About Bro. Victor Cole-Showers

Bro. Victor Cole-Showers was born into a family of Anglicans but never came into a true knowledge of Jesus Christ until 1991. About four or five years prior to this time, whilst in school, God had already spoken to him on his need to give his life to Christ, but he never took heed. Then in 1991, he came into the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, through the message brought by God's prophet - messenger to this generation, William Marrion Branham and immediately, Brother Victor started to attend an End. Time Message assembly with a large following, in Lagos. Brother Victor was very zealous and was part of an evangelistic group called the "11th hour labourers", but he never knew more than Jesus Christ is the Lord God Almighty etc. It was not until two years later that God, in His infinite mercy, led Brother Victor to the city of Maiduguri, a city about 1,600km from where he lived in Lagos.

Brother Victor left Lagos hoping that the Lord had a mission for him to take the end time message to Maiduguri. However this was not the case, as in that city, he miraculously met the Pastor of the Church there, Brother Lemuel Baseh, who himself had already come into the end time message, through Brother Amos Omoboriowo but he was also following the continuity message of Apostle Raymond Jackson, also through the influence of Brother Amos.At the end of fifteen months, in July 1994, Brother Victor returned to Lagos and went back to his former Church. To his surprise, the assembly there held Brother Raymond Jackson as a minister that was not agreeing with and was not following the message of the hour.

Now, Brother Lemuel had already given Brother Victor the address and contact details of Brother Amos, who he met as soon as he returned to Lagos. Brother Victor started attending both assemblies: Bible Faith Tabernacle, as well as his Church. Moreover, he had a big decision to make, to either stand for, or reject openly, the truth of the continuity message of Apostle Raymond Jackson. Brother Victor had already read a Contender entitled, "The Fan in Christ's Hand", by Brother Jackson, and he was familiar with and had a clear understanding of the dual statements made by the prophet on various subjects in the Bible. Brother Victor, by the Grace of God, took a stand, in defence of the truths presented in the continuity message of Brother Jackson.It was in the middle of July 1994, that Brother Victor left the large message following, and started attending full-time services at Bible Faith Tabernacle, where Brother Amos was in the stop - gap ministry. It is in this assembly that Brother Victor truly began to grow spiritually, as further light was being made available to him. His soul has been at peace since then and if asked, he would say that he has no regrets about the decision he took in 1994 to stand for Truth.

Bro. Victor became the Associate Pastor of Bible Faith Tabernacle, on January 12th 2003 , and subsequently the Assistant Pastor of the same assembly on June 4th 2003. Bro. Victor is married with three children, two boys and a girl, and continues to support the Ministry of B.F.T Church. He is loyal, dependable and has a great heart for Truth.