POWER: THAT YOUR FAITH SHOULD NOT STAND IN THE WISDOM OF MEN, BUT IN THE P-O-W-E-R OF GOD."(1 COR. 2: 1, 4, 5). "FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NOT IN WORD, BUT IN P-O-W-E-R." What is the Holy Spirit saying here through Apostle Paul the first Prophet - messenger? What does it mean? THESE WORDS MEAN JUST WHAT IT SAYS. Amen.


I did not need to see a sign or a miracle to believe the Gospel of Salvation. I gave my life to Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour without it. That's how it was ordained for me. Nor did I need to see one to believe the message of Elijah of Mal. 4. His message, placed on the Urim Thummim - the Word, clearly identifies him. But we cannot deny that the woman at the well of Jacob and Nathaniel believed because of the prophetic utterances, a sign, given by the Lord Jesus Christ, the sign which was the identification of the "Son of man" - the Messiah, the Prophet. Nor can we deny the fact that Jesus Christ by discerning, called Simon Peter's name in Jn.1:42-51, or deny the fact that Peter fell down under the conviction of sin, when he realized the supernatural Christ standing before him, at the time he drew forth an exceeding great catch of fish by the spoken word of command by our Lord Jesus Christ! Peter realized Christ was more than a man - He is God! (Luke 5:1-8). But AFTER THAT WE BELIEVE, whether with the aid of signs or not (Jn. 10: 37-38), particularly when we come to the knowledge of Mk. 16 that "these signs shall follow them that believe " and also of Jn. 14:12 that "the works that I do shall he do also; and greater (more) works shall he do", one is bound to question or wonder why those signs don't follow us, if we are truly a group of believers, preaching the true (and not perverted) Gospel of Christ. It clearly shows that we are not getting the Holy Ghost. Where are the signs? Particularly when ninety-five percent of the congregation claim to have the HOLY GHOST! I wonder why we are terribly different from Pentecost if we truly have the same experience. Or has Jesus Christ changed in this hour nevertheless of Heb. 13:8? God forbid! Why are we then so powerless? I find the following indictment of the Pentecostal church so pathetically true of our Local Assembly:
"You might desire to scold me right here for what I have said. Alright. They call themselves Pentecostal and full Gospel. Let them prove it. At Pentecost the fire came in a cloud and separated over each of them like a tongue, and fell on each one. Where is the fire? They spoke in tongues at Pentecost, and the people who listened understood. Where is that?.... THEY CLAIM TO BE FULL GOSPEL BUT THEY CANT PROVE IT. THEIR CHURCHES ARE AS EMPTY OF POWER AS ANY OF THEM. IF THEY ARE FULL GOSPEL THEN WE HAD BETTER ADMIT THE BIBLE MADE A MISTAKE WHEN IT DESCRIBES THE FULL GOSPEL MEN AT PENTECOST. They sing, "There's been a great change in me." They are right. But the change has not been for the better. IT IS TIME TO GET BACK TO GOD. They have a name that they live but are dead." (The Seven Church Ages, Pg. 128, para 3). BROTHER, WHAT IS F-U-L-L G-O-S-P-E-L??? ANY CHURCH THAT IS NOT PREACHING THE FULL GOSPEL IS PREACHING PERVERTED GOSPEL! HOW ARE WE FULL GOSPEL? WITHOUT AN OUNCE OF POWER? WITHOUT A-N-Y MANIFESTATION OF GOD'S POWER IN OUR MIDST OTHER THAN TO LISTEN TO SERMONS? WHEN WE ARE ALWAYS TOLD THAT MK.16, JN. 14:12, 1 COR. 12 ARE NOT IMPORTANT BUT LOVE! Moreover, if the body of believers at Pentecost, which included the Apostolic fathers could pray for signs and wonders to follow their preaching in Acts 4: 29-31, and Pentecost is the Blue-print, it is not unbelief to question why MK.16 is not in operation in the fellowship, when so many claim to be filled with the Holy Ghost, and when we have recourse to the fact that our Local Assembly has been in the End-Time message for over 10 years! In fact, faith would do just that. For faith anchors to EVERY PROMISE WORD. Every true seed, every royal seed of Abraham does that. Why? God cannot fail, and God cannot change. He is God, God that is perfect in His ways. The Great I AM. Not: "I was", or "will be". The ever present God. The Supernatural God with Supernatural ways, and with Supernatural works. The Living God with L-I-V-I-N-G W-O-R-K-S. God, whose living works (manifested wonders), prove and show beyond every doubt that He is God alone, and He is alive, not dead. God, who can open up the Red sea! God, who can bring out water from the rock! God, who can answer by fire! For Elijah declared on mount Carmel at the showdown: Let the god who answers by fire be God. Amen! God is God, not by theology, but by His power, displaying His wonderful works -His manifested attributes. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." To deny His works is to deny Him. It is deity. He is still Jehovah Rapha - the God that heals. He is the miracle working God. Amen. "When the Bride will get back to being a Word bride, she will produce the very works that Jesus produced. The Word is God . The Spirit is God. They are all one." (The Seven Church Ages, Pg. 164, para.2). Therefore, I am not ashamed to say Mk.16 and Jn. 14 is most important. I identify myself with it, and believe it with all my heart. It is the power-line. It is what is written. It does not need any explanation or interpretation. It means just what it says: "God help us to have faith like that ! We believe this Bible to be the Truth. I may not have faith enough to make all the promises come to pass, but I believe it anyhow." (God's Word calls for A Total Separation from unbelief, Pg.13, by William Branham). The prophet says: "You must be identified, somewhere, you must show. Your life shows, tonight, where you are identified. You are identified either in Christ or out of Christ. You are not half-way. There is no black white bird. You are either saved or you are not saved. You are a saint or a sinner, one or the other, and your spiritual attitude towards God's Word identifies you exactly where you're standing, Right! GOD'S WORD, VINDICATED, PROVED THAT THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST IS JUST THE SAME AS IT EVER WAS ON THE DAY OF PENTECOST OR ANY OTHER TIME. And Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. AND YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS THAT IDENTIFIES WHETHER YOU HAVE SPIRITUAL AMNESIA, OR NOT. That's right. No matter whether if you're a DEACON, or even if you're a PREACHER. It does not make Yeah, they get it too, so we find out, it's contagious and hits the whole thing Don't get spiritual amnesia. Cause, you will, identify yourself with something else. Stay right with the Word! We was with the church when it was commissioned by Jesus Christ, in ACTS, the 16th chapter. "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature." I want to be identified there, "All the world, to every creature." These signs shall follow them that believe," can be identified in that. Well, now are you identified with that, or have you got some spiritual amnesia, that you find out you don't believe those signs follow the believers? See, if you don't believe it, then you have spiritual amnesia. See, you've forgotten that God promised that. He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Don't forget it. YOU CAN'T FORGET IT AND BE A CHRISTIAN. YOU MUST BE IDENTIFIED WITH IT. You must be identified with Saint John the 14th chapter , the 12th verse. "He that believeth with me, the works that I do shall he do also." DON'T FORGET IT. IF YOU DO, THEN YOU'VE GOT SPIRITUAL AMNESIA. You forgotten who you are. You forgotten what your testimony means I like a pedigreed Christian, that can go all the way back to the Word of God, to the day of Pentecost, and identify themselves there with Saints, where the power of the Holy Ghost came upon them. That's a pedigreed Christian. He knows where he come from. He's not identified with Methodist, Baptist, or anything else. He's identified in God's word. He knows exactly where he is standing at. The Royal Blood of his Father flows through him; the Blood of Jesus Christ. He knows what it does; he believes every Word. God WORKS THROUGH HIM AND CONFIRMS IT WITH THE SIGNS THAT HE PROMISED TO FOLLOW. He hasn't got no spiritual amnesia. He's a genuine thoroughbred. I like that. But the church has got a bad case of spiritual amnesia. It doesn't know where it belongs. It's forgot all about it. FORGET ALL THESE THINGS THAT MAKEIT A CHURCH". (Spiritual Amnesia, pg.10, para 78, 79; pg 14, para 106-109, pg. 17,para 133, 134). " My speech and my beseeching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the spirit and power - of the power." THERE, SEE, THERE IS THE G-O-S-P-E-L. See? Jesus said, "Go ye in all the world and preach the Gospel." Didn't say, "Go teach." He said, "Go preach." In other words, "DEMON STRATE THE POWER, AND THESE SIGNS SHALL FOLLOW THEM." JUST TEACHING DOESN'T DO IT. IT TAKES THE ACTUAL SPIRIT ITSELF DEMONSTRATING THESE SIGNS, see? Listen to this: "That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God." "Oh, my! To change the man! Not in what I can explain away and say He is not the same. If I do that, it shows, to me, surely, a man tell me that, would show to me he don't have the revelation, the three-fold revelation of God. See?" (Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed, pg. 42, para 307-309) HEALING IS IN THE WORD: As you rightly point out in some of your sermons, signs, healing, miracles, are already in the Word. Yes sir! But where is it? Why is it not manifesting? Why didn't the prophet just tell people to apply it and go home? Why did he have to demonstrate the power? And without that power vindicating his message, how many would have listened to him (his hard message) in the first place? There would have been no Tommy Osborne's testimony to catch you yourself into the message! GOD STILL BRINGS HIS WORD BY THE ORIGINAL OPEN DOOR OF PENTECOST! And when Philip went down to Samaria, he didn't go there to tell them a "story", contrary to what you preached to us when you preached on "Gospel, Doctrine, Mystery." The Gospel is not "story". The Bible declares it is power! (1 Cor. 4: 20; 1 Cor. 1: 17, 18; 1 Cor. 2: 1-5). And, though you didn't tell us this, when you were talking on how Philip went to tell the story to the Samaritans (you cleverly avoided mentioning or reading the verse that deals with the power, though you read that same place in Acts), nevertheless, ACTS 8: 5-13 declares that he went there with the open door of power - he demonstrated the Spirit and power so much till he overturned a whole city single handedly! Listen to this: "This Philip went down to the city of Samaria (not even a village, but a CITY!) and preached Christ unto them. And the people with one accord gave heed unto those things which Philip spake" (Why? Because he gave them an interesting or moving story of the cross? No sir!) "hearing and seeing (what) THE M-I-R-A-C-L-E-S which he did. For unclean spirits crying out with a loud voice, came out of many that were possessed with them: and MANY taken with palsies, and that were lame, were H-E-A-L-E-D, AND THERE WAS A GREAT JOY IN THAT CITY"! That is revival. Yes sir! That is the Gospel - Full GOSPEL! And if I may ask, How much did he spend on hand-bills, posters, advertisement in the newspapers, and on T.V. and Radio Broadcasts? None! He carried in his heart the REVIVAL - the Holy Ghost! He so demonstrated Mk. 16 and Jn. 14:12, till a sorcerer mightily anointed of the devil, and to whom all the people gave heed, "from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God" was opening shamed. Like Christ, he greatly triumphed over him, making an open shew! Halleluyah! That is what I believe is the Gospel! Evangelism proper!! When we even consider Stephen, I observe that some don't know that Stephen was not just a man of hard words, but also of a terrible anointing of God. He was filled with the same Holy Spirit we claim we all have today. For Acts 6: 5,8 declares: "Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost And Stephen, full of faith and P-O-W-E-R, did G-R-E-A-T W-O-N-D-E-R-S and M-I-R-A-C-L-E-S among the people!" He was so filled with the Holy Ghost till he could "see the heavens opened!" He was so raptured in the spirit till he did not feel the heavy stones being hurled at him. He could kneel to pray!! The miracles and healings didn't take place in the closet. Many people were living witnesses to the power of God. Signs and wonders followed their preaching; for they lived in the Supernatural, because the Supernatural (God) was with them and in them. WHERE IS THE SUPERNATURAL IN OUR MIDST? WHERE ARE THE SIGNS AND WONDERS? WHERE ARE THE GIFTS? And though healing and miracles are in the Word, why is it not made alive in our midst? Why doesn't it follow the preaching, even when we hold revivals and open air crusades? Why? WHAT IS THE USE OF AN ALABASTER BOX FILLED WITH PERFUME IN A SMELLING ROOM, IF THE BOX CANNOT BE BROKEN TO RELEASE ITS ERAGRANCE??? Think about it. Moreover, let us not hide under James 5: 14,15 which pertains to elders, and who are also instructed to use oil. Mk. 16 does not say we have to carry oil. With all due respect to our loving and humble elders, we can be pouring oil on people without an ounce of faith! The observance of James 5:14,15 could be more of a ritual than of faith! Even the Roman Catholic Church could be thought to believe Mk. 16 using oil! See? She would still be the Great whore !!! Where are the testimonies to the healing and miracles taking place in the church before our very eyes, in direct answer to prayer for same in the services? God doesn't perform his wonders in secret. He is still declaring His glory to the whole world, that Jesus is alive - proving His resurrection by mighty signs and wonders. Amen.
I believe we really need to seek God's face for revival. But the pathetic fact is that revival can never come unless we are truly and fully restored to the Word. You are aware, that many people in this congregation, even people with whom you are quite familiar, have sacrificed quite a lot, to come into the Message. And it should always be on top of our heart in all we say and do, that we are dealing with LIFE. Also, personally, I have not come here to be a preacher or teacher or pastor or deacon or other, but simply to be fed with the Word of life. That is all. And I believe it is the desire of every serious minded member. ALL I AM SAYING IS, GIVE US THE MEAT IN DUE SEASON RAW AS BROTHER BRANHAM SERVED IT! AND PLEASE, IT IS NOT RIGHT FOR YOU TO BE PUTTING YOUR OWN INTERPRETATION ON THE WORD. This is apart from the fact that in all this, you are also hurting yourself. You ought to realize it. " See, YOU'RE GOING TO ANSWER TO GOD, YOU MUST NEVER TRY AS A MINISTER, TO TRY TO DECEIVE THE EARS OF THE CONGREGATION. Regardless of how much they could SCREAM or SHOUT or CARRY ON or PAT YOU ON THE BACK, and say, "The message was wonderful". You must be a servant of Christ, TO STAY HONORABLE WITH THAT WORD, BECAUSE THAT WORD WILL REFLECT ITSELF THROUGH YOU, AND YOU'RE GOING TO INFLUENCE SOMEBODY THAT'S WATCHING YOUR LIFE." (1983 Ed. Golden Nuggets, pg 80). Coming back to the issue at hand, the issue of signs and wonders, it should be well noted that the issue of SIGNS, MK 16, IS A MAJOR D-O-C-T-R-I-N-E OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST. And as a doctrine, it has to be T-A-U-G-H-T AND P-R-E-A-C-H-E-D, the same way we preach and teach water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. It would make the flock have the requisite faith for EVERY WORD. Otherwise, it is hybrid. Signs and wonders cannot be done away with. Even the new birth is a miracle -making a saint out of a filthy, lustful, vile, drunken, greedy, wretched, hopeless man! It takes the Supernatural. That is what Pentecost is about- the Supernatural. That is the Word (Acts 2: 1-4, 38, 39). And that is what Elijah preaches and teaches. In his message titled, "Five Definite" (i.e. fundamental: compulsory: necessary) "Identification of the True church of the Living God", from pages 16-22 (extensive, isn't it?), we are clearly made to understand that signs and wonders is a fundamental message (teaching, doctrine) of the true church of Jesus Christ that has to be preached and taught: "John 14: 12, He gives the teaching what the church should do "verily, verily, I say unto you, he that beliveth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to my Father." THAT'S THE MESSAGE OF THE CHURCH. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever," living in the church, king of the church, raised from the dead, same yesterday, today, and forever, performing the same works, doing the same things that Jesus did. THAT'S THE MESSAGE OF THE CHURCH. IF THE CHURCH ISNT TEACHING THAT, IT'S TEACHING SOME FALSE THEOLOGY. THAT'S WHAT JESUS COMMANDED THEM TO PREACH. What else will be? How will we know whether these people They say, "Well, I'm a believer." Let us see what His last commission was to His church, for believers, MARK 16. Take MARK, the 16th chapter, and we'll find out what His last message was to the church, and we'll see then whether we're following out His commission. MARK 16 Now we're going to see whether you believe or not, going to see whether your organization believes or not. THEY MIGHT SAY THEY BELIEVE. Jesus said, "These signs will follow them that believe." Why, they deny those signs These signs shall follow them that believe, (how much?) In my name they shall cast out devils; And you that don't believe in Divine healing, you churches, claim that you believe in God and believe in the commission, that your church is commissioned to take the Gospel, and the very first thing is Divine healing. What was the first thing Jesus told to his disciples when he sent them out? Matt. 10: 1, "Heal the sick, cast out devils." What was the last thing He said to His church? "Heal the sick cast out devils!" Alpha and Omega, Benjamin and Ruben, First and Last. He that Was, Which Is, and Shall Come, the Morning Star, the Root and Offspring of David. Halleluyah! That's Him. Yes, sir. "These signs shall follow them that believe. In my name they shall cast out devils." Just at Jerusalem? "To all the world, and to every creature." Is that the Bible? That's what it said. THAT IS THE MESSAGE OF THE CHURCH. All the world, every creature, the Gospel! TO EVERY ONE THAT BELIEVES, THESE SIGNS SHALL FOLLOW, In my name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues THAT'S THE MESSAGE OF THE CHURCH. "In my name they shall cast out devils, they shall speak with tongues." That's what He said. THAT'S THE MESSAGE OF THE CHURCH. That's what He commended the church to do, to cast out devils. They shall speak with new tongues. They shall take up serpents; and if they drink a deadly thing, it shall not harm them; they lay hands on the sick they shall recover. THAT'S THE COMMISSION OF THE CHURCH. THAT'S THE REAL BELIEVING CHURCH. IT'S NOT TAUGHT IN the Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Lutheran, Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness" (what about in our midst?) "No, sir, They deny it! Glory! Why? THEY'RE ORGANIZED, and can't do it! THERE'S A MANY MEMBER IN THERE THAT BELIEVES THAT, BUT THEY CAN'T SAY NOTHING ABOUT IT BECAUSE HE'D BE EXCOMMUNICATED. THAT'S THE ANTI-CHRIST SPIRIT GOT THEM ORGANIZED. THE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD IS FREE-BORN. DON'T NEED ANY DENOMINATION. THEY FOLLOW THE KING OF THE MESSIANIC KINGDOM. THEY DON'T HAVE TO TAKE THE PEOPLE SAYING THAT. THEY'RE FREE-BORN, MADE FREE BY THE SON WHO MAKES THEM FREE INDEED. THESE SIGNS FOLLOW THEM! "THESE SIGNS WILL FOLLOW THEM. Now another thing this church will T-E-A-C-H , will be DIVINE HEALING, the M-E-S-S-A-G-E of the church. I just quoted it, Matt. 10, when He sent His church out. Let's just go to Matt 10: 1, and find out just a minute. Watch what Jesus said when He ordained His church who started out. "And when He called unto Him His twelve disciples, and gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast out, cast them out, and heal all manner of sickness and all manner of diseases (the first commission to His church). The last commission, "Go into all the world, preach the Gospel. He that believeth and is baptized " Let me quote it the way it should be, the way it's broken down: GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD AND TO EVERY NATION, AND DEMONSTRATE THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST. He that believeth on This and is baptized shall be saved; he that denies it will be damned. THESE SIGNS WILL FOLLOW THEM THAT BELIEVE: They'll lay hands on the sick, they shall recover; they'll cast out devils; they'll speak with new tongues. This will be the signs that follows. The last verse said, "And they returned. The Lord working with them, confirming His word with signs following. "That's the way the first church was And if the power of God ever puts forth another church, it'll be another Pentecost. And another book of Acts will be wrote behind it, because it's the church of God.. THAT'S THE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD, THAT'S WHO IT IS, THAT'S THE KIND OF A WITNESSES HE HAS" (Five definite identifications of the true church of the living God, pg. 16 -22). Brother, when Christ says "These signs SHALL follow them", what does "shall" mean? "Shall" is a word of obligation. In order words, it is a must; it is what must happen; it will happen and not fail; it is a settled categorical word of promise; it is what you can lay your life on, because God, Almighty God, God, who magnifies His word above His own name, guaranteed that it will happen. Then, signs must happen. Amen. If this issue of Pentecostal power (Gospel power) is straightened out, other anomalies in the Tabernacle would be taken care of, as the Holy Spirit would then be able to move freely and effectively, being allowed to come on the scene. Indeed, from today, I implore you to consciously read the sermon books, even the ones we have read before (as we always have the denominations in view and forget ourselves), and listen to the tapes, with Mk. 16 and Jn. 14: 12 in mind, you would be surprised to find out that the prophet preached this doctrine in almost every message he give. How can we close our eyes to it? No. We just can't. It's impossible. It's too loud and clear. "LOVE" AND CHARACTER": 1 COR, 13 ISSUE: We know, and have been sufficiently taught, that gifts can be counterfeited. We know that. And one can even have gifts without Love. Hence, WE WATCH THE WORD. THAT IS THE TEST OF TESTS. Why? Gifts deceive. Judas too casted out demons. We know that. I don't care, if a man is raising up every dead man in the street, but refuses to bow to the Word when put to him, I won't have nothing to do with it. Why? Gifts deceive. But we know too that fruits (character) also can deceive. Moralists and legalists have good character (fruits), but deny the Word. That's true. We know that it is stated of Saul of Tarsus thusly: " touching the righteousness which is in the Law, blameless!" (Ph. 3: 3-10) See? You couldn't see him break any commandment. You couldn't fault his character, though he resisted the church of Christ! Just like the rich young ruler in Matt. 19: 16-24, who came to Jesus for eternal life. He had an impeccable (blameless) character! But he rejected the Word regardless. See? We go by the Word. However, a true child of God will bear (not manufacture) the character of Christ: "Though they call themselves Christians, they adopt creeds, man-made creeds, to take the place of God's Word. So they can take the creed, because the man made it, but they're afraid to lay their faith out there in the God that they claim that they love. That's right. And then you say that life's worthy of the Gospel? Can't be. Though they be church members, but that's not worthy of the Gospel. No indeed. The Gospel Jesus said. "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature; these signs shall follow the believers." AND WHEN YOU DENY THAT TO FOLLOW THE BELIEVERS, HOW CAN YOU HAVE A LIFE NO MATTER YOU MIGHT NOT NEVER SAY A BAD WORD. YOU MIGHT KEEP ALL THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. THAT WON'T HAVE ONE THING TO DO WITH IT: IT'S STILL NOT WORTHY OF THE GOSPEL, SEE, IT COULDN'T BE. That priest kept that and still was not worthy. He said, "you're of your father the devil." Who could lay a finger on one of them men? One guilty mark and they was stoned without mercy. Holy man, and Jesus said, "you're of your father the devil." When the Gospel came intoTHOUGH THEY CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS, THEY LOVE TO HOLD TO THE CREEDS, THEIR CREEDS" (Is your life worthy of the Gospel, Vol. 5, No. 5, pg. 38, para 190-192).
So, as I have said, a true child of God would definitely have the character of Christ. But the point is, can we without the new birth (given by the Holy Ghost) bear the nature of Christ? Are we to manufacture it? We would only be hypocrites. Col. 2: 23 calls it a "shew of wisdom in W-I-L-L worship, and humility" - worship and humility which is false, as it is forced; it is of self (will) - determination (arm of flesh; by strong will), but such a person is a crow on the inside! We must be born again i.e. justified, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost. Pathetically, since I came into the church, we have never, to my knowledge, heard sermons on the new birth, and the "sanctification experience", a definite (though also continuous) work of Grace. How can the people know what the truth of the matter is? How can they keep from assuming a rebirth and the baptism of the Holy Ghost simply because of their acceptance of the message and water baptism in the Lord's name? I believe the prophet taught it well in "ye must be born again", that it takes actual death and a resurrection. When you talk of "character" or "the inner man", you always talk of "obedience"! In fact, the day you preached on "conversion", based on MATT. 18, all you stressed and talked about was "obedience", and the non-importance of "signs and wonders"! We were repeatedly told to humble ourselves and be obedient! But I humbly ask, is it obedience to you or to the Word? You talked on everything but conversion! How can we be the bride of Christ and off the Word??? How can the bride of Jesus Christ hold unto the interpretation of men? Impossible! The Character of Christ can only come by Christ through the pure uncreeded and undiluted Word of God. Amen. For the Spirit and the Word are one, And once we reject Mk. 16 in whatever way, we can never have the character of Christ, as the Holy Ghost, who is the WORD, has been rejected! We would never have a life that is worthy of the Gospel. That is the bitter Truth. We would only be trying to manufacture fruits! We would be trying to be what we are not. And even if the Holy Spirit anoints us, it would produce the life of a hypocrite, for the seed is hybrid. But if we come back to the pure Word, the Holy Spirit Himself would quicken that Word in us, bringing forth His life, nature, character, and power. For the Spirit is the energizer of the Word - the life giver to the Word. Paul declares: "I am crucified (i.e. dead) with Christ : nevertheless I live, yet not I, but CHRIST LIVETH IN ME" (Gal 2: 20). Stephen could say the same thing, as Philip could also say the same. We are to bear the character of Christ, but it is Christ that bears his life in us and through us: "Christ in you, the hope of glory." (Col. 1: 27).Hence, I agree with you that God is known by character, and His seeds by character (fruits). But it must be a God given (not nature given) character, and must cope with every Word. But what of by power? Isn't God known, as He manifested Himself during the great exodus from Egypt, by His power -His Majesty - His attributes? What of by Signs and Wonders, as it happened at Pentecost? (Rom 9:17). If I may ask, how was Philip known in Samaria, seeing that he was a stranger there, as Jews did not have dealings with Samarians? How was he known as an ambassador and a royal child of the King? How come they gave heed to him, even in the face of the greatly anointed Sorcerer? How was it they could hear him, even without a Van packing microphones and loud-speakers? Why? He went there with the power of the Holy Ghost; power that prevails; power that is unlimited; power that confounds; power that knows no limitations; power that would produce in this age, a super church! Brother, WHAT DO WE CALL THE HOLY GHOST??? Everyone claims to have it. The power that transforms; power, by which the earth was created; power (God) with whom is terrible majesty!!! Notice: that though power without character is Satanic, character without the power is also a "form of godliness" (2 Tim. 3: 5), because, Christ in you would manifest the power: "But ye SHALL receive P-O-W-E-R (when?) after the Holy Ghost is come upon you"! (Acts 1:8). The Holy Ghost is what brings power, for the Holy Ghost is power. And if one has the Holy Ghost, he will of necessity be filled with power. Yes sir! He becomes a mobile power-house! And in a church filled with ninety-something percent of people claiming to have the Holy Ghost, the power should multiply! Why? If one person, Philip, filled with the same Holy Ghost could overturn a whole CITY, how much more should our Tabernacle shake the whole of Africa!!! Pathetically, even in Ifako-Bariga, but for the Radio program, we could be thought to be an extension of Deeper life! And that is not a lie. Because when we state to people that our church is in Gbagada, people immediately say or assume we are talking of Deeper Life church. An even when you mention Grace and Truth Tabernacle, they never even heard of it before! We are not known because we are not felt! We better admit that something is wrong, before it is too late. This brings me to the pronounced issue of Love. Seeing that you often use 1 Cor. 13, LOVE, to make GIFTS, Signs and Wonders of non-effect, I would like to ask: Brother, What is Love? The Bible says, "GOD IS LOVE, AND LOVE IS GOD". LOVE IS THE PERSON OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, THE HOLY GHOST HIMSELF - THE GIVER OF GIFTS! And so says the prophet in "THE DEBATE." Hence, according to 1 Cor. 13, I can speak with tongues of men and of angels (a gift), without Love (the Giver of gifts); I can have faith to move mountains (a gift), without Love (the Giver of gifts); I can bestow all my goods to feed the poor (needy brethren), and even give my body to be burnt (brotherly kindness, "helps" - a gift), without Love (the Giver of gifts); I can also know all the mysteries as revealed by the prophet, and have all knowledge to be able to put the Bible together perfectly well (a gift); without Love (the Giver of gifts). See? Brother Branham said "it's not even to know His Word, but to know Him!" It is written: "And such as do wickedly against the Covenant (i.e. the Word) shall he corrupt by flatteries: But the people that do know THEIR G-O-D (Not, "His Word") shall be strong, and do E-X-P-L-O-I-T-S" (Dan. 11:32). Before I go back to 1 Cor. 13, Dan. 11:32 brings back to my remembrance the study we received from one of our dear Teachers in the church, when he was teaching us from the Book of Daniel. When he got to this particular verse (Dan. 11:32), maybe in order to keep the stand of the church, and maybe not, the only example of an exploit he could give us was "dying for Christ"! In fact, he used words to this effect: "Exploit doesn't necessarily mean until you do signs and wonders, but to die for the Gospel in the face of persecution"! When David stopped the mouth of Goliath, that was an exploit. When Elijah called down fire from heaven over a contingent of soldiers, that was an exploit. When Elisha struck the Syrian army with blindness, and led them into the city, that was an exploit. Shall we say more? Of St. Martin, Philip, Polycarp, Peter, Paul, Smith Wigglesworth, Brother Branham? Heb.11 is so full of them. We're hiding behind dying for Christ. We probably think dying is easy. What we fail to realize is that the anointing that would enable us to go through death for the Word, is the same anointing that produces Mk 16! We should come back first to the pure Word, as this age is the age of the WORD BRIDE. That is that. Going back to 1Cor. 13 on gifts and love, the chapter goes on to tell us the attributes of Love (God). God (Love) is kind, longsuffering, temperate, meek, faith etc. It gives us a perfect image of Gal. 5:22-23, the fruit of the SPIRIT (CHRIST). Therefore, we know it is possible to have gifts without the Giver, as the prophet made us to understand perfectly well in his message titled, "Anointed Ones At The End-Time." We do not seek for gifts, for it is ordained of God (1Cor. 12: 11, 18); nor are we satisfied with them. We cannot be satisfied with anything less than the person of God Himself - the Giver of gifts -the Capstone -the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost (Perfect Love). Amen. IT SHOULD BE WELL NOTED, THAT, THOUGH YOU CAN HAVE GIFTS WITHOUT THE GIVER, YOU CANNOT HAVE THE GIVER (LOVE) WITHOUT GIFTS! Impossible! See! I made this point earlier. Love (the Holy Ghost Himself) in you, would not only bring out the supernatural character or nature of Christ, He will definitely produce Mk. 16; Jn. 14:12! How are you going to get away from signs and wonders? How will you get away from Joel 2: 28-32; 1 Cor. 12? You just can't do it. When we are even baptized into the Body of gifts! 1 Cor.12: 1, 4 -13. At least we now know that Love is more than being good and kind to one another (1Cor. 13:3). Anything outside that in this Eagle Age falls short of full Restoration. It is true. More-so when we have been made to understand by the prophet that this Age is the SPIRIT AGE! SO, GET LOVE AND YOU'LL MANIFEST THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT, AND MK. 16. THERE IS PERFECT HARMONY IN THE WORD. AMEN and AMEN: "God is known by Simplicity and of revelation of Jesus Christ to the Most illiterate person. See? Not your theology. It's a revelation of Jesus Christ." No other rocks accepted, no other things accepted, no other Roman rock, no other Protestant rock, no other school, no other thing, but on exactly the revelation of Jesus Christ through the New Birth. He borns in there , and HE INJECTS HIS OWN LIFE, AND YOUR LIFE IS GONE, AND THE LIFE OF CHRIST IS PROJECTING ITSELF THROUGH YOU, WITH THE PRE-EMINENCES, TO THE PEOPLE: THAT THEY SEE T-H-E VERY L-I-F-E, A-N-D WORKS, A-N-D SIGNS, A-N-D WONDERS, THAT HE DID, IS DOING THE SAME THING THROUGH YOU. OUTSIDE OF THAT, THE REST OF IT'S NOT EVEN CALLED TO, AT ALL. Watch God's great revelation unfolding. By lack of this revelation is why we have so many different divisions among us, and so much mockery. So much division among us, is because the people lack that revelation. See? They lack that revelation, The TEACHERS." (Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed, pg 41, para 303, 304). "Now what if tonight you could say, with all your heart that the Spirit of Shakespeare lived in you, that Shakespeare lived in you? You know what you'd do? You'd do the works of Shakespeare. You would, you would create poems and plays, and so forth, because Shakespeare was that type of an artist, a great writer, a poem writer. Now, if Shakespeare lived in you, the works of Shakespeare you would do. Is that right? But He that is in you is Christ! And If Christ is in you, the works of Christ you will do, if Christ lives in you. He said so. St.. John 14: 12, "He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also", if you was in Christ, or if Christ lived in you. Then, Christ is the Word. Is that right? And the Word comes to His prophets. See? AND IF, CHRIST LIVED IN YOU, THE WORKS OF CHRIST WOULD BE DONE THROUGH YOU, THE WORKS HE DID, THE LIFE HE LIVED, AND EVERYTHING, IT WOULD LIVE IN YOU: JUST LIKE IF SHAKESPEARE, OR BEETHOVEN, OR WHOEVER IT WAS LIVED IN YOU" (He that is in you, pg 32, para 185 -187). "It's not expressions of some church that we should express something. IT'S A LIFE THAT YOU DON'T LIVE YOURSELF, BUT HE COMES IN YOU AND LIVES BY HIMSELF AND YOU BECOME A PRISONER; TO ANY HUMAN INTELLECTUAL BEING AT ALL, YOU'RE LED BY THE SPIRIT".(Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed, pg 31, para 218). Thus Blasts Elijah the Prophet: The following quotations would enable you to realize just how serious the prophet took Mark 16. I believe it would bring us to repentance. Also, notice that Brother Branham did not direct this sermon at his congregation. Hence, please note, this is not directed at you , but I write it to let you see the seriousness of the matter. God bless you: "This prescription, this baptism, this form of baptism, this Holy Ghost, this same power! Not just shake hands and say, "I'II turn a new leaf and do better." No, sir. "You shall receive the gifts of the Holy Ghost; and the power of God come upon you, change your ways, speak in tongues, lay hands on the sick, cast out devils, do the same as they did." For how many, how long? "To the end of the disciples." You are a false prophet if you say that. You are a false teacher if you say that.For, "Jesus Christ", the Bible teaches us that, "He is the same yesterday, today, and forever." And the Apostles said here, that, "The promise is unto you, and to your children and to them that's far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call!" YOU'VE GOT THE BIBLE, OH, YOU STAND ON IT, YOU CAN LIVE ON IT, YOU CAN DIE ON IT, YOU WILL RISE ON IT. GLORY! IT'S GOD'S WORD! Whew! My! " "Now what kind of signs is going to follow them? These signs, "well, maybe it will?" These signs SHALL follow them: They will believe in healing. They will believe in casting out devils. They will believe in speaking with tongues. Oh, they'll believe in all the supernatural works of God, THE RESURRECTED JESUS W-O-R-K-I-N-G W-I-T-H T-H-E-M. IS THAT THE TRUTH? (congregation says, "Amen" - Ed) IS THAT GOD'S LAST WORD?("Amen" Ed) THEN CURSED IS HE THAT TRIES TO ADD TO IT, OR TAKE AWAY FROM IT. THAT'S THE WAY IT IS " (We add and take away by placing our own interpretation! We say "it's not important"!) " Was the Pentecostal church a noisy church, back at the beginning when the Holy Ghost first fell? The Virgin Mary, like she was drunk, staggering under the power of God, and all of them like that. And the people said, "They are full of new wine". THAT'S THE WAY THE CHRUCH WAS ORDAINED. THAT'S THE WAY THAT E-V-E-R-Y CHURCH WAS ORDAINED. E-V-E-R-Y TIME GOD HAS A CHURCH, IT WILL BE THAT S-A-M-E KIND OF CHURCH. CAUSE, IT AINT GOT NO UNCERTAIN SOUND. "Well! Well! Our bishop says " I DON'T CARE WHAT THE BISHOP SAYS. IT'S WHAT THE WORD SAYS! THE BISHOP HAS GOT AN U-N-C-E-R-T-A-I-N SOUND. IF HIS SOUND IS SOUNDING THE SAME THING THIS IS, HE IS RIGHT. AND THEN IF THE CHURCH DON'T A-C-T L-I-K-E IT DID, LIKE T-H-A-T, THEN T-H-E-R-E IS S-O-M-E-T-H-I-N-G W-R-O-N-G W-I-T-H- Y-O-U. CAUSE, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT SAID " "Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe!" Is that right? (Congregation Says, "Amen."- Ed). "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover!" Is that right? I.M RIDING ON IT! ARE YOU READY TO RIDE ON IT? (The Uncertain Sound, pg. 54, para 415-417, pg. 55,para 424-426, pg 60, para 465). "Now, we believe that these gifts are in operation today, and THEY SHOULD BE IN E-V-E-R-Y L-O-C-A-L CHURCH"!(C.O.D. pg 119, para 11). "ANY OTHER CHURCH THAT DOES NOT HAVE THE SPIRIT A-N-D THE MANIFESTATIONS IS GOING TO HAVE TO ACCOUNT TO GOD," (The Seven Church Ages, pg. 250, para 3). "He knowed this, that, God is a Supernatural Being. And wherever a Supernatural being is, He'll do supernatural signs, because the Supernatural is in Him. YOU JUST CAN'T GET OUT OF IT." ("IF God be with us " pg 11, para 66)...